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Who was Doug Solomon?(Doug Solomon, 26? Charles Solomon NYC Judge’s Son Dead After Killing Mom Diane Gallagher) Wiki, Bio, Age,Death, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Doug Solomon

Doug Solomon Wiki

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Who was Doug Solomon ?

Doug Solomon, 26, killed his mother before jumping from 16 stories. Here’s what we know about the entire incident.

Former New York City Judge Charles Solomon lost two family members on the same day in a tragic incident.

He wasn’t unlucky, but rather a murder-suicide committed by his son, Doug. The neighbors heard a loud bang as the young man fell from the enormous height, and a few seconds later, they saw a naked man on the ground.

Shortly after, police arrived at the scene and, upon further investigation, found 65-year-old Diane Gallagher dead in the bedroom of the apartment. As the police said, her head had massive trauma and she was bleeding.

The officers are now conducting a wide-ranging investigation to find out the exact truth, while the act being a murder-suicide is already in the gossip. We have yet to hear the reason behind the tragedy as there is no known prior domestic violence in the family.


Doug Solomon is the 26-year-old son of former New York City Judge Charles Solomon, who killed his mother before committing suicide.

Doug Solomon with his family

He was the only child in the family and lived comfortably as his father was a Supreme Court Justice and has worked for the DA’s office since he retired. He took office as a justice of the New York Supreme Court in 2017 after spending three decades on the bench.

Charles’ reign was cut short after his battle with cancer, and the man opted for early retirement. After that, he also worked for the Manhattan district attorney’s office, the New York Post reported.

Although the details of Doug’s personal and professional life are not well defined, he had completed his academic studies and was probably working in some field.

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Why did Doug Solomon kill Diane Gallagher ?

The exact reason Doug Solomon killed his mother, Diane Gallagher, remains a mystery.

There are no previous records of domestic violence or harmful incidents in the family. Sources report the incident as a hateful gesture made with intent to harm after some actions fueled hatred in the man’s mind.

However, the exact details are unknown as there are no witnesses or people who have seen what happened. Officers are combing through evidence at the scene to come up with any theories or looking at surveillance footage, if available.

But as things stand, nothing has come out in the media explaining the situation and the tragedy.

Obituary: Doug Solomon dies by suicide
Doug Solomon has died when he committed suicide after killing his mother.


According to reliable sources, Doug hit Diane with some furniture and left massive trauma to the woman’s head, ultimately leading to her death. Seeing his mother dead in front of him, the 26-year-old couldn’t think of anything and decided to throw himself off the balcony, investigators understand.

However, the man was naked and fell from the height with a scream. These details are creating confusion in the investigation, but officers are working hard to get to the root of the tragedy. The other members of the Solomon family are now mourning the death of two loved ones simultaneously.

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