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Breaking: Doug Jensen (Capitol ‘rioter’ is ordered back to jail after violating his bail conditions by watching MyPillow founder Mike Lindell’s ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested,Family Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Doug Jensen

Doug Jensen Wiki

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Who is Doug Jensen ?

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US District Judge Timothy Kelly said that Doug Jensen, 42, of Des Moines, Iowa, had violated the strict conditions that were set when he released Jensen from jail on July 13, including bans on accessing the Internet and use a cell phone.

Kelly ordered sheriffs at federal court in Des Moines, where Jensen attended Thursday’s hearing, to detain him immediately while awaiting trial.

Prosecutors had mobilized to overturn Jensen’s pretrial release on Aug. 19, days after a federal officer found him in his garage using an iPhone to watch news from Rumble, a streaming platform popular with conservatives.

Doug Jensen is the Iowa man facing federal charges for his role in the Capitol riots on January 6. Jensen was identified as the man who was recorded chasing a police officer down a flight of stairs inside the Capitol building as crowds of protesters followed him. .

Jensen lost his job two days after the riot at the Capitol. He used to work as a laborer at Forrest & Associate Masonry in Des Moines.

Company president Richard Felice told KCCI-TV that Jensen had been employed for a few years, but that the company decided to terminate his position following his actions in Washington, DC Felice told the outlet that Forrest & Associate Masonry he did not support Jensen. he made decisions on January 6 and decided to fire him after Jensen was identified in the photos.

The television station tried to contact Jensen via Facebook prior to his arrest. A reporter requested an interview, but Jensen replied, “You are fake news,” according to a screenshot of the Facebook message.

Jensen made no effort to hide his identity after the Capitol riots. Police in Washington, DC released photos of those inside the Capitol and described them as “persons of interest in crime related to riots.” The Metropolitan Police offered rewards of $ 1,000 for information leading to the arrest and indictment of those who participated. in storming the Capitol.

The document included at least two photos of Jensen, taken while he was standing in the same place but from different angles. Jensen shared one of the photos twice on his Twitter account in responses to others on January 7. In a tweet, Jensen responded to an account that has since been suspended by writing “I …” next to the photo distributed by the police. About 90 minutes later, he replied to two other friends: “Do you like my shirt?”

Other Twitter users tagged the FBI in response to Jensen’s tweets, with some sarcastically thanking Jensen for identifying himself for law enforcement.

In the weeks leading up to the rally in D.C., Jensen tweeted his support for President Trump and the QAnon conspiracy. On November 12 he wrote: “I’m ready for 4 more years !!! I will do whatever it takes. ” The day before, Jensen tweeted “WWG1WGA,” which according to CBS News, is a QAnon rallying cry that means “where we go, we go all.

How old is Doug Jensen ?

He is 42 year old.


Jensen’s older brother, William Routh, spoke to the Associated Press about Jensen’s involvement on January 6. Routh told the news agency that his brother insists that he did not break into the Capitol. According to Routh, Jensen said he was allowed in “and then he was shown around, even posing for photos with officers.”

Routh told the AP that Jensen had expressed concern about the future of the United States if President Trump lost re-election. â € œHe has been a good man all his life. He is a family man. But he’s like all the other people who are patriots, ”Routh said. “We have been told for the last seven or eight months that if the Democrats take control, we are losing our country. OK. That scares a lot of people. ”On December 26, Jensen responded to Trump, writing: “We are ready. I have tried to prepare all my close friends and family ”.

Routh is married and, according to his wife’s Facebook page, they have two children. An online search of records shows that Jensen and his wife purchased his home in Des Moines, Iowa, in 2004.

Charges and arrested

The Des Moines Police Department assisted the FBI when they arrested Jensen at his home on January 8, the Associated Press reported. The Des Moines record, citing Sgt. Ryan Evans, reported that Jensen was booked into the Polk County Jail around 1 a.m. January 9.

Jensen’s name does not appear in a search at the Polk County jail because, as the sheriff’s office explains on its website, “federally charged inmates are not listed.” But Jensen’s name and a mugshot appears in Vinelink, a national database of current inmates.

Jensen faces five federal charges, according to the Des Moines Register:

Knowingly entering or staying in any building or restricted land without legal authority
Disrupt the orderly conduct of government activities.
Violent entry and disorderly conduct into a Capitol building
Parades, rallies or pickets in a Capitol building
Obstructing a law enforcement officer during a civil disorder

Jensen was arrested and booked into the Polk County Jail, the Associated Press reported.

Doug Jensen ignored the police officer’s orders

Huffington Post political reporter Igor Bobic was one of the reporters on Capitol Hill who documented the chaos that ensued when protesters invaded

police and marched into the building. One of the videos showed the man later identified as Jensen leading a crowd down a flight of interior stairs. Jensen was the man wearing a hoodie with a QAnon t-shirt on top of it, along with a stocking cap on his head.

Bobic captioned the video, “Here’s the terrifying moment when the protesters initially entered the building from the first floor and exited the Senate chamber.” The clip has been viewed more than nine million times.

The clip begins with Bobic coming down the stairs to see what was happening below. The police officer, Eugene Goodman, was inside the door, demanding the crowd to back off. But the crowd, led by Jensen, ignores the order and advances. The officer takes what looks like a baton and repeats his demand that the group back off, but they don’t listen and keep moving toward the stairs. As Goodman runs up the stairs to the second floor, Jensen appears to be chasing him. It is unclear what Jensen says to Goodman due to the multitude of voices calling out to each other in the video.

When they reach the second floor, Goodman again tells Jensen to back off and lightly nudges Jensen’s right shoulder. But the crowd keeps moving and the clip ends with several more officers arriving to confront the crowd. You can hear someone in the crowd exclaim “We are here” and “This is our America.”

Investigation report

The Metropolitan Police shared a series of photos from inside the Capitol and asked the public for help identifying those involved in the chaos. Jensen reposted one of the photos he appeared in and tweeted, “Do you like my shirt?” Jensen’s now-former Des Moines employer also confirmed his identity to KCCI-TV, adding that Jensen was fired. January the 8th.

Jensen’s attorney, Christopher Davis, argued that it was ‘Orwellian’ for the government to seek

Jensen’s attorney, Christopher Davis, argued that it was “Orwellian” for the government to try to jail a man who was sitting in his garage listening to the news.

According to prosecutors, Jensen initially claimed the phone belonged to him, after his wife left him the news when she left for work, The Daily Beast reported.

Jensen eventually acknowledged that he had seen two days of the cyber symposium sponsored by Lindell, the founder and CEO of MyPillow, and a staunch supporter of Donald Trump who used the chaotic event to push forward unsubstantiated claims that the Chinese changed the outcome of the US presidential election. 2020. hackers.

One of the highlights of the 72-hour Sioux Falls event was when Lindell left the stage when he discovered that he had lost an offer to dismiss a $ 1.3 billion lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems for voter fraud claims.

On Thursday, Judge Kelly noted that he had released Jensen from jail on July 13 after Jensen claimed he had woken up behind bars and realized that the QAnon conspiracy theory he was adhering to was a ‘bundle of lies’.

The judge said he set strict conditions, including the internet ban, because Jensen had spent years following online conspiracies and acknowledged that he had become a “true believer” and a “digital soldier.”

“Two weeks after swearing in this court, he would obey his order, reverted to [his] his habits,” Assistant United States Attorney Hava Mirell said in court Thursday. “Her violations of him were swift and blatant.”

Kelly also noted that it was significant that Jensen’s rapes were detected during the first unannounced visit to his home by pretrial service officers.

“It is now clear that he has not undergone a transformation and that he continues to search for those conspiracy theories that led to his dangerous behavior on January 6,” Kelly said. “I see no reason to believe that he has received the wake-up call that he needs.”

Kelly said that it was unlikely that Jensen would be able to meet other release conditions that would preclude the use of the Internet and that he had lost confidence in Jensen’s wife to act as his external custodian.

Prosecutors maintained that she had facilitated his rape by leaving the phone on when she left for work.

Davis, Jensen’s attorney, had asked the court to give his client another chance, noting that his client acknowledged the violations. He argued that Jensen had met other conditions of release, including staying home with electronic monitoring and avoiding drug use, and that his violations in no way endangered public safety.

Doug Jensen Quicks and Facts

  • Doug Jensen, 42, was ordered to return to jail after he was caught watching conspiracy theories about the 2020 election on an iPhone in his garage
  • Jensen was released from jail in July on condition that he stays offline 
  • He initially claimed the phone was his daughter’s but then admitted he spent two days watching Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium 
  • Jensen, wearing a shirt with QAnon insignia, was filmed confronting hero US Capitol police officer Eugene Goodman on January 6
  • Other videos showed Jensen referring to the US Capitol building as the White House 

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