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Breaking: Dominic Briones Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Dominic Briones

Dominic Briones Wiki

                                          Dominic Briones Biography

Big Brother student Dominic Briones is a talented photographer and videographer. On a recent adventure to get a spectacular photo with a drone, he nearly died climbing a levee that extends far into the ocean. But it was all part of a vlog that he wanted to do to inspire people to stop being afraid and “just say yes.”

Briones’s Adventure

Briones writes in the video description that it is a “short film about saying yes to opportunities and taking risks right now to do what you love. Without waiting for the future to try new things, go on adventures and have fun. … Go on while I do something I always wanted to try, take some crazy risks and try to get a dream shot. ”

In the video, he explains that he has always wanted to traverse this levee at Pirate’s Cove in Orange County, California, but it is a heartbreaking task.

I’m so stupid for not having done this before, “he says in the video as he makes his way.” Definitely a little sketch here. These rocks are not a joke. And now I realize why there aren’t more people here just because, I almost slipped and died sometimes. ”

He continues: “The key is to get to the end, shoot, and come back before the sun sets and high tide hits, which of course I didn’t check for high tide because it would be too prepared for me.”

But Briones gets the photo just as the sun goes down and it’s absolutely stunning. He then has a small window of time to get back to earth before dark.

Briones Reflects On an Important Time He Wanted to Say No But Said Yes Instead

As part of the video, Briones wants to inspire people to say yes to more opportunities and reflects on one of the most important times when he wanted to say no but said yes: when a Big Brother producer called him to meet and almost said no. .

“Ten years ago, when Big Brother knocked on the door… this is a moment that has profoundly changed my life,” said Briones, recounting how his 25th birthday was and he had plans with his friends, so he was “upset” . when the producer called and wanted to meet us right away.

“I didn’t want to drop everything to go meet this producer,” Briones said, adding, “The initial reaction was ‘hell no’ … man, looking back, what a difference that moment would have been if I’d said no to a chance “.

At that point he realized that his chances of participating in the show were so small that it was “most likely” a “waste of [his] time”, but “if he had said no to that … he would never have met me. my wife, my daughter, Tennessee, would never have been born, ”Briones said.

Briones met his wife, Daniele Donato, on Big Brother 13. They married in January 2013 and welcomed his daughter Tennessee in August 2018.

He continued, “How many of those moments did I let go that ended up being a life-changing moment? How many of those did I miss? How many did I say no to?

So he wants all of his viewers to “get off the couch and do things! It might not be perfect … but hell, doing something and getting started is better than just sitting back and being sorry. … Actually, everything is a challenge to yourself. … If you feel comfortable in your outfit, you never explore. ”

“I came, I won, I almost died, but I did it and they shot me and that’s the only thing that matters,” concluded Briones.

Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, Big Brother Canada will premiere on March 3.

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