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Activists have reacted furiously after a court ruled that a photographer who broke his model wife’s neck because he reportedly thought she had transmitted HIV to him will be released from prison early.

Russian prosecutors are appealing the decision to release Dmitry Loshagin, 44, just five years after he was convicted of breaking the neck of Yulia Loshagina, 26, after a fight at a rooftop party.

A court in Yekaterinburg has ruled that the murderer must be released from prison three years earlier and be able to live in his parents’ house with some restrictions on his movements.

Rita Grachyova, who became a campaigner for women’s rights

Rita Grachyova, who became an advocate for women’s rights after her then-husband cut off her hands with an ax, said Logashin should have been at least 20 years old.

She condemned “soft” sentences and early releases in domestic abuse cases in Russia.

State prosecutors are now trying to block the measure, saying it should serve its full sentence of nearly 10 years in jail.

But releasing it was greeted as “good news” by Svetlana Petrakova, the organizer of the Miss Yekaterinburg beauty pageant, which Loshagin photographed regularly.

There were unsubstantiated claims that he had killed Ms Loshagina (pictured) because he believed she had a lover and feared he had infected him with HIV +4.
There were unsubstantiated claims that he had killed Ms. Loshagina (pictured) because he believed she had a lover and feared he had infected him with HIV.

Yulia had been photographed by her husband for glamor magazines in Russia.

The couple got into a fight at a party on their rooftop penthouse in August 2013 and was never seen alive again.

He attacked her and broke her neck, Judge Alexandra Evladova said, convicting him of murder in 2015, when he was sentenced to nearly 10 years in prison.

A first trial acquitted him, but he was convicted in a second trial, but has never admitted guilt.

The evidence in both trials said that Yulia was “violently raped” an hour before her death.

After her body was set on fire, her face and hands were so disfigured that her body could only be identified by DNA evidence.

There were unproven claims that he had killed her because he believed she had a lover and was afraid that he had infected him with HIV.

Another version had been that he died during a strange sex session with Loshagin.

There were also reports in the newspapers that Yulia was murdered by a professional assassin hired by her alleged lover, an anonymous “elderly” state official whose identity was hidden, amid fears that their relationship would be revealed.

But Russian detectives dismissed claims that she had a secret boyfriend even though Loshagin gave them the name of a man she suspected she was dating.

Russian detectives dismissed claims that Ms. Loshagin (pictured) had a secret boyfriend despite the fact that Loshagin gave them the name of a man she suspected she was dating.

Yulia’s mother, Svetlana Ryabova, told Channel 5 that she will join prosecutors in appealing her early release.

“I was surprised [by the court’s decision to release her],” she said. Still, a nine-year sentence for a brutal murder is too short.

Her lawyer Sergey Zhorin said: ‘In our opinion, the decision is illegal. Dmitry Loshagin did not admit his guilt or regret it.

Grachyova said that a man who killed her spouse should serve a full 20-year term.

“This person must serve a full term,” he said. Sentences for domestic murder were “too short” in Russia, he said.



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