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Who is Dino Tomassetti Jr?( Moment Long Island bodybuilder who shot his parents on Christmas Day is arrested after cops remotely disabled his SUV by logging into his GPS system) Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested,Charged,Family, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Dino Tomassetti Jr

Dino Tomassetti Jr Wiki

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Who is Dino Tomassetti Jr ?

New dash cam footage shows police arresting Long Island bodybuilder Dino Tomassetti Jr. on a New Jersey highway hours after he shot his parents Christmas morning in a custody dispute over their young son.

Exclusive footage obtained by DailyMail.com shows New Jersey State Troopers and local police briefly giving chase to Tomassetti Jr.’s car before officers access his GPS system. Once inside the system, officers were able to slow the vehicle down and then disable the SUV entirely.

Arrested and Charged

On Monday, the 240-pound bodybuilder sobbed in court as he was charged with attempted murder and other charges for shooting his mother, Vencenza Tomassetti, 64, in the head and his father, Rocco Tomassetti, 65, in the back and wrist on Christmas day.

The crying began after the senior Tomassetti looked at the 30-year-old when he looked at his parents.

During the Christmas Day attack, Tomassetti Jr. also allegedly pistol-whipped his father in front of his two-year-old son and the boy’s mother, his ex-girlfriend Klarisa Perez.

After the shooting, Tomassetti Jr got into his white Cadillac Escalade SUV, which was equipped with OnStar satellite tracking, and fled west toward the Garden State.

According to arrest records, dispatcher audio and dash cam video logs posted exclusively to DailyMail.com, the SUV’s computer system was able to remotely slow the vehicle and ultimately disable the engine on Route 17. and Ramapo Valley Road in Mahwah, New Jersey.

Once the car comes to a stop, Tomassetti Jr. is seen getting out of the Escalade with his back to the officers and then walking backwards with his hands in the air. He then kneels in the middle of the road and the Mahwah police put handcuffs on him and take him into custody.

The recordings surfaced as the Nassau County prosecutor charged the bodybuilder with nine counts of attempted murder and other charges.


The holiday shooting erupted after the parents refused to let Tomassetti Jr. take the two-year-old son away around 9:30 a.m. m. of December 25.

The burly trainer allegedly tried to leave the family’s 8,751-square-foot Hewlett Harbor mansion with the boy, but his parents tried to stop him, according to the Nassau County prosecutor.

“A holiday morning traditionally marked by peace and joy was shattered when Dino Tomassetti allegedly entered his parents’ home on Christmas Day, began arguing with his family and shot them both,” said District Attorney Anne Donnelly.


The defendant allegedly fled the scene and was arrested later that day in New Jersey. The victims have made remarkable progress in recovering from him and are lucky to be alive today.”

Both parents declined to comment as they walked past a phalanx of press photographers at the Nassau County Courthouse on Monday.

Tomassetti Jr. has been held in the Nassau County Jail since he was extradited from Bergen County, New Jersey, where he was arrested.

Tomassetti’s attorney, William Petrillo, declined to discuss his strategy in the case but said he expected a positive outcome.

“It would be irresponsible to comment on what did or did not happen that morning,” he told DailyMail.com.

‘The important thing is that Dino never intended to hurt anyone. He has the full support of his parents, family and friends. We trust in a very favorable result not only in this case; but that much-needed healing will come to this wonderful family.”

Tomassetti was charged with two counts of attempted murder for shooting his parents, two counts of assault on his father, two counts of assault on his mother, two counts of criminal possession of a weapon, and one count of endangering the welfare of child.

He pleaded not guilty to all charges on Monday. He is due back in court on February 23.

Both parents underwent surgery at South Nassau Communities Hospital and were released days later. Rocco was released on December 27 and Vencenza was released a day later.

The boy currently lives with his mother, according to the Nassau police commissioner.

Tomassetti Jr. has no prior arrests, police said.

“Laquila, which had a $2.5 million contract to build

“Laquila, which had a $2.5 million contract to build a concrete pad for a new wing of the hospital, had secretly and illegally subcontracted the work to a second company for $1.4 million, which allowed Laquila to make a $1 million profit,” the Times reported. “The plan came to light after Laquila did not pay the second company.”

In the same article, the outlet reported that the company was charged with extortion in 1987 for allegedly bribing local officials to allow them to illegally dump construction waste in New Jersey. The scheme was allegedly organized by a member of the Gambino crime family.

But the charges were dropped after Laquila agreed to pay a $25,000 fine.

In 2006, a scathing report from the New York City Department of Sanitation rejected an application by Rocco and Dino Sr. to operate a waste business in the city, calling the pair “unworthy” of obtaining a registration.

The application was denied because the applicants lacked “good character, honesty and integrity,” according to the report.

Dino worked as a personal trainer at Forest Hills. His social media pages are full of photos of him flexing his bulging muscles.

His Instagram page, which was set to private, was filled with snaps of him lifting weights and occasionally traveling to more exotic parts of the world like Paris and the Caribbean.

In one photo, he poses in a car, showing off an expensive Breitling watch. In another post, he brags about his 240-pound physique.

Dino Tomassetti Jr Quick and facts

  • Dino Tomassetti Jr., 30, was caught with the help of a satellite controlled tracking system installed in his Cadillac Escalade SUV
  • Nassau County Police were able to track the car to New Jersey where the OnStar system slowed the car down before completely disabling it
  • The Long Island bodybuilder fled Hewlett Harbor Long Island after shooting his mother in the head and his father in the back and wrist
  • He allegedly pulled the gun on his  parents and his ex-girlfriend when they refused to allow him to take his two-year-old son for the holiday
  • Nassau County District Attorney Anne Connelly unsealed a nine-count indictment on Monday for attempted murder, assault, gun charges and endangering the welfare of a child
  • Tomassetti broke down in tears after exchanging glances with his disapproving, but supportive, dad
  • The trainer pleaded not guilty and his lawyer said he never meant to hurt anyone 

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