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Who is Dermot Turing?(Alan Turing was NOT driven to suicide after his conviction for ‘homosexual acts’ nor did he play such a vital role ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook,Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Dermot Turing

Dermot Turing Wiki

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Who is Dermot Turing ?

Alan Turing’s nephew has claimed that the idea that his war hero uncle was “hunted to death by the state” and took his own life because he was convicted of being gay is part of a long-standing myth.

Dermot Turing also suggested that he was not a ‘great code breaker’ that was essential to Bletchley Park, as portrayed in the 2014 hit film The Imitation Game starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley.wikipedia

He said such representations only help perpetuate the myth and that his uncle would have been “ sickened ” by his repeated focus on trial and time at Bletchley, pleading that his broader influence on mathematics was his legacy.

Alan Turing was gay at a time when he was illegal and in 1952 he was convicted of gross indecency for his relationship with a man before choosing to be chemically castrated instead of going to jail.

But his nephew claims that the evidence in the Turing files suggests that he had returned to his ‘normal self’ days after his trial ended and that his ‘mood had improved’ just days before committing suicide by poisoning himself with cyanide in 1954, what Dermot believes could have been “boyfriend problems.”

“ It’s hackneyed and simplistic to assume that because he was convicted and put on this hormone treatment and took his own life two years after that happened, these two things were causally related, ” he told The Times and The Sunday Times. Cheltenham Literature Festival. .

Hollywood version: Keira Knightley, Matthew Beard, Matthew Goode, Benedict Cumberbatch and Allen Leech

‘Are not. If you look at the documentary evidence, it is quite clear that when Alan stopped hormone treatment, his mood improved and he was back to his normal self and, in fact, he probably returned to his normal self after a few doomsday days.

“He was quite challenging and positive about the whole thing.”

Alan Turing created the British Bombe, one of the main methods used to decipher the encrypted messages in Germany’s Enigma during World War II.

The Enigma cipher machine was believed to be unbreakable as the cipher was continually changing.

But Turing was able to build a computer capable of cracking the code faster, with the first wartime Enigma messages broken in January 1940.

Enigma traffic continued to be routinely disrupted at Bletchley Park for the remainder of the war.

But his nephew, author of Reflections of Alan Turing and other titles related to his uncle, said there was also mythologizing about the mathematician’s role in Bletchley.

He said that it was the Polish codebreakers that provided the basis for the decryption of the German machine and that, unlike what was described in The Imitation Game, his uncle’s creation of Bombe was “ in the hands of engineers at 1939 and delivered to Bletchley Park in 1940. ” .

He said: ‘It didn’t work very well, but at the time of the Battle of Britain they had an improved version.

Alan Turing was able to design a new machine that broke the Enigma code

“Turing’s main work at Bletchley Park was done in 1939 before Britain was actually at war.”

In The Imitation Game, Alan Turing is shown inventing and physically building the machine, which was simply untrue.

As his nephew explained, Polish cryptanalysts invented a predecessor to the Bombe.

But Alan Turing was able to design a new machine that broke the Enigma code faster by looking for probable letter combinations and discarding combinations that were unlikely to yield results.

He also developed the improved machine with the help of fellow mathematician Gordon Welchman, who helped him with the design. It was also left out of the movie.

When a coroner ruled that Alan Turing had committed suicide, Dermot said that his own father, John, created a conspiracy to assure his mother, Ethel, that he had not taken his own life.

Dermot believes that his uncle committed suicide, rejecting the theory that he accidentally poisoned himself with the chemicals he had been using for the gold-plated spoons.

However, while chatting with mathematical biologist Natasha Ellisson, Dermot said his theory is that it could have been from “boyfriend problems” rather than stemming from his trial and conviction.

Ms Ellisson said that Alan Turing’s works on ‘patterns in nature’ were still influencing contemporary research, prompting her nephew to say that she would prefer his uncle’s legacy to be about mathematical knowledge. broader of it.

She added: “I really wish Alan Turing’s legacy wasn’t about this kind of sepia tinting” oh, we were so proud that we won WWII by cracking codes, not shooting people. ”

Well that’s silly isn’t it?

Alan Turing would have gotten sick by focusing on his trial and the Bletchley Park affair, of which I’m sure he was very proud. . . But it was only a small part of his life and it wasn’t his career. ”

Dermot Turing Quick and Facts

  • Dermot Turing said his uncle Alan Turing was not ‘hounded to death by the state’
  • He said his ‘mood had lifted’ days before he died by cyanide poisoning in 1954
  • Dermot told literature festival that The Imitation Game film perpetuated myths

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