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Who was Deborah Boyd?(Fury as monster who hid under a little girl’s bed for hours before murdering her mum with a claw hammer ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Crime,Family,Facebook,Death, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Deborah Boyd

Deborah Boyd Wiki

                                          Deborah Boyd Biography

Who was Deborah Boyd ?

The family of a single mother beaten to death with a claw hammer after her evil killer hid under her daughter’s bed begs to be kept behind bars.

Deborah Boyd, a mother of two from Perth, was beaten to death in a planned attack by her ex-boyfriend Wayne Valenta in July 2000, six months after meeting him.

She pleaded guilty to the savage murder and was sentenced to life in prison, but 21 years later, she is about to be released into a resocialization program to prepare him for parole.wikipedia

Now Deborah’s terrified daughter, Melissa Whitten, fears that she will kill again when she attacked three other people before killing her mother.

“Valenta’s decision to murder my mother was not made on the spur of the moment,” Ms. Whitten said. It was cold and calculated.

“Now I am afraid for all the women in Australia.”


“ He planned the entire crime meticulously, and he also planned to get away with it. She wore gloves and got rid of the hammer and the bloody clothes.

‘This is not about me. It’s not about my family either. Sure, I worry about my safety. I am really concerned about my grandmother’s safety.

“ But who I’m really afraid of is the next woman Valenta has a relationship with, just like my mother. ”

Valenta, now 53, sneaked into the Boyd home and hid for three hours under teenager Melissa’s bed while she waited for 38-year-old Deborah to come downstairs for breakfast.

When she appeared, she jumped off her and beat her to death with the hammer.

Terrified daughter Melissa Boyd fears Wayne Valenta will kill

Melissa, 36, revealed: ‘In a confession Valenta made to one of her family (who worked with the police to secretly record it), she said:’ That’s when I donated it.

“Bang. Bang. Bang. And she fell, and when she hit the ground, I went bang, bang just in case.”

Three days before the attack, Valenta boasted to a co-worker: ‘How does it feel to know that you are going to meet a murderer?’

She showed the hammer to her co-worker and added, “How many times do you think it would be necessary to kill her if she hit her on the head with it?”

Whitten has started a petition demanding that Western Australia Attorney General John Quigley block Valenta’s release before he assassinates someone else.

“I have not been provided with any proof that Valenta is no longer a risk to women, and that there is no longer a risk of doing what she did to my mother again,” he said.

“We need to make sure the attorney general understands that if Valenta is released, he will be held accountable if any woman in our community is injured.”

Valenta served time in jail for stabbing a former partner with a pen before meeting Ms Boyd, as well as two other previous attacks.

‘We had no idea about any of this. Nobody told my mother, ‘Ms. Whitten said.


Our family thought that butter wouldn’t melt in Valenta’s mouth when he was first welcomed into our family, but once he moved out, he couldn’t hide the violent and abusive ways from him.

My mother had an extremely strong will and she would not accept it. She told Valenta that she had to go. Then the stalking began.

The bullying became so severe that Deborah issued a restraining order against her, but that didn’t stop his terrifying obsession.

“When he chased my mother’s car, spitting it out, the police helped us take a restraining order against him,” Ms. Whitten said.

That didn’t stop Valenta from breaking into our house to watch us sleep.


“ Just two weeks before she murdered my mother, she admitted to breaking into our house at night and being with my mother while she slept, wearing rubber gloves, while she thought about strangling her. ”

Deborah’s mother, Carl Pettifor, told A Current Affair: ‘They are living in a dream if they believe this man is going to change.

‘If you did that over a 10-year period to three different women and then it culminated in the murder of my daughter, do you think that person can change?

He is a really dangerous person. I am convinced that if he gets out of jail and enters another relationship with another woman, he will attack.

It is his person, it is in him. He’s a psycho. ‘

Melissa added: “After he killed my mother, she told an undercover police officer, ‘I felt like f ** king 20 tons just fell off my damn shoulders.”

If that’s the pleasure Valenta felt when he killed our mother, I think it will always be a risk to other women.

No one has ever told me that he has expressed that she is sorry. And if he does it now, it is because his freedom is at risk.

“To keep women safe, keep him locked up.”

The Boyds’ home in Perth where Wayne Valenta killed Deborah Boyd in July 2000

Perth MP, Dr. Anne Aly, told A Current Affair that she supported the family’s request to keep Valenta behind bars.

“We have an opportunity here to send a very clear message about domestic violence,” she said.

He himself has said that he is not going to change, he himself has admitted that if they let him out he would do it again.

“This person does not deserve to get out of jail.”

Quigley’s office told the show: ‘The attorney general extends his condolences to Ms. Boyd’s family and friends.

Last week, the attorney general received a legal report for Mr. Valenta, which was prepared by the Prisoner Review Board.

“The attorney general will carefully consider the PRB’s recommendation, taking into account the requirements outlined in sections 5A and 5B of the Sentencing Administration Act of 2003 (WA).”

Deborah Boyd Quick and Facts

  • Brutal Wayne Valenta battered Deborah Boyd to death with a claw hammer
  • Valenta hid under bed of Deborah’s teenage daughter Melissa for three hours
  • He earlier attacked three other women and was jailed for stabbing one 
  • He is now set to be prepared for parole after serving 21 years of a life sentence 
  • Boyd family have started a petition to keep him locked up before he kills again

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