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Breaking: Dawn Cranston Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Dawn Cranston Wiki

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A MOTHER who let her son die was released after less than two years in prison.

Jordan Burling, 18, weighed less than six stones and her appearance has been compared to that of a victim in a concentration camp who was malnourished for six months.

His mother, Dawn Cranston, 45, was found guilty of his murder and sentenced to four years in prison. Cranston will now spend Christmas as a free woman.

Today a source said:

“It is disgusting that she goes out on the streets again after being convicted.

“She didn’t show any remorse for what happened or how Jordan died.”

Jordan’s case shocked the country when details emerged in 2018.

Apparently, there was no reason for the vulnerable but sane young man to starve other than negligence.

When his 45-year-old mother Dawn finally called 999 in June 2016, he was locked in a bed on the living room floor, covered in deep wounds and even wearing diapers.

A police search also uncovered the remains of Jordan’s younger brother, who had been hiding in a backpack in a closet for 14 years.

The case has raised serious questions about how the dysfunctional family could have escaped the authorities’ radar.

Jordan’s sister Abigail Burling, 25, was acquitted of manslaughter by juries but found guilty of causing or permitting the death of a vulnerable person.

His grandmother Denise was also convicted of murder.

Until his death, Jordan lost spectacular weight for about six months without getting sick and ate five supermarket shakes a day.

During the four-week trial in 2018, attorney Nicholas Lumley QC told the jury: “The fault lies with each of the accused.

“What the eyes of the paramedics saw was a shocking and disturbing scene.

“Jordan lay helpless on an air mattress in a crowded room.

“It was little more than skin and bones, weighed 37 kg and less than six stones. He was wearing a dirty diaper under his pajamas.

The nutritionist said that he had never seen such malnutrition in 26 years and compared the state of the body to that of the death camps during World War II.

“His heart stopped, his life could not be saved. He died in this room. ”

Cranston now lives in a safe haven in the North West of England.

A source said: “Given the reason he was convicted, this doesn’t sound like a place where he should live.”

However, a MOJ spokesperson insisted: “This adjustment will allow us to closely monitor those released from prison, reducing the chances of their return.”

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