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Who is Davion Irvin? (Bizarre details emerge after Dallas ‘monkey thief’ arrested in aquarium and charged in string of odd zoo incidents)Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Davion Irvin

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The man who allegedly stole monkeys from the Dallas Zoo has been arrested and charged after the animals were discovered in an empty house.

Davion Irvin, 24, was arrested and booked into a Dallas jail Thursday night.

Davion Irvin faces multiple charges in connection with incidents at the Dallas Zoo.

The two tamarin monkeys were recovered Tuesday.Police received a tip that Irvin was at the Dallas World Aquarium on Thursday.

Aquarium employee Paula Carlson noticed Irvin and recognized him.

“He looked almost exactly like the person I’ve seen posted online,” Carlson told FOX4.

Carlson struck up a conversation with Irvin as she walked through the aquarium.


He would ask me questions about the animals and I would answer them, you know, showing him the animals, the shark, the octopus. I’m just trying to have a conversation while having a text with our security people here,” he told the outlet.

Carlson then contacted the Dallas Zoo, who called the police.

Irvin was then stopped by officers boarding a train and taken in for questioning.

Since then, he has been charged with six counts of animal cruelty, reports FOX4, as well as theft charges, one of which is related to the leopard that escaped last month.

Irvin has not been charged in connection with two other incidents at the zoo, involving the langur monkey habitat and the death of a vulture, which are still under investigation.

However, police told FOX4 that additional charges could be filed.

Incident Detail

“There have been some isolated incidents like this of individual animals. Maybe they were taken from a zoo, but not a repeat incident like this. This is really unprecedented,” Dallas Zoo CEO and President Gregg Hudson told the half.

The two tamarin monkeys disappeared from the zoo on Monday.


Dallas police located the two missing marmosets on January 31, according to a tweet from the department.

The Dallas Zoo said the two monkeys showed no signs of injury and were being evaluated by their veterinary and animal care teams.

“Both began eating and drinking almost immediately once the team completed health screenings on Tuesday,” the zoo said in a tweet.

“They won’t be back in the habitat for a while, because they were removed from the grounds, they will need to go through a quarantine period before being reintroduced to their zoo habitat.”

In another update, the zoo shared that a tip led to the recovery of the missing monkeys.