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Breaking: David Pugh Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

David Pugh Wiki

                      David Pugh Wiki Bio

She starred in “Married at First Sight,” but this British reality TV star looked scared after being attacked in a home invasion robbery, newly released footage shows.

David Pugh, 56, was shirtless and covered in blood from forehead to waist after the bizarre attack left him looking like a victim in a horror movie.

The salesman, who appeared on the instant marriages show this month, used his knowledge of the Krav Maga martial arts to fight the five machete-wielding thugs who broke into his home in Catherine-de-Barnes, England, in February 2018. reported the Sun.

“They woke me up at three in the morning to the sound of breaking glass and kicking doors,” he said. “It became a total battle in my house for about 10 minutes.”

 David Pugh said his “martial arts training just kicked in.

Pugh said his “martial arts training has just begun.”

“I was not being brave. I was very lucky, there were golf clubs, machetes, table legs flying.”



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