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Who is David Lammy? Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

David Lammy Wiki

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The MP Labor David Lammy retreated a caller on his LBC radio program after she said: “You will never be English because you are African-Caribbean.”

The MP for Tottenham said he is ‘very, very proud’ of his Caribbean roots, but he also affirms ‘English’ as ​​the identity of him because he was born and grew up in England.

He said that the idea of ​​”an English ethnic group” is “a myth”, since ‘all kinds’ of people have gone through generations.

He comments from him came in the midst of a discussion about Boris Johnson’s racial disparity commission that asks for the term Bame, which represents the ethnic black, Asian and minority, to be discarded.

The Race Commission and the ethnic disparities said that the acronym is “useless and redundant”, since it eclips the fact that people from different ethnic groups have variable life experiences and should not be grouped into a category.

They are also established to suggest in a report that people in the background of ethnic minorities generally prefer the term “ethnic minority” on “Bame” or “Color People” to describe themselves.

How old is David Lammy?

David Lammy/Age
48 years
July 19, 1972

Who is David Lammy’s wife?

Nicola Green
m. 2005
David Lammy/Wife

What religion is David Lammy?

Lammy married the artist Nicola Green in 2005; the couple have two sons and a daughter. Lammy is a Christian. He is also a Tottenham Hotspur F.C. fan.

Where was Lammy educated?

Harvard Law School

SOAS School of Law

The King’s (The Cathedral) School

City, University of London

SOAS University of London

David Lammy/Education

What is Labour MP David Lammy  hit back at a caller on his LBC radio show?

Speaking in his LBC show today, the caller told him the Secretariat of State of the Shadow Secretary of State for Justice, Mr. Lammy.

He answered asking: ‘Why will I never be English?

She said: ‘Because you are African-Caribbean. I can not say that I am African-Caribbean.

Mr. Lammy counteracted his replication saying: ‘Only a little history in this.

‘Great Britain 400 years ago began to go out into the world, colonized and conquered a lot of the world, much of the world has finished returning to Mother Patria.

‘My parents were part of that generation that came from the Caribbean.

‘When I took a DNA test, I had Scottish on me. Probably as a result of that. Someone, somewhere, frankly, put on his leg with one of my ancestors and I have Scottish blood running through me.

“I said softly, but it could have been horrible, we were clear about that. And here I am, having grown up in this country, born of this country.

“And in reality the truth is that there is a myth, there is an English ethnic group, there is not.

The MP Labry for Tottenham (in the photo) said he is “very, very proud” of his Caribbean roots, but he also affirms ‘English’ as ​​the identity of him because he was born and grew up in England

‘England has always been a country where the Hugenotes, Danish, all classes have passed.

“So, when you say that you are English, I am not saying that it does not mean something for you or that assumes greatly because there is probably what you put it, hundreds of years of experience of that.

“But that is to say it for me, the fact that I was born here and the fact that my sensitivities are English, I want to say that I also want to claim that heritage.

‘Now, I’m very comfortable saying I’m British. Black-British. And I’m very, very proud. No one could say that it was not because I speak of all the time, on my roots in the Caribbean.

Jean Interrumpe, saying that he is’ British but not English ‘, adding:’ If I was born in the Caribbean as a white person, it certainly would not be called a Caribbean. ”

Mr. Lammy responds: “You probably do not realize, but in countries like Barbados there are important white caribbean populations that have been there for hundreds of years.

‘They are significantly more Caribbean than I’.

Jean continues to exclaim that the “whole world is polluting everyone in the way he goes” and insists: “You are what you are”.

Mr Lammy disagrees, replying: ‘Where’s that word “pollution” come from?

“It is a very refusal way to describe the fact that people are among themselves, they fall in love, have children, they move the borders, sometimes through war, sometimes through economic reasons, and become What they are from that country..

‘As well as you can be in America and be African-American, or you can be Italian-American, or you can be Irish-American.

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‘How is that here in England, you can only claim that English, indeed Jean, if you are white?’

Follow the disclosure that the Commission of the Prime Minister of Race and the ethnic disparities is established to suggest that the term BAME should be discarded in an upcoming report.

Mr. Johnson announced the establishment of the Commission after a series of protests against racism in the British streets triggered by death in the United States of George Floyd while he was in police custody.

The group of 10 people, composed of representatives of the fields of science, education, transmission, economics, medicine, surveillance and the organization of the police and the community, are established to offer a report on the disparity of The breed within several sectors.

David Lammy Quicks and Facts

  • Tottenham MP David Lammy said he is ‘very, very proud’ of his Caribbean roots 
  • But also claims ‘English’ as identity because he was born and grew up in England
  • Said ‘one English ethnicity’ is ‘a myth’ as ‘all sorts’ of people have passed through
  • Remarks came amid discussion about the PM’s racial disparity commission
  • Group called for term BAME, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic, to be scrapped

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