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Who was David Ibbotson?(Emiliano Sala: David Henderson jailed for organising flight ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Death,Missing,Family,Facebook,Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

David Ibbotson

David Ibbotson Wiki

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Who was David Ibbotson ?

businessman has been jailed for 18 months over the plane crash that killed footballer Emiliano Sala. The 28-year-old striker and pilot David Ibbotson, 59, died when the small plane they were flying in entered the English Channel in January 2019.

David Henderson, 67, of Hotham, East Riding of Yorkshire, was convicted last month of recklessly endangering the safety of an aircraft.

He also admitted a charge for trying to organize a flight for a passenger without permission or authorization.

How old was David Ibbotson ?

Hewas 59 year old.


Sala and Ibbotson died in January 2019 in an accident in the English Channel.

The footballer’s body was found about two and a half weeks after the accident, although Ibbotson, the pilot, has never been found.

The judge, Judge Foxton, said Henderson had shown “an arrogant attitude” and had not kept even the most basic records.

He added that Henderson had intentionally violated Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulations “for profit”, and was “reckless, not merely negligent.”

David Henderson’s attorney has said his legal team will consider an appeal against his conviction.

Who is David henderson?

David Henderson, who organised the flight which killed footballer Emiliano Sala when it crashed into the English Channel, has been jailed for 18 months. … He was accused of failing to follow safety regulations, which resulted in the 28-year-old footballer’s death on 21 January 2019, as he flew from Nantes to Wales after.

What happened to Emiliano Sala’s plane?

Sala, 28, was involved in a multimillion-pound transfer from French club Nantes to Cardiff City FC, when the plane crashed into the sea in January 2019, killing the striker and pilot Mr Ibbotson, 59. Mr Henderson denies the charge of endangering the safety of an aircraft.

Emiliano Sala and David Ibbotson

The body of Emiliano Sala was recovered but the pilot David Ibbotson was never found

The Argentine forward had completed a £ 15 million transfer from Nantes to Cardiff City and was traveling between the two cities at the time of the accident.

The charge of jeopardizing the safety of an aircraft was linked to two flights, a one-way flight from Cardiff to Nantes on January 19 and the return flight, which crashed near Alderney, on January 21.

The search for answers on Sala’s death continues

The trial heard Mr. Ibbotson, 59, of Crowle, Lincolnshire, who flew regularly to Henderson, but did not have a commercial license to carry passengers, nor did he have the correct certification to fly at night and his clearance to fly the aircraft used. . a single-engine Piper Malibu – had expired.

Henderson was supposed to fly the plane, but he was on vacation with his wife in Paris, so he asked Mr. Ibbotson to make the trip.

The plane disappeared from radar off the coast of Alderney in the Channel Islands.
Moments after discovering that the plane had crashed, Henderson sent a text message to several people telling them to remain silent, warning that they would “open a can of worms,” ​​the jury was told.


“Ibbo crashed the Malibu and killed himself and killed himself VIP! Damn disaster. There will be an investigation,” he texted one person.

In another message, he wrote: “Questions can be asked about his flight.”

The father of three and a former RAF officer admitted in court that he feared an investigation into his business.

The trial also heard how the owner of the plane had told Henderson not to allow Ibbotson to fly the plane again after he committed two airspace violations while he was piloting it.

Henderson’s wife wept in court when Judge Foxton sentenced her husband to 18 months in prison for endangering an aircraft, with a three-month sentence, to be executed simultaneously, for attempting to unload a passenger.

Sala case ‘a great drama’ for the aviation industry

After the hearing, Henderson’s attorney said his client wanted to pay his respects to the families of the two men and was considering an appeal.

An investigation into Sala’s death will take place next year.

Rob Bishton, Head of the UK Civil Aviation Authority’s Airspace Safety and Regulation group, said: “Our thoughts remain with the families and friends who were affected by this tragic accident in January 2019.

“Illegal commercial flights pose a significant safety risk and that is reflected in today’s court decision.

Catalog of errors that led to the plane crash

“The aviation system is built on the integrity of everyone involved. Anyone operating a commercial flight must always have the necessary license and approvals.”

Henderson was charged in court with wearing a “cowboy outfit” more focused on profits than the safety of his passengers.

The Air Charter Association said the ruling would set a precedent for the future.

CEO Glenn Hogben said:

“More can be done, but it will certainly serve as a significant deterrent for people who are currently involved in these kinds of practices or make people think twice about taking that kind of direction.” .

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