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Breaking: Darin Olien Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Darin Olien Wiki

              Darin Olien Biography

If you are one of those who are nostalgic for traveling the world while you are stuck at home, then it is likely that you have discovered Down to Earth, the newest documentary series to be found on Netflix. With Zac Efron as your host (someone you probably never thought of as a travel expert), you travel the world in search of healthier and cleaner ways of life, while taking the time to explore different cultures throughout their diverse adventures.

As Efron says in the advance of the program, he is “looking for healthy and sustainable life solutions for the planet and all who live on it.”

However, Efron does not travel alone; takes Darin Olien with him, an author and podcast host who is well versed in the world of sustainability. But there is much more to him than being the actor’s right hand man. Learn a little more about Olien and what exactly makes him the right person to join Efron on his journey.

He is a wellness expert

Olien has become widely recognized as a “superfood hunter” who travels the world to find foods and plants that benefit his health without resorting to various medications. According to his official website, he also worked with the fitness company Beachbody to create some of their most popular food programs, including the “Shakeology” and “Ultimate Reset 21-Day” detox programs.

He discovered a new super food in Brazil

While traversing remote areas of South America, Olien and his fellow travelers came across the Barùkas, a nut popular among indigenous tribes but unknown to the rest of the world. Consider that it is one of the healthiest nuts you can find on the planet, as it contains specific micronutrients and vegan proteins.

He is a vegan

Olien decided to eliminate animal products from his diet as part of an experiment to see if he needed animal protein to maintain a higher level of fitness. It’s also something Efron keeps in mind throughout the series, as the duo often go to restaurants in their respective location to sample some of the local cuisine … and according to some of the dishes. we see them asking, Olien might be on to something with his vegan diet.



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