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Breaking: Daphne Westbrook Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Daphne Westbrook

Daphne Westbrook Wiki

                              Daphne Westbrook Biography

Daphne Westbrook, a teenager from Tennessee, who allegedly disappeared during a visit to her father’s home and is suspected of being abducted by her father, could have been seen in Florida. In what police call a “credible sighting,” one person reported seeing a man and his teenage daughter, who appeared to match the description of Daphne, and her father, John Westbrook.

The 17-year-old from Chattanooga in Tennessee disappeared with one of her dogs in October 2019. They were visiting her father, 43-year-old John Westbrook. The person who reported the sighting said he recently saw two people. matching Daphne and John’s description on March 6, in an old rusty orange VW Beetle in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

According to Oxygen.com, Hamilton Country District Attorney’s Office Chief of Staff Melydia Clewell said authorities have information that John owns a similar vehicle and also has relatives in Florida. “That to us is a very credible sighting,” she said. In a tweet, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation mentioned that the 1971 Volkswagen Beetle has no license plate or windshield.

Daphne Westbrook Age

Daphne Westbrook is 17 years old.

Daphne’s Suicidal Idea

Daphne is believed to have recently managed to contact a friend, asking for help and expressing tendencies to self-harm. She had supposedly called to say that she was alive but that she was considering self-harm. Tennessee Attorney General Neal Pinkston said: “Our investigation has revealed that she is currently expressing some suicidal thoughts. And not only has he done it currently, but he also has a track record of it. ”

How Daphne communicated the message, or in what form, is still unclear. Her mother, Rhona Curtsinger, has asked that she try to contact them again. Please know that no one is angry. You are so loved, ”Curtsinger told Fox13. “It is not your fault that you are in that situation. It is not your fault. I need her to be okay. I need that. I’ll do everything she can to make sure she is. ”

Suspect accused

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said John was charged with aggravated kidnapping in connection with Daphne’s disappearance on February 23. An Amber Alert was also issued to help find the teenager. They believe John traveled west with Daphne since he has contacts in Colorado, New Mexico, California, and even Washington. However, they do not rule out the possibility elsewhere, as the situations have led authorities to “become increasingly concerned about Daphne’s well-being.”

John is said to be experienced in disguising himself, using encrypted phones, and also cryptocurrencies to evade capture or detection. The FBI is also not sure which car he is using to travel the United States with his daughter abducted from him. John recently contacted his anonymous sister in Sebring, Florida. His home was raided this weekend and all electronic devices confiscated as evidence. His interview with the FBI is soon.

Investigation report

Curtsinger told the outlet that she had no idea that John was dangerous or that she could have done this to her son. She believes that she decided to take Daphne after her custody agreement allowed him to see her only every other weekend. “Looking back, in hindsight, it’s so much clearer when you’re in the moment,” she said, adding, “There were a lot of warning signs. I just didn’t see them. ”

Investigators also worry that John may be using drugs to keep his daughter away. After 10 different aliases, he allegedly recently bought hair dye to stay under the radar. Explaining the situation, Pinkston, who has already accused John of aggravated kidnapping, said: “She has a strange affection for him now because before she left she gave him alcohol, marijuana, LSD, mushrooms. And we know from recent witness interviews that she is constantly on drugs and / or drinking alcohol that he provides. “

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