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Who is Damion Simmons?( Eddy Grant’s niece is found guilty of murdering her after he poured petrol over her head and set her alight in revenge attack) Wiki, Bio, Age,Murder,Charged, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Damion Simmons

Damion Simmons Wiki

                                                   Damion Simmons Biography

Who is Damion Simmons ?

Handyman Damion Simmons broke into the house he shared with Denise Keane-Simmons, 36, to pour gasoline on her head and set it on fire.

Simmons escaped by jumping from a bathroom window when flames ripped through the townhouse in Harlesden, northwest London, and a family friend was rescued from her bedroom.

After she was set on fire, Mrs. Keane-Simmons ran in terror into her room and closed the door behind her.The estranged husband of Eddy Grant’s niece is facing a life sentence for burning her to death in revenge when she threw him out of their home.

She died from terrible burns and the effects of smoke inhalation.

How old is Damion Simmons ?

He is 45 year old.

Damion Simmons has been convicted of murdering of his estranged wife Denise Keane-Simmons.

Simmons admitted he was “jealous and controlling” but insisted that he wanted to die in front of his wife when he started the fire.

But the Old Bailey heard how he posted nude photos of her on Instagram hours before the fire and left her a voicemail saying, ‘I really hope you suffer and die’ as he walked home with the gasoline.

He had first dumped the accelerator through the mailbox and then stormed into the house when he couldn’t reach enough to set it on fire.

The jury convicted the deadpan handyman of murder as Mrs. Keane-Simmons’ elderly relatives sobbed and hugged each other in court.

Ms. Keane-Simmons, a teaching assistant whose mother was married to the Electric Avenue musician’s brother, was found on the floor of her room +4
Ms. Keane-Simmons, a teaching assistant whose mother was married to the Electric Avenue musician’s brother, was found on the floor of her bedroom.

Judge Philip Katz said he told the jury of five women and seven men that the gruesome case had been so “disturbing” that he would excuse them from participating in another trial for ten years.

He said Simmons’ sentence will be “very long.”

The court heard that the couple had met online in 2017 when he was living in Trinidad and Ms. Keane-Simmons flew out to marry him there a year later.

Little English BA, Ms. Keane-Simmons, who was 4 feet 11 inches tall and weighed only eight pounds, worked as a teaching assistant.

Ms. Keane-Simmons has been married before, but that relationship ended when her husband was convicted of robbery and deported.

Her mother was married to the Electric Avenue musician’s brother.

Simmons had a young daughter from his previous marriage and took the opportunity to move in with his wife to his mother’s home on Alric Avenue, Harlesden.

But he soon became sullen and manipulative and tried to prevent his wife from going out alone or dancing with other men at parties.

He was critical of the money she spent as he made her pay for her mobile phone and demanded up to £ 300 a time for “a drink”.

The problems worsened after Ms. Keane-Simmons’s mother died and she left the home to her daughter in December 2019.

At a wake for her mother in her old home, Simmons drunkenly objected to the ex-boyfriends of her wife being present, yelling, “I’m the man of the house.”


After police were called in for a violent incident in late January, Ms. Keane-Simmons kicked him out of the house and changed the locks.

She that night she discovered that before leaving, Simmons had placed a secret camera disguised as a light bulb in her bedroom.

Simmons was forced to move into a one-bedroom apartment with his mother and the conditions were so tight that he had to share his bed.

He spent the months leading up to the fire on the night of April 15 last year harassing her wife by bombarding her with emails and text messages from her and other people’s phones.

Simmons showed up at his school in Holloway, knocked on his door, and annoyed his friends.

The night of the fire he posted the nude photos as he traveled to Alric Avenue with a gallon of gas.

When his friend called to complain about the photos, he laughed on the phone and hung up.

Ms Keane-Simmons was the niece of Eddy Grant, a founding member of The Equals

Another friend who phoned for the photos was told: ‘Let her suffer like me and let her feel humiliated like me.’

Ms. Keane-Simmons called the police through Instagram posts and by the time officers arrived, the maintenance crew was already loitering in the front yard with the gas can.

She told police: ‘This incident has left me feeling emotionally drained … It seems like her behavior is endless, and I don’t expect a personal photo of me to be released.

“ I feel anxious to get out of my house because her behavior is so unpredictable and I just want to live my life without that worry from Damion. ”

About 30 minutes after officers had left the home, Simmons went to the front door and poured gasoline into the mailbox.

She then she went to the front of the house and broke a bay window to get in.

Maureen Lalgie, the friend of the victim who was staying at the house, heard Ms. Keane-Simmons yell ‘Who the hell are you?’

She then she heard the terror in Denise’s voice when she asked, “What are you doing?”

I didn’t hear Denise’s voice again. I heard banging and explosions, as if something had been thrown into the house, ” Ms. Lalgie said.

Then everything was silent.

“ I went to look and as I was heading towards my bedroom door, I saw smoke coming from under my bedroom door. ”

Ms. Lalgie screamed for help from her bedroom window and she was rescued after a neighbor went looking for a ladder and firefighters helped her down.

Eddy Grant’s 36-year-old niece’s ‘controlling’ husband killed her …

Father ‘murdered’ his wife and his 3-year-old son, then ‘lived with …

Simmons had doused the living room, stairs, and upstairs landing with gasoline before his wife confronted him.

He poured more gasoline over his head and shoulders and then lit her lighter to set it on fire.

Simmons was burned on his wrist and the back of his leg when he walked away from his burning wife and it is possible that she threw the rest of the gasoline at him before running to the bathroom to turn off.

He jumped out the window and apparently growled at the paramedics: “Let me die” when they found him in the garden.

Firefighters fought through flames and thick smoke to get to Ms. Keane-Simmons, but she was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Simmons spent 12 days in the hospital with the police at her bedside after initially refusing treatment.

He told the jury that he wanted to burn himself to death in front of his wife, but that he did not intend to harm her.

‘I just wanted to die. She had to watch me die … only to be tormented by the fact that she had seen me commit suicide, ” he said.

He said that after breaking in he was confronted by Ms. Keane-Simmons on the upper landing.

I remember taking the gas can. He was about to pour it out. I had the lighter in my left hand, ” he said.

“ When I was about to pour gasoline, I don’t know if she grabbed it or hit it with her hand.

I remember they poured gasoline on me.

“ I remember trying to pick up the gas can and lighting the lighter. All I can remember when I did it was a great wall of flames.

Prosecutors said Simmons would not have poured gasoline into the mailbox if he had wanted to kill himself, but he said he “did not remember” doing so.

The court heard that he Googled ‘what is the best way to use a knife and kill someone?’, ‘Insanity in English law’ and ‘cases where the insanity defense worked’.

“I was not in my right mind,” he told the jury.

Simmons, without a fixed address, denied murder, voyeurism and arson intended to endanger life.

He admitted to manslaughter and revealing private sexual photographs of the teaching assistant with the intent to cause distress.

The jury acquitted him of voyeurism and did not find that the camera he admitted he placed in the bedroom was for s*xual purposes.

But he was convicted of murder and arson with the intent to endanger life.

Simmons will be sentenced on September 22.

Damion Simmons Quicks and Facts

  • Damion Simmons charged with murder of Denise Keane-Simmons last year
  • Ms Keane-Simmons died after having petrol poured on her head and set alight
  • Estranged husband admitted manslaughter and disclosing private photographs
  • He denied murder, voyeurism and arson with intent to endanger life
  • Jury cleared him of voyeurism but convicted him of murder and arson with intent to endanger life

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