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Who is Damilya Jossipalenya?(Woman who fell 80ft to her death days after boyfriend threatened to ‘destroy’ her with revenge porn video may have been pushed ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Damilya Jossipalenya

Damilya Jossipalenya Wiki

                                                   Damilya Jossipalenya Biography

Who is Damilya Jossipalenya?

A woman who fell 80 feet to her death days after her boyfriend threatened to ‘destroy’ her with a revenge porn video may have been shoved, a coroner was told today.

Damilya Jossipalenya, 24, died on June 3, 2017, a week after her then-boyfriend Alessio Bianchi threatened to send embarrassing intimate videos of her to her family.

But CCTV near her London apartment block shows Ms. Jossipalenya falling “like a brick,” said assistant coroner Bernard Richmond QC.

He added that she had written a suicide note to her Kazakh parents in “very poor English.”

A seven-day jury investigation into what happened is now set for July 7, just over four years after her death, a pre-investigation review heard today.

The Kazakh student’s family will ask jurors to consider whether she suffered an unlawful homicide, the court heard.

The members of the jury will also consider her right to her life and whether the police fulfilled their obligations to safeguard her given the background of violence in the relationship.wikipedia

How old is Damilya Jossipalenya?

She was 24 year old.

Family Detail

Bianchi, the metropolitan police, the Independent Office for Police Conduct and Ms. Jossipalenya’s family will all be interested in the investigation.

Bianchi or an attorney representing him were not present at the investigation, so Richmond issued a subpoena for him to appear on Tuesday, June 1.

The family’s lawyer, Saba Naqshbandi, said: “They have heard our concerns regarding the relationship, the police response to the assault and their response that night.”

‘Is’ it jumped or was it pushed? ‘in the severest terms,’ ‘said Mr. Richmond.

‘The jury will have to form an opinion as to whether or not they made a firm decision to commit suicide, you are stating that one thing you want to consider is illegal murder.

Is she the type of person who would have taken her own life? Therefore, those who knew her best and loved her most are in the best position to form that opinion.

‘This woman was an educated woman and those notes are written in very poor English, since she was studying at Regents College in English, that would be surprising.

I also want to know why she was writing to her parents in English, and if the pen on the bed was forensically tested, because the pen that is supposed to be the one that was supposed to write the suicide note is supposed to be .

Otherwise, she scribbled notes in the most careless manner, she put the pen away carefully and fell, not to a great height, but was observed to fall like a brick.

‘The pathologist will help with that and if that is normal for a fall.

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“I think that in investigations, very often, the job is to give a voice to the one person who cannot speak.

“If she were here I’m sure she would want to tell us about the context of doing what she did to her or what they did to her, these things don’t come out of nowhere, right?”

‘What really matters to the family here is what happened. Did she take her life from her? Or there was a darker explanation.

Ms. Naqshbandi added: “Of course, the jury will have to consider whether this was an accident.”

The family was frustrated that the Met had not provided a statement on its full position since December 2019.

“We have had nothing, we are eager to move forward,” said Ms Naqshbandi.

“Once we have that, we will understand what the Metropolitan Police’s response is to family concerns that have been clear for years.”

It is “regrettable” that concerns expressed about the lack of statement from a person who was also “in the apartment” were not taken into account, added Ms Naqshabandi.

Three days before her death, the 26-year-old Italian Bianchi pushed her out of her Paddington apartment during a fight and threw her into the water source outside.

In April 2018, Bianchi was saved from jail after admitting to revealing private sexual photographs and films with the intent to cause distress and a charge of assault with beatings.

Who is Alessio Bianchi?

He was given a 12-week suspended sentence, ordered to undergo a rehabilitation activity and made to pay £ 250.

Bianchi called 999 shortly before 1 a.m. on June 3 to report that his girlfriend was distraught.

The responding officers were later criticized for spending about 40 minutes chatting with him at his apartment and arriving at Ms. Jossipalenya’s home, around 1.30 a.m. M., Ten minutes after her death.

Bianchi and Ms. Jossipalenya had been in a relationship for two and a half years, intermittently, until May 2017.

She told police that there had been a fight in her apartment on May 12 of her and that he ‘grabbed her by the neck, hit her four or five times, spit on her and that she had passed out for a few seconds. ‘.

The couple’s friends at Regent’s University were aware of her tumultuous relationship and Bianchi had reported her to the police himself on several occasions, when she had scratched him and attempted suicide.

They sent him a video recording on WhatsApp of her performing oral sex in a phone booth in North London on May 25, 2017.

Attached was a message that said, ‘I’m going to keep destroying you.’

One of his friends received the same clip of three different numbers, one of which contained the threat: ‘I’ll fuck you next, my love.’

When the police seized Bianchi’s phone on June 1, they found WhatsApp messages in which he had asked his friend to send the video to Ms. Jossipalenya.

She reported sending the revenge porn to the police, but continued the relationship afterward.

Ms. Jossipalenya told the police that she did not know that she was being recorded in the phone booth.

“I found it really insulting and humiliating, I think she’s doing it out of revenge for the argument,” she explained.

“I’m still in shock and I feel broken.”


She said she was “very scared mentally and physically” because Bianchi had threatened to send the porn video of her, as well as the images of her taking cocaine, to her family.

On June 1, the couple went out drinking with friends and returned to Bianchi’s apartment around 11:30 p.m.

They had an argument before Bianchi pushed Ms. Jossipalenya into the water fountain in front of the building.

The violence outside the building lasted for more than half an hour before the janitor called the police and in the early hours of June 2.

Bianchi was arrested and his phone was seized. The next day he received distressed text messages, similar to those he claimed to have received in the past, from Ms. Jossipalenya.

He called the police and ran to her apartment, but found her dead on the floor.

She had left a note that said: ‘Alessio I love you, I’m sorry’.

The lover’s sight of him crumpling him on the pavement has had a lasting impact on Bianchi, who has received treatment at Nightingale Hospital for post-traumatic stress disorder and complex grief disorder.

Bianchi was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where his father works, and moved to London in 2009 to study at Regent’s University.

A statement from Ms Jossipalenya’s family, who is from Kazakhstan, said: ‘We cannot describe the pain we felt in losing our beloved Damilya.

‘She was a lovely, wonderful, caring, caring and intelligent child.

‘She loves everyone with all her heart and she tried to see the good in everyone she encountered.

“We are heartbroken to hear the details of the abuse and torment our daughter endured because of Mr. Bianchi.

“ She had a bright future ahead of her and she had many dreams and aspirations to achieve great things.

“While we mourn the loss of a very good girl, we also celebrate her extraordinary life and hope that the memory of her will last for all who know her.”

A full investigation will begin on July 7.

Damilya Jossipalenya Quicks and Facts

  • CCTV shows Damilya Jossipalenya, 24, ‘falling like a brick’ from her London flat
  • She died in June 2017, after Alessio Bianchi threatened to share intimate videos
  • A seven-day jury inquest into what happened has now been fixed for July 7 

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