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Breaking: Damien Hammond Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Damien Hammond

Damien Hammond Wiki

                                      Damien Hammond Biography

Damien Hammond, 31, began yelling at municipal workers who were removing a television from under his flat in Nottingham on December 30, 2019.

He yelled that the television was his and then threw the ball, which was wrapped in a pair of jeans, from 14 feet above the employee’s head.

The victim collapsed on the pavement as blood ran down his face as he was taken to hospital with a skull fracture and brain trauma.

Damien Hammond dress as The Joker in a mugshot from 2018

After emergency services arrived, a clash broke out between police officers and Hammond, who refused to come down and threw more items.

Hours later, he stepped out onto the windowsill and threatened the officers with a hammer.

He finally dropped off the windowsill at 2:30 pm and was arrested.
Hammond was found guilty of serious bodily harm in Nottingham Crown Court on December 11 and admitted to scuffling him.

He received a 16-year sentence in the same court on Friday and will serve at least 12 years.

Hammond previously appeared in a mugshot in a distinctive purple jacket, green shirt and makeup to imitate comic book villain The Joker after embarking on a terrible crime spree in 2018 that saw him jailed for 22 weeks.

Councillor Rebecca Langton

Portfolio of Communities in Nottingham City Council said: ‘We welcome this important prison sentence handed down today.

“It sends a strong message that both the city council and the police will vigorously pursue through the courts anyone who attacks one of our workers.

We continue to be shocked and saddened by this terrible incident last year and have been supporting our staff member in recovering from it.

‘Being assaulted in this way while he is just doing his job is totally unacceptable. We will not tolerate violence towards our staff and I would like to thank the police for his work in the investigation. ‘

In 2018, Hammond admitted a series of charges including criminal damage, obstruction of a police officer and possession of cannabis.

He also pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct toward staff at the Tesco Express and Shoe Zone branches.

Nottingham Magistrates Court heard that he too waved a pistol-shaped lighter while standing in traffic.

Hearing his sentence, Hammond, who appeared in court with bright green hair, yelled, ‘Send me to prison, I don’t care.

As they were taking him to the cells, Hammond yelled at the court officials, “Look what they’ve done, I’ll kill today!”

Hammond, who is well known in Nottingham for his obsession with Batman and The Joker, was also expelled from the city center for three years.

The court heard that Hammond committed a crime spree after he was given a 21-week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months, on April 17, 2018.

He was saved from jail on that occasion after admitting to robbery, possession of an offensive weapon and indecent exposure.

The justices of the peace said that his behavior “revealed a flagrant course of criminal conduct.”

The court also heard that wearing clothing and makeup to look like the Joker had a ‘sinister and aggravating effect’ on his victims.

Hammond’s crime wave of 2018:

August 14: Disorderly conduct towards store personnel at Tesco Express.

August 15: Obstruction of a policeman in the Plaza de San Pedro.

August 23: Disorderly behavior towards Shoe Zone staff.

August 23: Disorderly conduct towards a police officer in South Parade.

October 9: Possession of cannabis on Collin Street.

October 9: Disorderly conduct on Collin Street.

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