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Breaking: Crystal Jackson Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Crystal Jackson

Crystal Jackson Wiki

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Crystal Jackson is the California mom who makes headlines after her OnlyFans account, in which she uses the name “Tiffany Poindexter,” attracted the scorn of other parents in her community. Jackson says her three children have been expelled from her Catholic school for their posts on the adult social platform. She KCRA-TV said other parents sent the photos of her to the school principal and the diocese, resulting in the expulsion of her children.

Jackson and her husband, Chris Jackson, told The Sun that they launched the OnlyFans account in 2019 as a fun way to spice up her marriage after she went through menopause. According to the New York Post, “Mrs. The Poindexter person ”now earns them over $ 150,000 per month.

1. The Jacksons Launched the ‘Mrs. Poindexter’ Page to Spice Up the Romance After Their Marriage Hit a Rough Patch

Jackson, 44, began taking s*xy photos with her husband as a fun activity to breathe new life into their marriage. She told People that the relationship had gone downhill and that she was heading for divorce after she began going through menopause. “She missed that intimacy that we had, and a lot of it was because she was going through menopause,” Jackson told the magazine. “No matter what you do, you don’t feel attracted or sexy.”

Jackson told The Sun that it was her husband’s idea to post a photo of her in a bikini on Reddit. “We started in September 2019 and nobody knew about it. Without friends, family or anyone. It was a sexy secret between me and my husband that was very exciting and fun, ”said Jackson.

A commenter on Reddit suggested that they start an OnlyFans account. Jackson told KOVR-TV that at the time, she hadn’t heard of OnlyFans. But she and her husband decided to do it and her page quickly gained popularity. They told the New York Post that the page generates more than $ 150,000 per month from fans who pay a subscription to access the photos and videos of it.

Jackson told People that between 20% and 30% of her OnlyFans images of her contain nudity, which she says is presented in an “elegant” manner and is not pornographic. She says the images have strengthened her confidence and improved her relationship with her husband. “It’s a way that I can work in our privacy and I can live my fantasies.”

Chris Jackson also commented on the images to KOVR-TV. He insisted that the images are “artistic or sensual and s*xy and fun and playful, but certainly not hardcore.”

2. Jackson Says She Believes Her ‘Worlds Collided’ Because Husbands in Her Community Were ‘Cruising the Net for S*xy Girls’ & One Man Told His Wife About Her Page


Jackson actively responds to comments and questions on his Reddit page, most of which appear to be positive. Jackson has explained on her account that she believes that “her worlds collided” because fathers and husbands in her community found her OnlyFans page. She wrote on February 22: “The fact is that people in my community noticed me in the first place because husbands were looking for sexy girls on the net. I became a big enough presence on the Internet that worlds collided. ”

Jackson has speculated that the controversy surrounding her online activity began because a man at her children’s school told her wife about the photos of her. “There was a single father who found me and couldn’t keep his mouth shut and told his wife. Before him, other dads had found me and according to the Code of Man, they kept their fucking mouths shut to their wives! duh. Right? “Jackson added in a separate comment,” I’ve had husbands enraged at me when her wife is around, and I love it when she’s not.

In his interview with The Sun, Chris Jackson said that most people who find out about her online activity do not seem to be offended. “There are certain people who just won’t leave us alone, but 99% of the people who find out really don’t care at all,” said Chris Jackson. “I think most husbands have taken a look at Tiffany’s account … Maybe that’s why these women have a problem with us.”

3. Jackson Says Other Mothers Bullied Her & Sent Her Images to the Catholic Diocese

Jackson says he faced pressure from other community members for several months before his situation made national headlines. Jackson said other mothers at her child’s Sacred Heart Parish school in Sacramento began harassing her during the summer of 2020 after they found out about her OnlyFans account from her.

Jackson claimed in an interview with People that the other women printed some of her explicit photos of her and mailed them to the school principal and the diocesan leadership of the church. According to the New York Post, the editor “chose not to get involved” at first.

On her Reddit account of hers, Jackson admits that she called out to the media herself to share her story. She explained on February 22 that she and her husband had been approached by the media, as well as “Hollywood people,” in the past but always turned down interview offers. But her attitude changed as pressure from the community continued. Then it exploded more and more. The bad moms in the neighborhood got relentless and eventually pushed me too far, so I made a call and said ‘okay it’s about time’. Otherwise they would never stop attacking me and my family. ”

But at least one of her parents, who wished to remain anonymous, told CBS Sacramento that Jackson’s decision to post explicit photos of herself could be confusing for children in the community. The father told the outlet that Jackson “put us all in the difficult position of having to explain to our sons and daughters why a mother in her community would choose to become a sex worker and sell her body.”

4. The School Removed Jackson as a Second-Grade ‘Room Mom’ Before Expelling Her Three Children Days Later

Jackson said she used to volunteer as a “room mom” in one of her children’s classrooms. But as she told KOVR-TV, the school “removed” her from that position. Days later, on February 21, the family was informed via email that her three children, ages 8 to 12, were being expelled.

Jackson shared the email with KCRA-TV. The director of Sacred Heart Parish, Theresa Sparks, signed the message:

Her apparent pursuit of her high profile controversies in support of her adult website is in direct conflict with what we hope to impart to our students and is directly opposed to the policies set forth in our Parent Handbook / students. Therefore, we require that you find another school for your children and have no further association with ours.

Jackson says her children were not allowed to return to the school building to collect their belongings, CBS Sacramento reported.

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