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Who is Craig Mulligan? (Twisted stepbrother, 14, who murdered Logan Mwangi just FIVE DAYS after courts allowed him to move in to same house despite vowing to KILL the child)Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Craig Mulligan

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Who is Craig Mulligan?

The teenager who murdered his stepbrother Logan Mwangi was named for the first time today as an investigation was launched into why he was allowed to move in with the boy just five days earlier, despite threatening to kill him.

Craig Mulligan, who was convicted of the five-year-old’s murder along with his stepfather John Cole, 40, and stepmother Angharad Williamson, 31, had been in the care of foster parents, who described it as “pure evil”.

The teenager’s identity had been anonymized due to his age, but a judge lifted the reporting restriction after he was jailed for 15 years today. Cole was sentenced to 29 years and Williamson to 28 years.

The trio murdered Logan, who had suffered 56 external cuts and bruises and ‘catastrophic’ internal injuries, before dumping the body dressed in five-year-old pajamas into the Ogmore River in Bridgend in July 2021.

Mulligan moved into the family home in Bridgend after the couple’s petition for custody was approved by the family courts, despite Logan being on the child protection register and Mulligan’s earlier threats to kill him.

He would call Cole ‘Dad’ and Williamson ‘Mom’, but would not refer to Logan as his brother, describing him only as ‘the five-year-old’. Cole had been in a relationship with Mulligan’s mother and later became her caretaker.

His adoptive parents could not cope with his threatening and abusive behavior and asked Bridgend Social Services to remove him from their home. The foster father said: ‘I remember telling myself that he was going to do something wrong. We’ve been fostering for the better part of 50 years, it was the only time I felt scared for my family.’

The family heard Mulligan say that he wanted to kill the “five-year-old boy”, that is, Logan, although the social workers denied this.

Mulligan messed with other children at the foster home, torturing the family’s dog, asking two girls if they wanted to play a “murder game” and trying to get them into black garbage bags.

Mulligan was regularly sent home from a local comprehensive school and spent all his time playing adult-rated games on his Xbox. He was on Call of Duty when police arrived at the family’s home hours after Logan was found.


After his arrest, a support worker heard him say: ‘I love children. I love children. I love hitting kids on the head. It’s orgasmic. He told another: ‘I did some bad things, but I’m not allowed to talk about it.’

The foster family said they told Mulligan’s social worker, Debbie Williams, of his concerns, however, Ms. Williams denies this.

Today, Judge Justice Jefford said it was in the “important public interest” to know why Mulligan had been placed in the family home just five days earlier.

‘A key aspect of this case is the relationship between Craig Mulligan and John Cole. He idolized his father. His attitude towards Logan and his involvement in his death were driven by that relationship.

“He Assaulted Logan because John Cole ordered him to or to emulate John Cole and gain his approval.”

She said not naming Mulligan would “restrict” the press’s ability to report on the Child Protection Review.

Mulligan was arrested around 6:30 p.m. m. on August 1, 2021 along with Williamson inside Cole’s property.

In the interview, he maintained that he didn’t know what had happened to Logan, but later admitted that he had woken up to hear Williamson say “Logan is dead”.

After being told by detectives about Williamson’s accusations that he and Cole had attacked Logan, Mulligan said, “You can tell my mom to fuck off for me.” She is blaming me and my father for everything.

During the trial, an anonymity order was placed on Mulligan that prevented him from reporting any details that could identify him.

His attorney said Mulligan had been diagnosed with multiple neurodevelopmental disorders.

Following his conviction and imprisonment for murder and perversion of the course of justice, the press successfully petitioned for the restriction to be lifted on the grounds of public interest and open justice.

Logan, a “smiling and cheerful little boy”, was discovered in the Ogmore River in Pandy Park on the morning of July 31, 2021.

Police found him partially submerged, dressed in dinosaur pajama bottoms and a Spider-Man T-shirt just 250 meters from his home.

The young man had suffered 56 external cuts and bruises, and ‘catastrophic’ internal injuries, which were compared to a high-speed car accident.

Experts said the injuries could only have been caused by a “sustained and brutal attack” inflicted on Logan in the hours or days before his death. They also said the injuries were “consistent with child abuse.”

In the months and weeks before his death, Logan had been “dehumanized” by his family, prosecutors said.

Logan’s stutter is said to have worsened, becoming particularly mean to Cole. He urinated more often and began to self-harm.

Friends of the couple said Cole told them he didn’t like Logan, and others said his attitude changed after he became obsessed with the idea that Williamson had cheated on Logan’s father, Ben Mwangi.


Cole and Williamson petitioned the family courts for custody of Mulligan and on July 26, 2021 they won and he moved in with them.

Mulligan was old for his age and interested in mixed martial arts, specifically Muay Thai, as well as video games; his username was ‘king hulk’.

During an alleged incident at the house, Mulligan is said to have “swept” Logan’s legs out from under him while at the same time using his hand to slam his head into the ground.

He had done so, according to Williamson, on the orders of Cole, who had just punched Logan, knocking him backwards to the ground.

Just before 3 a.m. on Saturday, July 31, Mulligan was caught on CCTV cameras following Cole out of the apartment and into the river where Logan’s body was dumped.

He also joined in conducting a fake and visible search for Logan as part of the family’s cover-up.

Cole, a former member of the National Front who nicknamed the five-year-old ‘Coco Pop’, forced the boy to eat Weetabix at family ‘takeout nights’ while they partied at KFC, and mocked him for the food he was missing. .

In June 2021, the family was removed from the child protection register, meaning there was no longer believed to be a risk of significant harm.

Social workers visited Logan’s home the day before his death and took no action in May 2021 when he burned his neck on a hot bath faucet. Social services also knew that Cole had a criminal record for violence.

The boy’s murder has chilling echoes of the tragic death of six-year-old Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, who suffered a similar terrible fate when his life was similarly endangered after the country went into lockdown.

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