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Breaking: COVID patient Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

COVID patient died at Cardarelli hospital


An unidentified man dies at the Cardarelli hospital in the city of Naples
A few meters away, patients lie in their beds in the emergency room, which has been transformed into a makeshift room.
The situation in Naples has been defined today as “out of control” by a minister
Italy recorded 623 deaths on Wednesday, the highest number since April 6
Video has surfaced of a body dumped in a hospital bathroom in a makeshift ward crammed with coronavirus patients amid a skyrocketing rise in cases and deaths in Italy.

The unidentified man was a suspected coronavirus patient awaiting a test in the crowded and ramshackle emergency room of the Cardarelli Hospital in Naples.

The man who is filming, himself a Covid patient, says: “This man is dead, this is Cardarelli hospital. Here we are in the emergency room.

“This woman in her own urine and feces, we don’t know if she is alive or dead. The woman there, we don’t know anything.

Luigi Di Maio Said:

The region’s Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, said today: “The situation in Naples and in many parts of Campania is out of control … the central government must intervene because time is running out.”

Further south, on the island of Sicily, the mayor of Palermo warned on Monday that his region would face an “inevitable massacre” due to the increase in infections.

“The north has always had a well-equipped health system, spread throughout the region. The situation may not be optimal, but the south is a wasteland in comparison, ”Carlo Palermo, head of the ANAAO-ASSOMED medical union, told Reuters.

Health officials said they were investigating the death, but Di Maio said it was just the latest shocking incident he had heard of in Campania in recent days.

Rosario Lamonica, who recorded the video, said that she filmed the images so that people would know what was happening.

“When I asked for help, no one listened to me, there were also those who told me ‘take care of your business,'” said Lamonica.

The 30-year-old man had been in the hospital for two days after testing positive for Covid-19 and was having difficulty breathing.

“This person (the dead one) was in the room with me with other elderly people,” Lamonica told the Italian news agency ANSA.

Di Maio wrote on Facebook: “The video of the patient found dead in the bathroom of the Cardarelli Hospital is shocking. The life and right to health of all citizens are priorities that must first be protected. If local authorities don’t, the state must.

“Until now I have kept silent out of respect for all institutions, but now we must intervene immediately, especially in the south, which can lead to a collapse.

Authorities said Campania reflected a major health disaster that swept across much of southern Italy and emerged largely unscathed from the initial wave of COVID-19 that mainly affected the north. But it is hit by the second wave.

Italy recorded 636 more deaths and 37,978 new cases on Thursday.

The total number of cases has exceeded one million and half of those infections have occurred in the last 19 days alone.

There were a total of 43,589 deaths, the sixth highest in the world.

Hospitals across the country have struggled to cope with the dizzying amount of COVID-19, but the poorer South seemed particularly ill-equipped to deal with it, despite having strengthened its defenses throughout the summer.

The sick in Naples received oxygen and sank through the car windows while waiting hours for COVID tests or while in hospital.

The latest government data for 2018 shows this split, with per capita annual healthcare spending of £ 1,844 in northern Liguria and £ 1,772 in neighboring Emilia-Romagna.

In Campania it was £ 1,524, the lowest in Italy, and £ 1,532 in neighboring Calabria.

But it’s not just about money. Mismanagement was also felt in the south.

The issue came into the spotlight this month when the Calabrian health adviser was interviewed on state television and initially denied the responsibility of drafting an extensive emergency plan. in light of the coronavirus crisis.

In support of his point of view, Saverio Cotticelli, a retired general, presented the letter from the Department of Health with the guidelines. Still in front of the camera, little by little he realized the truth that he was responsible for making the plan.

He resigned the next day.

At the beginning of the year, Calabria had 146 beds in intensive care. That number had risen to just 154 at the end of October, when the Rome government ordered regions to double the capacity of emergency rooms during the summer.

When the national government divided the country into three tiers this month to deal with various health risks, it immediately put Calabria in the “red zone” and imposed a partial blockade.

Italians living in designated “red zones” could be jailed for up to six years for disrupting quarantine or lying to officials.

People affected by the coronavirus who leave their homes to spread the disease can face a culpable epidemic transmission and prison sentences ranging from six months to three years.

Using an algorithm based on 21 indicators, Campania was, to everyone’s surprise, in the “yellow zone” at least at risk.

The decision raised questions about whether the region provided reliable data and the Rome Health Ministry sent inspectors to investigate the situation.

Maurizio Cappiello, an ambulance doctor at the Cardarelli Hospital in Naples and a member of the ANAAO-ASSOMED union, said the virus has spread exponentially.

“We have passed a critical warning. The only way to deal with the emergency in Campania is a total blockade ”

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