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Who is Cory Fleming?(Attorney who handled wrongful death lawsuit of Alex Murdaugh’s housekeeper has his law license suspended ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Suspended,Family,Facebook,Shot,Incident Detail, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Cory Fleming

Cory Fleming Wiki

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Who is Cory Fleming ?

The South Carolina Supreme Court suspended the legal license of an attorney who handled Alex Murdaugh’s housekeeper’s wrongful death lawsuit on Friday.

Cory Fleming, Murdaugh’s former college roommate who acted as an attorney on behalf of Gloria Satterfield’s family, had his attorney’s license suspended until further notice.

Fleming was named in September in a lawsuit filed by the Satterfield estate along with Murdaugh and Chad Westendorf, vice president of Palmetto State Bank.

The lawsuit alleged that Satterfield’s sons, Tony Satterfield and Brian Harriot, never received the more than $ 4 million in settlement funds they were promised in a settlement made between their attorney Fleming and Murdaugh, according to Live 5 News.wikipedia

The lawsuit, which was filed on September 15, sued Murdaugh, Fleming and the law firm of Fleming, Moss, Kuhn & Fleming PA, for violating fiduciary duty, failing to act in the best interest of their client, and civil conspiracy. .


Satterfield’s sons are now being represented by attorneys Eric Bland and Ronnie Richter, who said Murdaugh referred his ‘best friend and college roommate’ Fleming to Tony and Brian, Live 5 News reported.

At the same time, millions of dollars were also allegedly missing from the law firm of Murdaugh, Peters, Murdaugh, Parker, Eltzroth and Detrick (PMPED), according to a separate lawsuit filed against Murdaugh by his former partners.

Murdaugh has also been accused of using fake bank accounts to divert funds from PMPED and its clients over the years.

He resigned last month at the request of the firm, which his great-grandfather founded in 1910, after a statement released by PMPED said Murdaugh “lied and stole from us.”

His resignation came the day before his arrest last month after he allegedly faked a shooting from a vehicle.

Murdaugh was shot in the head along a remote highway in Hampton County on September 4 and was airlifted to the hospital where he survived after sustaining only superficial injuries.

At the time, Murdaugh claimed that he had been the victim of a shooting from a vehicle when he changed a tire on the side of the road.

He checked into rehab days later for opioid addiction and quit the PMPED embarrassed by accusations of embezzling millions to pay for his addiction the next day.

Mr. Fleming stepped forward

Meanwhile, last week, attorneys announced that they had reached a settlement between Satterfield’s estate, Fleming and the insurance company related to the lawsuit. Details of the court documents were not immediately known.

Mr. Fleming stepped forward and did the right thing on behalf of the estate. Mr. Fleming and his law firm maintain that, like others, they were victims of Alex Murdaugh’s fraudulent scheme, ” Bland and Richter said in a statement.

“Fleming and his law firm are personally paying all the legal fees and expenses they received, and the firm’s malpractice insurance company is paying the full limits on their policy.”wikipedia

“ The settlement was reached less than a month after Mr. Fleming first learned that Alex Murdaugh had stolen the settlement funds recovered for Ms. Satterfield’s children and her estate, ” he added, noting that Fleming even “ negotiated substantial settlements with Mr.


The statement also said that “ Fleming acknowledges that he made material mistakes at crucial times throughout this matter and sincerely apologizes to Ms. Satterfield’s children for all that they have been through and that they did not receive their due money for her mother’s death ”. .

“Mr. Fleming maintains that he did not voluntarily participate in Mr. Murdaugh’s plan, but was used.

“Mr. Fleming asserts that he would never knowingly jeopardize clients’ funds or put a personal or professional relationship above his professional responsibilities. Until early September 2021, he sincerely believed that the settlement funds had been disbursed correctly, ‘he added.

Just yesterday it was revealed that Murdaugh created a bogus company called Forge to divert $ 3.5 million of the $ 4.3 million settlement money intended for his 57-year-old housekeeper, who died mysteriously at his home after a ‘tripping accident. and fall, ‘according to new legal documents.

A motion filed Tuesday by attorneys for the Satterfield family provides new details of how two large payments from two independent insurers were allegedly redirected to what was essentially a P.O.box in Hampton, South Carolina, rather than directed at Tony and Brian.

Also indicted was Chad Westendorf, the vice president of Palmetto State Bank, whom Murdaugh encouraged the Satterfield sons to hire to deal with “business matters” that he said would come up.

On October 5, 2020, Fleming and Murdaugh filed for a dismissal of the settlement which Mullen approved

Two months later, in March 2019, Fleming obtained an additional settlement from Nautilus Insurance Company in the amount of $ 3.8 million, which the Satterfield children again claimed they were unaware of.

Westendorf signed a conditional release stipulating that the funds would be paid to him directly in April 2019.

Documents included in the motion revealed that the check was made payable to Westendorf as representative of the estate and to Fleming’s law firm on April 18. In total, the two insurance companies had paid $ 4.305 million.

Minus legal fees and expenses, the Satterfield family was entitled to $ 2.765 million in a settlement that was approved by Judge Mullen on May 13.

A check filed with the motion revealed that Fleming sent another check for $ 2.96 million to Forge that same day.

Then, on October 5, 2020, Fleming and Murdaugh requested a dismissal of the agreement, which Mullen approved on the basis that all parties had reached an agreement.

The next day, October 6, Fleming wrote Forge a check for $ 168,000 and paid himself $ 666,000 in legal fees.

He was awarded $ 1,435 million in fees, $ 168,333 in payment from Lloyd’s, and $ 1.27 million in the Nautilus settlement, but allegedly paid the rest to Murdaugh.

Westendorf didn’t seem to pay himself for his participation. Rather, he “allowed Fleming and Murdaugh to misapply all proceeds of the deal.”

The settlement statement signed by Westendorf also listed the $ 105,000 processing expenses deducted from the total $ 4.3 million package, but it is unclear where this money went.

The motion did not suggest that Mullen was involved in the plan.

The judge participated in two meetings with the alleged fraudsters in which she approved the agreements.

The Murdaugh saga began on June 7 when Maggie and Paul were found shot to death.

Court documents state that Mullen was “misled” into believing that Satterfield’s children were aware of the settlements and that the money would be distributed according to the information presented to him.

She ‘had no reason not to trust’ Fleming and Murdaugh, with whom she had worked in the past, while Satterfield told her that ‘he agreed to the settlement after carefully considering all the facts of the claims circumstances. ‘the documents stated.

However, Murdaugh, Fleming and Westendorf “lied to the court” and the children were unaware of a settlement. Additionally, none of the settlement approvals were properly filed through the Hampton County Clerk of Court, according to the documents.

The new motion asks Murdaugh, Fleming and Westendorf to testify under oath about their handling of the wrongful death settlement.

Meanwhile, Westendorf returned his personal representation fee of $ 30,000 to the Satterfield property on Tuesday.

The allegations of repression, and the controls included in the motion, provided the most detailed account to date of the alleged scheme to defraud the Satterfield family of the wrongful death lawsuit.

Satterfield had been Murdaugh’s housekeeper and nanny for about 25 years when she died after a mysterious ‘trip and fall’ inside the Murdaugh family home in February 2018.

The complaint alleged that Murdaugh, Fleming and Westendorf then defrauded the family out of a $ 4.3 million wrongful death settlement, of which they said they had not received a penny.

Last month, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) also launched a criminal investigation into Satterfield’s mysterious death, which was not reported to the coroner at the time and an autopsy was not conducted.

The death certificate cited the manner of death as’ natural ‘, something that was inconsistent with the information documented in the wrongful death lawsuit, which said that he died as a’ result of injuries sustained in a trip and fall accident, in the Hampton County ‘.

Family Murders, Deaths, Drug Addictions, Robberies, and Arrests: The Riddles Facing Investigators Who Have Now Indicted Alex Murdaugh

2015: Teen Stephen Smith dies

Smith was found on the side of the road.

Cops investigating the double murder have also reopened the case in a hit-and-run of teenager Stephen Smith in 2015 (top)
Cops investigating the double murder have also reopened the case in a hit-and-run of teenager Stephen Smith in 2015.

Police officially rule that his death was hit and run, but he had suffered blunt force trauma to the head.

Since then, his mother has shared her belief that she believes he was killed in a hate crime because he was gay.

Case notes obtained by DailyMail.com revealed that Paul’s older brother, Buster, was named multiple times in the investigation.

The police wanted to know more about his relationship with Stephen.

Stephen’s mother said she had an ‘affair’

In a statement years later, one of Paul’s friends said the family had “covered up” other murders.

She mentioned Smith’s death

2018: Gloria Satterfield, Murdaugh family housekeeper, dies

Gloria Sattlerfield, housekeeper for the Murdaugh family, died at age 57

Gloria died after ‘falling’ down the stairs of the family home

The family gave her family $ 500,000 in a wrongful death settlement, but it is unclear why her death was found to be their fault.

Alex Murdaugh was listed as a defendant in the lawsuit.

Satterfield was only 57 when she died

She left a husband and children.

Her death was also mentioned in the statement of Paul Murdaugh’s friend.

2019: Mallory Beach dies after being thrown from a boat driven by Paul Murdaugh

Mallory Beach, 19, died in February 2019

Paul was later charged because he had been drinking and was behaving ‘belligerently’ that night.

He had been released on bail

Other children were in the boat but were unharmed.

One testified that they were afraid to speak out about the Murdaugh family because they knew how to ‘cover things up’

That kid named Stephen Smith and the housekeeper, and she claimed that Paul pushed her

June 7, 2021: Paul and Maggie are murdered

The mother and son were found shot to death at the family home in Hampton, South Carolina.

Alex Murdaugh says he found them at the house

The coroner said the couple had been dead for up to an hour when he discovered them.

Cory Fleming Quick and Facts

  • The South Carolina Supreme Court suspended Cory Fleming’s law license on Friday until further notice 
  • Fleming was Alex Mudaugh’s old college roommate who acted as a lawyer on behalf of Gloria Satterfield’s family
  • He, along with Murdaugh and Chad Westendorf, were named in a lawsuit filed by the Satterfield’s estate on September 15 
  • Satterfield’s sons Tony and Brian allegedly never received $4m in settlements, which they were promised in an agreement between Fleming and Murdaugh
  • Tony and Brian are now being represented by attorneys Eric Bland and Ronnie Richter, who said Fleming was yet another victim of Murdaugh’s scheme
  • At the same time a motion was filed Tuesday on behalf of Satterfield’s family detailing how funds were allegedly redirected to shell company Forge
  • Satterfield’s sons were supposedly unaware of Forge’s existence. They were not included in discussions about the settlements, court meetings or any mediations
  • Satterfield, 57, had been the Murdaugh housekeeper for around 25 years when she died following a mystery ‘trip and fall’ inside the Murdaugh family in 2018

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