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Breaking: Connor Reed Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Connor Reed Wiki

                              Connor Reed Biography

The first known Briton Connor Reed  who contracted the coronavirus has died after months of “hardship”, his heartbroken mother has found.

Connor Reed electric (electrokinetic), cares for his mother Mary, a cryo (cryokinetic), who has brain cancer causing her abilities to sometimes act erratically. Like Powers, they cannot afford the treatment she needs. Connor makes ends meet working as an unregistered laborer along with many other powers, using his skills to install unprotected electrical wiring. While on a job, the police arrive and order the workers to disband and a Pyro (pyrokinetic) is killed when he tries to flee arrest. Elsewhere in town, Detectives Park and Davis carry out a drug bust on an apartment complex owned by crime lord Marcus Sutcliffe, the local agent for The Trust and a Reader (telepath). Products worth nearly $ 1 million are seized, putting Sutcliffe in conflict with Wesley Cumbo, his superior at The Trust, who demands the expected reduction in one week. Garrett, Sutcliffe’s subordinate and a TK (telekinetic), and his team approach Reed looking for a job. Despite warnings from a coworker, Reed accompanies them and participates in a chemical robbery, shorting the electric fence in an incredible display of power. Reed meets Sutcliffe and meets Nia, Sutcliffe’s supposed girlfriend. Park and Davis arrive on the scene the next day and determine that Sutcliffe is using the chemicals that were stolen to cut up the remaining product, indicating that he is desperate for income.

Garrett recruits Reed, recognizing that he has untapped potential, and agrees to help him earn enough money to receive treatment from his mother. She begins training Reed on how to use her abilities and uses her as an enforcer in the Psyke trade. Reed also gets close to Garrett’s crew members, including Freddie, a dumb Brawn (super strength), and Maddy, Garrett’s girlfriend, and a Pyro. Sutcliffe has the crew rob a bank to return the money to The Trust, but the vault only contains $ 50,000. Cumbo’s assassin Copperhead Shifter (shapeshifter) attempts to kill Sutcliffe for not honoring his debt, but Sutcliffe’s bodyguard Rhino, a Brawn in bulletproof skin, manages to kill them. Reed is injured in the fight and Nia reveals that she is a healer, staying only with Sutcliffe to alleviate the effects of her addiction to Psyke in order to pay off a debt.

Reed’s mother confronts him about the money he’s been making working with the crew. Suddenly she has seizures and Reed rushes her to the hospital, where the doctor tells her that they will soon have to operate on her to remove the tumor. Park and Davis bring Reed in for questioning, encouraging him to cooperate as they have already confiscated much of the Psyke on the street, weakening Sutcliffe’s influence. Davis advises that they place evidence to force Reed to report, while Park insists they released him for lack of evidence. Reed is freed and goes to Garrett to suggest that they raid the scheduled Psyke Run, the monthly shipment of seized product for destruction, which will be worth approximately $ 10 million. Garrett and Reed take the idea to Sutcliffe, where Reed demands that Nia heal her mother as payment and Garrett stipulates that he will become a partner in Psyke’s business.

Connor Reed Age


Connor Reed, a 26-year-old student teaching English at a university in Wuhan, China, was diagnosed with the virus last November.

Initially he ignored flu symptoms and was bedridden in his apartment.

But Connor, from Llandudno, North Wales, was hospitalized after developing a severe cough and losing his voice.

He continued to recover, but Connor was found dead in his dorm at Bangor University last week.

His heartbroken mother Hayley, who lives in Brisbane, Australia, announced that she never fully got over the “hardships” she suffered after contracting Covid-19.

“Months of hardship”

She told The Sun: “To say that Connor had a sense of adventure was an understatement.

“When she told us she was going to learn Chinese, we really didn’t believe her, but she got down on her knees and went to China alone and was fluent in Mandarin in a few years.

“He had a lot of trouble in China during the last six months when he signed with Covid and was banned under strict conditions for more than 20 weeks.

“It has seen more closings than anyone we’ve seen: 16 weeks of hard shutdown in Wuhan, two weeks in Australia and three more weeks in the UK.

“We are both heartbroken that his adventures ended at Bangor University, where he graduated from Chinese after a tragic accident.

“We will never know where his ambition and drive would have taken him.

“We want to give Connor the funeral he deserves in the UK and Australia.

“We will not be able to attend his funeral in the UK due to coronavirus restrictions.

“So we will make sure that we all celebrate his life at his home in Australia.”

Police and paramedics were called to his home last weekend, but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The incident is not considered suspicious and he is the ninth UK student to die since returning from universities last month.


Connor described his coronavirus symptoms earlier this year as follows: “The cough turned into a kind of pneumonia and I ended up in the hospital because I was breathing like I was breathing from a paper bag.

“I didn’t want to take antibiotics and I only drank hot babies made with hot whiskey and honey, and it really helped my sore throat.

“I am proof that you can survive the coronavirus.”

Connor, whose parents Hayley and Rod moved to Australia about 10 years ago, said he was ill for about two weeks before making a full recovery.

His family has started a fundraiser to “give him the funeral he deserves.”

A North Wales police spokesman said: “Just after 10pm on October 25, the emergency services asked North Wales Police to report to a student room in a dormitory at the University of Bangor.

“Sadly, despite the best efforts of local friends and paramedics, a 26-year-old student was pronounced dead.

“Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the victim following the tragic death of a young student, and we ask that their privacy be respected.

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