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Who is Collin Quint? Wiki, Bio, Age,an update on his life and is he in jail today, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Collin Quint

Collin Quint Wiki

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Who is Collin Quint ?

In August 2018, Collin Quint was arrested and charged with first-degree child abuse after his 9-week-old son was hospitalized for seizures he was experiencing. Doctors at the hospital determined that Quint’s son Connor had suffered brain injuries as a result of being shaken, a form of child abuse known as shaken baby syndrome.

After Quint’s arrest, the Michigan man hired an attorney to fight the case, arguing that the boy’s injuries were due to birth trauma and not child abuse. “The only thing I touched Connor with were loving arms,” ​​Quint said in the episode.

Quint’s arrest and first-degree child abuse charge are addressed in the second season of A&E “Accused: Guilty or Not Guilty,” which explores cases of people charged with serious crimes from their perspective, their trial, and their defense team.

Quint is in the Macomb County Jail until January 2022 after not filing a challenge, but the length of his sentence is being appealed.

On June 24, Judge Richard Caretti sentenced Quint to eight months in prison and two years of probation, a few months after Quint failed to challenge second-degree child abuse. According to Macomb’s Journal, Quint’s sentence fell in the middle of the sentence guidelines range of zero to 17 months in jail and the judge ruled that Quint’s son suffered no permanent, life-threatening injuries, although it was a “very calling.” near “.

The prosecution appealed the length of the sentence in an attempt to increase Quint’s jail term and transfer him to prison. This appeal is ongoing and has not yet been resolved by the court. There is also another case in the trial process with a different judge who will determine Quint’s parental authority.

Quint is currently in the Macomb County Jail, which is north of Detroit. According to public records, he began serving his sentence on June 25 of this year and is scheduled to be released on January 22, 2022. His defense attorney Arthur Garton told Heavy that Quint’s wife, Lindsey, is holding on and that Connor is “very good”.

Sentencing guidelines scoring is the crux of the appeal

A news release from the Macomb County prosecutor’s office said Quint was responsible for a “violent assault on his 9-week-old son” that caused “significant physical and cognitive impairment.” According to the prosecution:

Judge Caretti erred in qualifying Michigan’s legal sentencing guidelines for this case and ultimately sentenced the defendant to a brief jail term. In its continued efforts to fight for justice for all crime victims in this county, the Macomb County Attorney’s Office will seek to reverse this decision in the Michigan Court of Appeals and secure a prison sentence for the defendant.

Macomb County Prosecutor Peter Lucido told Heavy that they are not appealing the guilty plea, but only the length of the sentence, as they argued that the sentencing guidelines were incorrectly scored. However, Lucido was unable to provide further information on the appeal as it is still ongoing.

Garton said the sentencing guidelines were scored because the judge agreed with the defense on some factors in the case. He added that before Quint pleaded guilty, prosecutors told them they would not object to judges scoring or appealing the case, but they did.

Shaken baby syndrome convictions are under review as investigations have found concerns with what some call “questionable science.”

Shaken baby convictions are increasingly being scrutinized around the world, as various reports and investigations have found it to be questionable science, and medical experts often disagree on the cause of death or injuries to the shaken babies. shaken babies. the babies. As the California Innocence Project points out, shaken baby syndrome “has never been scientifically validated.”

Macomb County Prosecutor Peter Lucido told Heavy that Quint is guilty under the law despite his plea of ​​non-opposition. “If he was innocent, he would have gone to trial,” the prosecutor said. “People who plead guilty.” He added that they had expert witnesses who could testify that the boy’s injuries could not be due to birth trauma.

Garton told Heavy that Quint didn’t object just because he couldn’t afford to hire expert witnesses for the trial and this was the best scenario for him.

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