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Who is Coletta Phillips?(Hero girlfriend of man burned to death by jilted ex managed to save his three children and pets after their crazed mother broke ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Coletta Phillips

Coletta Phillips Wiki

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Who is Coletta Phillips ?

A young woman who was asleep in bed with her boyfriend and young son when her former lover doused them with gasoline and set them on fire showed incredible courage in rescuing children and pets, despite being “unable to save her beloved.”

Coletta Phillips, 30, and Stanley Obi, 33, had only been living in the house they bought together in New Beith in Brisbane’s southern suburbs for a few months before Sarah Mudge broke in and tried to kill them all at 3:00 a.m from Thursday.


The father managed to get the little boy to safety while his new partner ran into the next room to rescue the other two children, both under five years old.

Mudge, 30, died in the fire while Obi was being dragged away by a neighbor. He died in hospital later that night from catastrophic burns to 90 percent of his body.

Ms Phillips’s aunt said the young marketing professional’s life had been “shattered under the most horrible circumstances”.

According to a fundraiser organized by a friend of Ms. Phillips to help her recover, the young woman “courageously rescued the children and pets, however, she was unable to save her loved one”.

She “has lost all of her belongings, even her car keys, which melted in the fire,” she wrote.

Ms. Phillips is understood to have suffered burns to her respiratory tract.

According to Mr. Obi’s family, the mother of four’s horrific act of violence during a court hearing was triggered when she lost access to three of her four children the day before.

The former couple had two little girls together, and a third son was placed in the care of Mr. Obi.

He had filed for domestic violence orders against each other before the tragedy.

Mudge wrote a series of disturbing social media posts in the months leading up to his attack on Thursday, one of the worst of which was to a mothers’ group where he threatened to kill Mr Obi if he “took the baby away from me”.

“Fuck that he didn’t try to do this because he’s just not an option he would have killed him,” he wrote.

In a separate post by another mum asking if she should let a family member cut her son’s hair, the photographer replied: ‘could you add a P.S. “Cut his hair and I’ll cut your throat.”

In another post, the 30-year-old told people in a domestic violence group that if she and her children ended up dead it would be murder, and urged online users to point fingers at Mr. Obi if anything. happened, stating that it would not be an ‘accident’.

“When we’re gone, make sure everyone knows,” she told users of the domestic violence social media group on Dec. 1.

‘When they see my name and my children’s names, make sure they know I told everyone.


It is not an accident. I will not commit suicide with my children, or whatever it is that I do. Is he. It will be him.

The woman then told the group members that she wasn’t looking for advice, saying “there’s nothing I haven’t tried,” and urged them to “say something when you see us and make sure this never happens again.”

Mudge discussed the impending custody battle in his post, explaining that he was told to turn the children over to Mr. Obi, whom he referred to as “our abuser.”

“[Mr. Obi] told me that he would kill them,” he said.

‘What should I do? Send them on Saturday knowing they may not come home, or wait until the 8th and force them out?’

Coletta Phillips Quick and Facts

  • Coletta Phillips and Stanley Obi were  with a toddler when they were set on fire 
  • Mr Obi’s crazed ex Sarah Mudge broke into the home and splashed petrol around
  • Ms Phillips managed to save his children and their pets, but ‘her beloved’ died
  • Mudge died in the blaze. She had lost three of her four kids in court a day earlier
  • For 24/7 confidential support, call Lifeline on 13 11 14 

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