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Breaking: Clinton Hamence Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Clinton Hamence Wiki

                    Clinton Hamence  Biography

Clinton Hamence, 42, and Jennifer Papaconstuntinos, 44, were not told they would have to endure a 14-day hotel quarantine when they left New South Wales for Victoria on New Years Day, after ‘making their investigation ‘and obtain permits to visit for 48 hours.

A spontaneous decision to travel to Melbourne for a weekend has turned into a nightmare for a Sydney couple eager to return home to their young family.

Family and Childeren

Mrs. Papaconstuntinos left her three sons Josiah, 14, Jaydon, 11, and Jacob, 7, with their mother

Mr Hamence said

The couple are furious that no one at Sydney airport ‘didn’t tell them what they were flying to’ in Melbourne and that they would be taken to mandatory hotel quarantine upon arrival.

They said they would never have gotten on the plane and left the children if told, and are perplexed as to why they weren’t allowed to catch the next plane home to Sydney instead of being taken to a hotel.

They said they went five hours without eating or being able to use the bathroom before they were finally escorted to a bus.

The detained, tired and hungry travelers sat on the bus for another 90 minutes before being transported to the nearby Holiday Inn.

Despite being considered a health risk, Mr Hamence and Ms Papaconstuntinos claim they were joined by members of the public as they sat in the airport terminal, sharing a photo with Daily Mail Australia.

Mr Hamence (left) regards himself as a father figure to his partner Jennifer’s children

The couple are among 170 travelers who returned to New South Wales and were quarantined in Melbourne in the past three weeks after an outbreak emerged on Sydney’s north beaches.

Sydney’s teammates Dominic Galati, 58, and Zaklina Blazeski, 42, find themselves in a similar situation after they arrived in Melbourne for a weekend business trip on Friday afternoon.

Rather than being sent back to their Sydney home at Millers Point, they were told they had to stay in hotel quarantine for 14 days.

The couple were concerned about their long stay because Ms. Blazeski has a seven-year-old son in Sydney and does not have her thyroid medication.

“If they changed the rules, they should have said you have to go back to Sydney and not go in, basically, and that’s what we wanted to do and they didn’t let us board the flight,” Galati told The Australian.

She said the couple were involved in a two-hour standoff after health officials approached them, who informed the couple that their permits were no longer valid.

While in the presence of health officials, Mr. Galati went online and applied for several new permits.

‘We did the process online and they gave us permits again … so we did it again … so we got six permits again in total, which allowed us to enter Victoria. They said ‘No, you’re going to quarantine here at the hotel,’ he said.

Ms. Blazeski said she did not receive food or water until seven hours later.

The couple now plan to take legal action on the matter.

George Williams and his partner Charlotte  have been forced into quarantine

Williams also shared an insight from his first night of quarantine at a hotel, where he described conditions as similar to those in prison.

“The rooms are very small, with a window that cannot be opened, which means that we do not have fresh air for two weeks,” he posted.

‘Can’t we even get out of the room ?! Sorry, but offenders get fresh air for an hour a day or leave their cell. WHAT IS THIS FAIR LIKE? This is bad. Help!’

She ended the long post with the hashtag #freeus.

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