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Who was Clemens Weisshaar?(British celebrity stylist’s three-year-old son is found dead in burned-out car in Portugal in suspected murder-suicide as father ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Cause of Death,Family,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Clemens Weisshaar

Clemens Weisshaar Wiki

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Who was Clemens Weisshaar ?

The three-year-old son of a famous British stylist was found dead along with his German designer father in an alleged murder-suicide in Portugal.

The bodies of Clemens Weisshaar, 44, and his son Tasso were located early Sunday morning near the town of Santa Margarida da Serra, in a mountainous area 80 miles south of Lisbon.wikipedia

Weisshaar died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, while Tasso’s remains were found inside a burned-out car, police sources said.

Cause of Death

The grim discovery was made a week after mother Phoebe Arnold, a well-known hairstylist with clients like Paloma Faith, reported the couple missing when Weisshaar failed to return Tasso after a custody visit.

The couple are believed to have been dead for three days. A post-mortem investigation is underway to establish the exact time of death and the cause of death of the child.

When MailOnline contacted Ms Arnold’s mother at her London home of hers on Monday, she said: ‘It’s a very disturbing situation and we don’t want to talk about it.

Sorry, it’s too distressing.

Arnold and Weisshaar had been dating since at least 2016, according to social media posts, and they are believed to have been married, although it is unclear exactly when they got married.

The globetrotting couple had spent time together in New York, Germany and Portugal before parting ways, which happened in July this year, according to Portuguese media.


Primary custody of Tasso was awarded to Ms. Arnold after the separation.

The couple had a “problematic” relationship before separating, police sources told Jornal de Noticias.

She then she moved to Lisbon together with Tasso, while she spent time separated from her ex-husband.

Weisshaar, who had an office in the city of Grandola, near Lisbon, is believed to have had no contact with Tasso since her separation before visiting the couple in late October.wikipedia

She is understood to have taken custody of the boy over the weekend, with a ‘promise’ to return him before November 1.

Arnold reported that the couple disappeared the same day after Weisshaar failed to show up.

Police launched a search, before the couple were finally found Sunday near land Weisshaar owned and on which she was building a home.

The bodies and the burning car were hidden in a wooded area with difficult access, Portuguese media reported.

The site was discovered by a dog search party, who called police and ambulance workers to the scene.

After several hours, the bodies were removed and taken to autopsy. Police continued to work at the site into the night.

The current whereabouts of Ms. Arnold are unclear.

Tasso (above) had gone to spend time with his father in late October with a ‘promise’ he would be returned by November 1.

British-born Ms Arnold was heavily involved in the fashion world, having co-founded Ponystep magazine before working as a fashion director for magazines such as Garage and Elle.

She was also a celebrity stylist who counts singer Paloma Faith among her clients, having worked with her since at least 2018.

The singer credited Ms Arnold for creating the look for her for the British fashion Vogue awards ceremony in February last year and during Comic-Con in 2019.

Among her other famous friends were model Lady Eliza Cummings and designer Katie Jan Hillier.

She was also photographed alongside the likes of Gigi Hadid on her Instagram page.

Weisshaar was a famous German designer, born in Munich, he studied in London at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and at the Royal College of Art.

He founded his first independent design studio in 2000, before creating the KRAM / WEISSHAAR studio, based in Stockholm and Munich, in 2002 with his American partner Reed Kram.

His work appears in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Pompidou Center in Paris and the Fondazione Prada in Milan, among others.

The grim discovery was made near the village of Santa Margarida da Serra on Sunday, close to a plot of land that Weisshaar owned and was building a house on

Dulce Ermida, owner of a restaurant called Taberna dos Mosqueiroes that is located near where the bodies were found, said: “The father used to come for something to drink or eat.

“ He had bought a nearby house that he was fixing and when he was working on the house he used to come in.

“ He seemed like a normal good boy. The boy and the mother have also been before. I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

“We knew that the father and the young man were missing since last Monday and we assumed that he had gone to Germany with his son.

“We never imagined for a moment that things would end in the terrible and dreadful way that they have.

‘We found out what had happened yesterday afternoon / Sunday afternoon. The news came to us very fast

‘I’m still in shock to be honest. Everything is really disturbing. ”

Clemens Weisshaar Quick and Facts

  • Three-year-old boy found dead alongside father in suspected murder-suicide 
  • Clemens Weisshaar died from bullet wound, son Tasso found inside burned car
  • Comes a week after British mother Phoebe Arnold had reported them missing 
  • Arnold and  Weisshaar are thought to have separated in July and father was visiting Lisbon to spend time with his son when he failed to return the boy
  • Arnold is a celebrity stylist who counts Paloma Faith among her clients and friends, while Weisshaar was a famous German designer

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