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Breaking: Claire Parry Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Claire Parry Wiki

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Claire Parry was a nurse Killed by her husband Timothy Brehmer allegedly had “angrily” strangled nurse Claire Parry in a car in West Parley, Dorset

Claire Parry Facts You Must Need to Know?

Timothy Brehmer allegedly had “angrily” strangled nurse Claire Parry in a car in West Parley, Dorset
The May 9 attack this year came moments after she texted his wife “I’m cheating on you” from her phone.
Jurors found the police officer not guilty of murder today after he had already admitted the murder.
Brehmer was described as a ‘womanizer’ during the Salisbury Crown Court trial and will be sentenced tomorrow.

How Claire Parry was Killed By Her Husband Full Story in view

A married police officer who was accused of strangling his lover to death for ten years after she revealed her affair to his wife was found not guilty of murder.

Timothy Brehmer, described as a ‘white man’ and ‘womanizer’ in court, had allegedly ‘angrily’ strangled nurse Claire Parry in his car in West Parley, Dorset, in May, moments after she sent a message from text your detective wife. “I’m cheating on you” from his phone.

But although the 41-year-old police officer used enough force to break his neck in three places, the jurors in Salisbury decided that he did not intend to kill Ms. Parry.

Today, after a 12-day trial, Brehmer remained impassive in the dock when he was acquitted of murder after juries deliberated for two hours and 50 minutes.

However, the 17-year-old police officer still faces a lengthy jail sentence as he admitted to killing Ms Parry, mother of two, by involuntary manslaughter.

Meanwhile, it was also revealed today that Brehmer was known to his colleagues in the force as a “sexual predator” who preyed on “vulnerable” emergency workers.

A Dorset police source told MailOnline how well-spoken Brehmer had a reputation at work as a ladies’ man who managed to charm several lovers within his own unit.

They said the smooth-talking officer, who is married to a detective of the same strength, told each woman “you are the one for me” and sent song lyrics and sexualized messages to “absorb” them.

He described the incident as a “riot”, claiming that he “fell on top of her by accident more than anything” and his arms must have “slipped” around her neck while he was behind her in a “piggyback position”.

He sobbed when he told the jury: “I am responsible for his death. I must have [used too much force]. He absolutely did not want to kill her or cause her serious bodily harm. He didn’t want to kill her.

Ms. Parry was left with “insurmountable brain injuries” after she was strangled in the Horns Inn pub parking lot around 3 pm on May 9 and died in hospital the next day.

Her marriage to Dorset Police Officer Andrew Parry was unraveling when she discovered her relationship with Brehmer, also from the Dorset Police, however Brehmer’s detective wife, also from the same force, had no idea of ​​their adventures.

Brehmer said: “Not for a second did I want to hurt her, we’ve been seeing each other off and on for 11 years, I can’t say I loved her but I definitely loved her.

“Things had changed recently, everything had gone so bad. It was always an unwritten rule of thumb that you didn’t ask about other people, but suddenly she wanted to know everything about my life.

Recalling the fight, he added, “She was facing forward in a push-up position.” I didn’t mean to hurt her, I fell on top of her more than anything by accident.

“ I was trying to grab her, my arm was around her … it was just a ruckus. If you imagine a horse … to grab it you have to hug it.

“ He was directly on top of her like a wheelie, he was trying to get her out of the car. I was trying very hard to get her out and she was doing her best to stay inside.

“ My left arm was around the top of her chest, by the collarbone, but it must have slipped with all the shock.

“I was slowly pulling her out of the car, but I don’t know how long it lasted.

“I’ve tried to think about this every day since I was in jail, maybe she was stuck in the car, I don’t know. There are so many ‘what ifs’ going through my brain.”

The Salisbury Crown Court heard that Brehmer had at least three affairs outside of her 14-year marriage.

Detective Kate Rhodes, who “quickly fell in love” with Brehmer, called him a “w *** e man” and the police officer even described himself as a “devious bastard” who kept his wedding ring to your adventures.

Brehmer and Ms. Parry used “secret conversations” to communicate

Brehmer and Ms. Parry used “secret conversations” to communicate, had s*x up to twice a week and a few days before the incident, the couple had an “intimate quickie.”

Brehmer’s wife has not seen her husband since he killed Ms. Parry. Brehmer’s family and friends have insisted that he is a “true gentleman.”

It can also be revealed today that despite how heartbreaking the trial was, a juror had to be discharged for the impact it was having on his mental health.

Brehmer, who admitted the murder but denied the murder, is a former traffic officer who was attached to the Air Service of the National Police and lived with his wife and nine-year-old son.

At some point, Brehmer, who said he was very depressed when his life began to unravel and that he had planned to commit suicide after meeting with Ms. Parry, stabbed himself three times in the arm with a razor.

He was seen on CCTV walking barefoot through the parking lot to the driveway where he sat covered in his own blood, sobbing, before calling on passersby for help.

He initially told his colleagues who arrested him that Ms. Parry had stabbed him only to later change his story.

He admitted his homicide but denied any attempt to harm her, claiming that he had ended up on top of her, with his left arm around her chest, and that she had accidentally died as a result of that fight.

The Salisbury Crown Court jury believed him and he was acquitted of his murder.

Brehmer joined the police force in 2003, first working in Bournemouth as a police officer before joining the traffic police unit in 2010.

In 2015, he suffered a serious thumb injury after being assaulted by a 56-year-old motorist whom he had pulled over, preventing him from driving.

After some time off, he was assigned to the National Police Air Service (NPAS) and became part of the police helicopter crew, operating the camera and assisting with navigation.

He met Martha in 2003 and the couple married three years later. They have a nine-year-old son with whom he lives in the old married house in Lymington, Hampshire. Publicly, Ms. Brehmer has declined requests to comment on her husband’s case. However, they told the court that the last time she spoke with her husband was on May 9 when he told her that he was going to buy steaks for the barbecue.

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