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Breaking: Claire Boyle Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Claire Boyle

Claire Boyle Wiki

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Claire Boyle, 34, was holding a two-year-old on a wooden bed with a frame
Another four-year-old boy escaped from the ground through a crack in the window.
They found him on an Ayrshire street with numerous bruises and took him to hospital.
Boyle and her partner Timothy Johnstone were found guilty of negligence Wednesday
A couple was found guilty of negligence today after a four-year-old boy who escaped from a horror house was so injured that doctors believed he had leukemia, prompting police to find a second child in a makeshift cage.

Claire Boyle, 34, and Timothy Johnston, 57, of East Ayrshire, kept the two-year-old on a wooden cot to prevent him from escaping. Officers found him scared and wearing a full diaper.

The four-year-old had escaped from the ground through a six-inch crack in the window and fell five feet to the ground.

Doctors initially believed the older boy was suffering from a hemorrhagic disease or blood cancer due to his numerous bruises after he was discovered in his pajamas on the street and taken to the hospital in October 2018.

Claire Boyle During the trial

It emerged that Boyle attempted to sell a 10-month-old baby for £ 1 million to horrified passersby on Ayr High Street in 2014.

Boyle and Johnstone, 57, were found guilty today of neglecting the two-year-old, while Boyle was convicted of the same crime involving the older boy. Boyle faces prison after his third conviction for professional misconduct.

The police opened an investigation into a public report that the four-year-old boy was found on the street.

The two-year-old was seen in the adapted crib by police who later visited the property, reports the Daily Record.

Dr. Christine Findlay, an NHS consultant pediatrician, told the court that the older boy had “bruises on the fingertips” and dried blood around his ears.

She added that the boy was severely bruised, which made doctors wonder if he had a blood disorder such as hemophilia or leukemia.

The four-year-old also seemed very hungry, eating two sandwiches with ground beef and potatoes, three more sandwiches, and an apple while he was in the hospital.

As for the two-year-old, police officer Adam Peppard told the court that he had found him “angry” with his “full and drooping diaper.”

He said: “[The baby] was in the makeshift crib; He had taken off the base of the crib and tied it on top to prevent the baby from coming out. ”

Dr. Findlay also said that the older child had “crusts of blood” around the ears, suggesting a “punch to the ear,” adding, “This is a baby with many signs of injury.”

An official described how Boyle said the cage was for the safety of the youngest child.
He said it was her fault because he could open the window and go out, and told her to put things in front of the window and put the frame in the crib.

A court heard in 2015 that Boyle tried to sell a child for £ 1 million, for £ 2,000, outside a bank on Ayr High Street.

It is said that she screamed and shook the boy before leaving him alone in a stroller.

Boyle and Johnstone were convicted of neglecting the older boy by Sheriff Higgins, and Boyle was also found guilty of neglecting the two-year-old.

Ed Sheeran, the prosecutor, had previously dropped charges that the couple assaulted the four-year-old boy.

When asked by reporters outside of court about his previous beliefs, he replied, “Shut up. Fuck you. “

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