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Breaking: Christine Fang Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Christine Fang Wiki

                          Christine Fang Biography

Christine Fang is an alleged Chinese intelligence agent who developed substantial ties with California lawmakers as part of a political operation under the direction of China’s Ministry of State Security. Axios published an exclusive report detailing the alleged work of Chinese citizen Fang Fang, or Christine Fang. She embedded herself in Bay Area politics and slept with at least two mayors in the Midwest as part of a multi-year Chinese intelligence campaign, according to an Axios investigation.

Two U.S. representatives for whom Fang raised funds, Eric Swalwell and Tulsi Gabbard, reportedly ran as 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.


Friends and acquaintances of Fang said he was in his 20s and 30s when he enrolled at California State University East Bay.

Christine Fang targeted budding politicians

Fang reportedly targeted budding politicians, including an American congressman, in the California Bay Area and throughout the county from 2011 to 2015. During his time in the US, Axios reports that Fang had the eyes set on Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell, one of the youngest. members of the House.

Fang reportedly interacted with Swalwell at various events, helped raise funds for her re-election campaign, and helped put at least one intern in her office.

The alleged operation also raised funds for Tulsi Gabbard, in addition to having a romantic or sexual relationship with at least two American mayors of the Midwest. Fang’s suspicious operations ended during the Obama administration when he fled the United States amid an FBI counterintelligence investigation. They discovered Fang for the first time while guarding a different person.

Christine Fang APAPA

Axios noted that the investigation provided another look at Beijing’s efforts to influence American political groups. Axios reports that she served as president of the Asian Pacific Islands Association of Chinese Students and American Public Affairs (APAPA).

Fang reportedly used those positions to initially enter the doorway of local political circles. She would invite Chinese legislators, political executives and consular officials to attend a series of prominent events that she organized.

Through a combination of fundraising, charisma, and romantic relationships, Fang managed to rank among Bay Area politicians.

Many of Fang’s alleged operations were conducted under the guise of APAPA, a group that promotes civic affairs for Asian Pacific Islanders, sources told Axios until it emerged as a mainstay in Bay Area politics.

Sources told Axios that some of Fang’s first known political contacts in the US included former Fremont Mayor Bill Harrison, Representative Judy Chu and Swalwell.

Christine Fang’s Facebook

A scroll through Fang’s Facebook page reportedly showed that she was friends with Swalwell’s father and brother. Their relationship began when Swalwell was a councilor in Dublin City, California, and their first known interaction was facilitated through the Chinese Students Association.

Swalwell would later become a congressman in 2012. Fang described herself as “the connector between the Asian American community and members of Congress.” A source told Axios that Fang served as a “packer” during Swalwell’s 2014 Congressional reelection campaign on her behalf, meaning that she convinced others to donate to her campaign operations.

Christine Fang and Eric Swalwell

It’s an ideal position for an intelligence operative, considering it could strengthen your ties with the campaign official. During this time, Fang allegedly facilitated potential intern assignments for Swalwell’s offices, including one located in Washington D.C.

Around 2015, a counterintelligence investigation became so flustered by Fang’s behavior that they alerted Swalwell with an FBI defense report. The congressman immediately stopped any contact with Fang, a current intelligence official told Axios. He has not been charged with any crime.

His office provided a statement to Axios: “Rep. Swalwell, a long time ago, provided information about this person, whom he knew more than eight years ago and whom he has not seen in almost six years, to the FBI. To protect information that could being classified will not participate in your story. ”

Christine Fang Tusi Gabbard

While in the U.S., Fang also helped with a fundraiser for Hawaii Rep Tulsi Gabbard in 2013, according to a flyer announcing the event on Facebook. A spokesperson for Gabbard’s office told Axios that he “has no recollection of meeting or speaking with her, nor any recollection of her participation in the fundraiser.”

Similarly, Fang also volunteers to campaign for Representative Ro Khannah’s candidacy for Congress in 2014. He was later elected in 2016. Khanna’s office told Axios that he remembers seeing Fang at various meetings. American Indian policies, but that the two never spoke.

Her office added that the FBI did not inform Khanna about Fang and that her name does not appear in their personnel records. They noted that the records did not include the names of all the volunteers.

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