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Who is Chris Habiyakare?(Aussie rapper ‘Lyr1cure7’ before a ‘senseless act of violence’ saw him dead at just 24… devastated parents tell all as cops search for his killers ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Death,Family,Facebook,Investigation, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Chris Habiyakare

Chris Habiyakare Wiki

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Who was Chris Habiyakare ?

The grieving family of a Melbourne rapper say he was changing his troubled life before he was shot dead inside his own home in a ‘senseless act of violence’.

Chris Habiyakare, 24, was with friends at his Sunshine North home in West Melbourne on August 24 when he confronted a group of armed male intruders who broke into the home.

Habiyakare was shot during an altercation with the group before they fled and left in at least one vehicle.

Now a manhunt is underway for two men homicide detectives wish to speak to as Habiyakare’s heartbroken father and stepmother opened up about the devastating effect his death had on their younger brothers.


Belthrand Habiyakare broke down as he revealed how his eldest son, who was born in a Tanzanian refugee camp, fought drugs and crime in the years leading up to his death.

He said there was no doubt that the intruders were after Mr. Habiyakare and not his friends.

“It’s clear that the person who shot Chris intended to kill Chris,” he said.

Police are calling for two particular men to come forward, one of whom Det Insp Day said “may have been the one who pulled the trigger.”

Habiyakare recently turned the corner and was on better terms with his family when his life was abruptly cut short.

“Life became so unstable that at some point I realized that I was going to die and I went into a depression,” Belthrand said.

‘I lost hope and then slowly he started to grow up and he realized his problems, he realized he had to do something about it.

“ When I had some hope … he started to regret it, call us and apologize every week, and then all of a sudden his life ended. ”

He said that the death of his son had left him heartbroken and defeated and that Habiyakare’s brothers were struggling to accept his death.

“This event has broken me into small pieces and I don’t know how I’m going to put them back together,” he said.

“The saddest thing is that when I try to rebuild and recover, I see my other children crying, isolated and depressed.”

“ There is not a single moment in my wildest dreams when I thought my oldest son would be tragically estranged from the same family that he had promised to dedicate himself to. ”

Chris Habiyakare was shot dead during an altercation with a group of males at his Sunshine  North home on August 24

Mr. Habiyakare wants to know what happened to his beloved son, whom he described as “the joy of my life for a long time.”

“I am a Christian, therefore I am inclined to forgive, but I can only forgive once I know the whole truth,” he said.

Whoever did it, come over and tell why they did it. I can’t even sleep, I’m always alert because I don’t know who did it. It means that I constantly wonder if they will come for my other children and it is very heavy. ‘

Habiyakare responded to a knock on the door when a group of men armed with a variety of weapons, including a pistol, forced their way into the Essex Street home.

Two men and three women who were visiting Mr. Habiyakare at the time fled outside and a woman was forced to break a window to escape.

Police said a fight broke out between Habiyakare and the group of men and that he was shot before the men left.

One of the friends who was visiting Habiyakare called triple-0 before starting CPR.

Habiyakare died at the scene, despite desperate attempts to revive him.

Three months later, Homicide Squad detectives have released photos of two men they would like to speak to as part of their investigations.

Detective Inspector Tim Day said “significant” amounts of cash and drugs were found on the property, and that a drug debt is considered grounds for targeted murder.

He added that Habiyakare was known to the police and had a drug-related background.

“Chris’s death was a senseless act of violence on the part of a callous villain who intended to hurt him because of a debt or some other problem,” he said.

“They used a firearm against a defenseless human being.”

Investigators believe the shooting was a directed incident, but have not yet established an exact motive.


Det Insp Day confirmed that a fight at the house three days prior to Aug. 21 could be related to the shooting.

“At this stage, one of the lines of investigation is to determine if there is any link between this and the subsequent fatal shooting,” read an earlier police statement.

“At this stage, this is just one line of investigation, but a very important one for the police.”

CCTV canvas

The detectives are eager to speak to anyone who might know these men and are also asking the men themselves to introduce themselves.

They are also willing to speak to anyone else who may have knowledge of the incidents or circumstances that led to the shooting.

While a major CCTV canvas of the surrounding area has already been done, police are urging anyone to have additional footage between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. of the night of August 24 to present.

Habiyakare went by the rap name Lyr1cur7 and had just started to gain traction on the Australian hip-hop scene, with a freestyle released last year that reached one million views on YouTube.

Chris Habiyakare Quick and Facts

  • Police release images of two men they want to speak to about rapper’s death
  • Chris Habiyakare shot dead during altercation at Melbourne home on August 24
  • Detectives believe shooting was targeted incident but yet to determine motive
  • Family opened up about rapper’s troubled past and was turning over new leaf

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