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Who is Chloe Rideout?(‘Fit and strong’ model, 20, died from sepsis after a routine appendix operation ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Chloe Rideout

Chloe Rideout Wiki

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Who is Chloe Rideout?

A 20-year-old “fit and strong” woman died of sepsis after a routine operation on her appendix, according to research.

Chloe Rideout, who died at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro in October 2020, was ‘disappointed’ by healthcare professionals, according to her mother.

Sharon Rideout told a coroner that she raised a number of concerns about the care her daughter Chloe received at Plymouth Derriford Hospital, after-hours 111 GP, 999 ambulance response, and at Royal Cornwall Hospital .

An investigation heard that the autopsy concluded that Chloe died of multiple organ failure due to sepsis and a postoperative perforated appendix.

How old was Chloe Rideout?

She was 20 year old. woman died from sepsis after a routine appendix operation.

Family Detail

Hairdresser-in-training Chloe was described as a ‘lovely person, a fit and healthy young woman’ who worked various jobs to save money and travel the world.

Chloe had enjoyed a weekend staying with friends, but then felt sick with a “ stomach ache ” before she was taken to the ER at Derriford Hospital, where she lay on the floor in agony, said Chloe’s mother. her.

Five hours later she was admitted to a ward and the next day she Chloe she said that she “did not feel safe in the hospital”.

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The investigation heard how she feared that her drink on the weekend away may have been fortified, but no drug testing was conducted.

Doctors, who according to the family were indifferent, told Chloe a week after she initially felt bad that she might have appendicitis.

Ms. Rideout stated that she was concerned about delays in surgery and that “sepsis was never mentioned during her treatment.”

The family said that by October 12 “the doctors just wanted to send her home as quickly as possible”, but the next day, Chloe was still in so much pain that she said she “felt like she was going to die”.

Cause of Death

She was discharged and the next day her mother called the 111 medical service, but a nurse came to her home, rather than a doctor, which Ms. Rideout was unaware of at the time.

Ms. Rideout said that ten minutes after the nurse left, she was so concerned that she called 999, but after three emergency calls it took 90 minutes for an ambulance to arrive to take Chloe to Royal Cornwall Hospital.

She said that Chloe felt unsafe there and claimed that there was an “incompetent nurse who didn’t want to do her job.”

It was there that Chloe was operated on several times, but her kidneys began to fail and her brain ran out of oxygen and blood before she died on October 20.

Ms Rideout, a mother of two, said: ‘At no point was sepsis mentioned. This was the cause of her not recovering from the surgery, she became seriously ill and died. ”

The family said Chloe’s life had been stolen and blamed healthcare professionals for “letting her down” at various stages during her treatment that month.

The investigation will last the rest of this week.

Chloe Rideout Quicks and Facts

  • Chloe Rideout, 20, died at Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro in October 2020
  • She died from multi-organ failure due to sepsis and a perforated appendix
  • Her mother told a coroner that Chloe was ‘let down’ by healthcare professionals

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