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Who is Chloe Armes?(Teenager, 19, who stalked college worker, 42, smashed up his car, followed him to Benidorm and spray-painted ‘n**ce’ ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Chloe Armes

Chloe Armes Wiki

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Who is Chloe Armes ?

A former sports studies student received a restraining order after she harassed a university official when he broke up Fatal Attraction-style.

Chloe Armes, 19, harassed David McDermott, 42, destroyed her sports car and followed him to Benidorm on vacation.

Armes had lost her virginity to the father-of-two support worker at Eccles Sixth Form College in Salford, having met him two years earlier on her induction day.

They had s*x at a boutique hotel and then had more s*x at another B&B when he tried to cool down their romance.

But Armes later contacted McDermott’s on-and-off partner and mother of her children to tell him about her affair.

She smashed her Ford Kuga and sprayed the word ‘n ** ce’ on her garden fence. She also posted messages on Facebook stating that she was pregnant.

Mr. McDermott reported Armes to the police, but was later fired from the university for gross misconduct.

At Manchester Crown Court, Eccles’ Armes

He said: ‘The incidents with Chloe have changed my way of life. My daily routine has changed since I don’t pick up my kids since Chloe will show up at her school.

‘My anxiety and my health are deteriorating. Chloe made accusations about me that have led me to lose my job, which will affect me financially.

“I fear for my own safety because she is willing to attend the direction she was in and damage my vehicle and yell at me to get out.”

‘My reputation has been tarnished because people will think the worst. I feel like my neighbors seeing and hearing what happened may believe that Chloe was telling the truth and that I will be a target in the future. I fear for the safety of my family.

At Manchester Crown Court, Eccles’ Armes admitted the harassment and was prohibited from contacting Mr McDermott.

He was also ordered to complete a community order for a two-year, 30-day rehabilitation requirement and to attend problem-solving court.

The Gavin Howie prosecution said

The audience heard that Mr. McDermott had been in an on-off relationship with his partner Victoria Fox for ten years.

He met Armes the first day she enrolled in college and the court heard that the two exchanged hugs.

But he was asked to drop out of his course in 2019 after an incident with another student.

The Gavin Howie prosecution said: “In January 2020, he received an email from Chloe, who was then 17 years old, and she asked him for a photo of the soccer game between students and staff.

At the time she did not respond, but later, in July 2020, she went to a pub and Chloe, who was now 18 years old, was there.

“They started talking and Mr. McDermott said that she started telling him that she had fantasized about him and that she wanted to have s*x with him.

Mr. Dermott says he took her to the Ivy Mount Boutique Hotel in Eccles and had s*x with her.

He ‘he Later he managed to go to Benidorm on his account, but realized that Chloe’s payments had gone to his bank account.

‘In one transaction, a 4 pence payment was credited to his account with the description “call me asap now”, then another 1p payment was made with the description “call me now David”.

He replied and the next day Chloe sent him a message telling him that she was heading to Benidorm. Chloe arrived in Benidorm and Mr. McDermott left the next day.

“Nothing happened between him and Chloe while she was in Benidorm, but when he was back in Manchester, Chloe called Victoria Fox and asked her to give him the phone number because she wanted to talk to him.”

Mr. McDermott denied knowing who it was, suggesting

Mr. McDermott denied knowing who it was, suggesting that it was one of Victoria’s friends who was bothering her, but then he called Chloe and asked why she had called Victoria.

‘Chloe told him that she was suicidal, so he bought her a flight home. When she returned to Manchester, she reimbursed him the money for the flight.

“Mr. McDermott didn’t hear from Chloe for a few weeks and the university began enrollment.”

But she got back in touch at the end of August 2020 and asked him to take her back to college.

She said she would give it a try, but then received another email in September suggesting a deal.

Mr. Howie said, “The email said, ‘You get what you want but you don’t want this and I get what I want.’ He arranged to meet her at Eccles’s Milton Hotel.

‘He thought he could end the relationship since she got what she wanted. But the two had unprotected s*x.

‘Chloe was upset that she had brought “protection” with him, commenting that it wasn’t worth doing, if he used it.

“A short time later, Chloe posted material on Facebook that she suggested she was pregnant.”

She messaged her partner on her Instagram and told him about her relationship, she sent him emails, telling him that she knew where she lived and threatened to wreck her car.

She also said that she would tell her employer about the relationship in which he hung up on her three times.

On November 29, 2020, she saw that the word “n ** ce” had been spray painted on the fence that overlooked the field behind her old house.

Chloe continued to harass Mr. McDermott, using other people’s phones to send him messages

A week later, she was visiting her children at a home when the doorbell rang and Armes asked her to leave. yelling and screaming of abuse.

The lawyer said: “Chloe damaged three windows that cost £ 400 to replace and she also scratched the word ‘nonce’ on the hood of her car, which cost £ 200 to repair.”

She called the police, but Chloe continued to harass Mr. McDermott, using other people’s phones to send him messages. Armes had no criminal record.

In mitigation, defense attorney Jane Miller said: “She is a very young girl who is emotionally unstable and had just had her first s*xual relationship with this man.”

“She has not coped well with the breakdown of the relationship. However, for the first time today she has told me that she hates him and that she no longer feels anything for him.

Ms. Miller added: “She went to college and on her induction day she met Mr. McDermott, who became her support worker.

“There were times when they hugged at school and there were other acts that weren’t what you would expect from a support officer at a university.”

However, they did not start a s*xual relationship until she was 18 years old. She is now moving on with her life.

In sentencing Armes, Judge Hilary Manley told her: ‘You are a young woman who may have emotionally unstable personality problems.

‘This may fade, but I found out that at the time you were very immature and you were very worried and you felt betrayed. You were clearly obsessed with him.

‘It was your first intimate relationship and he should have known better not to have s*x with you.

‘If he had a student under his care at the time, he would have been committing a very serious s*x crime in which he would have faced up to five years in prison.

He has been fired for serious misconduct and with good reason in the opinion of this court.

You are clearly sorry and you are making plans for the future. Whatever the background, there can be no excuse for harassing anyone.

‘It’s totally useless. You must stay away from this man. What the court wants you to feel is complete indifference.

Chloe Armes Quick and Facts

  • Chloe Armes, 19, stalked David McDermott, 42, and smashed up his sports car
  • Armes had lost her virginity to the support worker at Eccles Sixth Form in Salford
  • Armes told Mr McDermott’s on-off partner and claimed online she was pregnant
  • Mr McDermott reported her but he was dismissed from job for gross misconduct

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