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Breaking: Cheng Lei Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Cheng Lei

Cheng Lei Wiki

                                      Cheng Lei Biography

Cheng Lei, a business presenter for China’s state television network CGTN, has been locked up in Beijing without charge or access to a lawyer for six months. When the coronavirus closed her school in Beijing in early 2020, she Cheng temporarily sent them to Melbourne, unaware that the pandemic would later close the Chinese border.

Her plans to return to Australia to meet them were thwarted when a group of state security police arrived at her apartment in the interior of Beijing on August 13, taking her and her electronic devices.

“I think at 9 and 11, you’re old enough to understand a little bit why Mom isn’t here or why Mom can’t communicate with you,” Wen said.

“But I feel like the kids don’t fully understand the situation, so it’s probably quite difficult for kids to wonder what’s going on.

She studied accounting at the University of Queensland, and then spoke of her experience in a promotional video aimed at Chinese students, saying that an Australian education “doesn’t teach you to follow orders, it gives you the freedom to think for yourself.”

She later moved to Melbourne, where she worked for major companies such as Cadbury and ExxonMobil, before embarking on a career in commercial media for Chinese state television and CNBC in Singapore.

“She’s lively, smart, respectful and very, very funny,” said Emily Angwin, an Australian news anchor who worked alongside Cheng at CGTN before leaving the channel.

The channel administrators removed Ms. Cheng’s videos and profile page from CGTN websites after her sudden disappearance, but did not tell her colleagues what had happened.

“She’s scary. Her friend is at work one day, and then she disappeared and was arrested the next day; it’s a pretty heartbreaking situation,” Angwin said.

Prior to her arrest, Ms. Cheng was a celebrated member of the Australian community in Beijing, appearing regularly at Australian Chamber of Business and embassy events, and was named a “Global Alumnus” to promote education. Australian.

Cheng Lei’s age

Cheng Lei was born in China but moved with her parents to Brisbane at the age of nine.


Ms Cheng’s daughter, 11, and her son, 9, are being cared for by her grandmother in Melbourne.

Charge – Detained

In recent days, the Chinese authorities confirmed for the first time that she is accused of illegally providing or attempting to provide state secrets or intelligence to an organization or individual abroad. Authorities have not provided further details, but under Chinese law, penalties can vary widely, including life in prison for the most serious crimes.

Locked in a cell without fresh air or natural light, Ms. Cheng has faced multiple interrogations and recently guards tightened restrictions on her ability to write letters and exercise.

At a news conference on Monday, Chinese ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said he hoped Australia “will not interfere with China’s handling of this case,” according to the Reuters news agency.

Canberra has repeatedly expressed its concern to Beijing over Ms. Cheng’s arrest.

“We expect the basic standards of fairness, fair trial and humane treatment to be met, in line with international standards,” said Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne.

“Our thoughts are with Ms. Cheng and her family during this difficult period.”

“When we were first notified of her arrest, we were all in shock,” said Louisa Wen, Cheng’s niece and a spokesperson for the family. We don’t understand anything about the case. But we do know that she has been detained for five and a half months and her conditions are getting worse. ”

“Every time we do something fun, we think about her and how she can’t enjoy these things with us. Ms. Cheng has not been charged, but in a sign that her case is progressing, she has now been formally “arrested”. It’s a step that confirms that investigators are preparing to process her, but she leaves a timeline open on how long it will take for her.

In some other national security cases, investigators have succeeded in using various measures to continually prolong the time that suspects spend in detention while they continue to gather evidence.

“I don’t think he would have done anything to harm national security on purpose,” Wen said. We don’t know if she just got caught up in something that she didn’t realize herself. ”


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