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Breaking: Chase Amick Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Chase Amick Wiki

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Atlanta-based rapper 6 Dogs, whose real name is Chase Amick, committed suicide on January 26, Everything Georgia reported on Twitter. He was 21 years old.

Amick, who had amassed 164,000 followers on Instagram, just posted a video from February 2018 at the time of his death. The comment section was filled with “RIP” messages on Tuesday. Rapper Lil Aaron tweeted, “rip 6 dogs. true underground legend. Came up to Benny Blanco with some rap songs from the internet. forever the goat.

Amick began his rap career in secret, recording songs in his friend Tommy’s basement, due to him growing up in a Christian household. He burst onto the rap scene via SoundCloud in 2016. His most famous hits include the songs, “Faygo Dreams,” which has amassed over 14 million views on YouTube, and “Flossing,” which has nearly 7 million views. the last of which was filmed on an I-phone in his parents’ basement.

RIP 6dogs, an underground legend, fundamental in the careers of many young rappers today. 🧡 pic.twitter.com/5PAoLwk1UK

– Audiomack (@audiomack) January 26, 2021

In an interview with The Masked Gorilla, Amick spoke about his religious upbringing and how he had a happy childhood. He said:

My super Christian parents, and all their friends, they’re super religious and stuff, and I love my childhood, but we had this homeschooling group or whatever. I loved them, it was so much fun that we just did things in the woods, we made forts, like legos and things like that. I love my childhood, I’m glad I’m not alone watching TV and things like that. I read books and did things that contributed to my creativity.

While Amick teased the release of a new album on Twitter on November 8, his last tweet was a screenshot of Ray Daniels asking his fellow musicians to reach out to those who may be suffering from depression.


Amick is survived by his parents and his sister. Here’s what you need to know about rapper 6 Dogs:

6 Dogs Said of His Rap Career, ‘I Get Paid to Do What I Love & It Doesn’t Even Feel Like a Job

At 18, the rapper was living alone with his girlfriend, according to The Bird Feed, and was able to fully focus on his music career. Amick told the outlet at the time that he felt like he was living in a dream.

“I think he’s crazy that people even listen to my music and like it so much,” he said. “The other day I was like ‘Wow. I can’t believe it really worked. ‘ I get paid to do what I love and it doesn’t even feel like work. ”

6 Dogs’ Music Brought Awareness to Suicide & Mental Health Issues

Amick told The Bird Feed that creating music helped him relieve stress and express his honest emotions, but what moved the rapper the most was that fans reached out to him to tell him that his music prevented them from dying by suicide.

“It feels really good to be able to help people like that, especially since I know what it’s like to have to go through,” he said, “On ‘Faygo Dreams,’ my favorite lyric is ‘thankful for these scars now.’ that it was his way of encouraging listeners to accept his struggles and describe how “people come out stronger on the other side.”

“I was super depressed, you know, I still feel somehow sometimes, but for the most part I’m straight now, but I just needed an outlet,” he said in 2017. “I’ve always wanted to rap. I remember sitting in the booth. lifeguard, all summer, 8 hours a day or more and just sit there and think ‘this sucks, I want to do something with my life.’
On July 1, the rapper revealed on Twitter that he tested positive for coronavirus. He tweeted, “I just did a covid test and my results came back positive: / I have a bad headache. Even though I’m a healthy kid, I should be fine. Unfortunately, this will delay the album thanks to all of you rocking out.”

Tributes Filled Twitter Following the Sudden News of 6 Dogs’ Death

Fans, friends and fellow rappers filled Twitter with their condolences following the news of the death of 6 Dogs. One person tweeted: “I spent my whole life in high school listening to your stuff; Truly, one of the reasons why I make music and am the person I am today, the eponymous project that they launched in 2017 is truly one of my favorite pieces of music. rest in paradise 6dogs :(. ”

Another fan tweeted: “6dogs was one of the kindest and most genuine people I have ever had the privilege of being friends with, he was always kind to others and was not afraid to be loving and be himself and encourage others to be themselves. . His only intention was positivity and this hurts a lot. ”

6 Dogs was one of the nicest people I had the pleasure to talk to. One of the only people who never changed when the influence came. it will always be part of my life and my memories. So down to earth. Very encouraging. So based. Rest in paradise.

– 𝐆𝐰𝐞𝐧 𝐒𝐭𝐚𝐜𝐲 (@itsokdontbesad) January 26, 2021

If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, the National Suicide Prevention Line toll free at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week with assistance in English and Spanish . You can also speak with a trained crisis counselor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by texting HOME to 741741 to reach the Crisis Message Line.

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