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Who is Charles Zolot? Wiki, Bio, Age,suspect, cause of death, victim, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Charles Zolot

Charles Zolot Wiki

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Who was Charles Zolot ?

Charles Zolot was found murdered in a pool of blood with “trauma to the face” and “puncture wounds to the chest,” according to the New York Police Department. A maintenance mechanic found the body at 5.50 am in the second floor office at 37-06 82nd St in Jackson Heights. He said he called 911, but Zolot was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police have said they have recovered security footage from the office that may show a possible suspect, but the video has not been released and the suspect has not yet been identified. Lawyers working in the same building have claimed that a client had threatened him the day before. Zolot was scheduled to represent a client in a preliminary conference in the Queens Supreme Court on Thursday, Aug.5.

Detectives were inside the second-floor law office of Charles Zolot, where the divorce and custody attorney was discovered dead by a cleaner around 6 a.m. Police said the 65-year-old man’s body was found face up, with evidence of head trauma. and torso. I’m a lawyer up there. We have known Charlie for years and years. He’s a very nice and humble guy, “said Mark Drucker.

Drucker said the paralegals said they heard a heated discussion about closing time inside the Jackson Heights office building on 82nd Street, adding that they believe it may have involved one of Zolot’s clients who was there, along with with a third man.

Charles Zolot Age

Charles Zolot was 65 years old.

Charles Zolot found dead in Queen’s office

A cleaning person discovered the body of 65-year-old Charles Zolot just before 6 a.m. on the second floor of an office building on 82nd Street in Jackson Heights. Police said he was lying on his back and had suffered a puncture wound to the chest and trauma to his back.

When they first heard the news, other attorneys in the building thought that Zolot died of natural causes. But as the day progressed, it became clear that that was not the case. A resident who worked at another law office in the building who wanted to remain anonymous said his dog had found red drops near the building’s elevator the night before, but he ignored it and thought it was some juice. . He said: “Sometimes I take my dog ​​to work and yesterday I had my dog ​​here. Around 4.30, I wanted to go out.

When we got to the elevator, she was looking at something on the floor as if she wanted to lick it “.” I was like, “It looks like blood, wouldn’t that be crazy? But it’s probably just juice. One of the office secretaries saw the four or five drops and they asked me if I thought it was blood; I said I thought it was juice. When I got a text message saying Charlie was dead this morning, I thought it was a heart attack, then someone told me he had been murdered. The tenant also revealed that neither he nor any other construction worker heard anything out of the ordinary. common.

“He sounds like a disgruntled customer. They think someone came in last night and I think one of the secretaries was scared of this guy. From what I hear, I think he came in with his brother. Charlie took him to the office and never came down. I think he did. the secretaries are really upset about it. We have cameras on the floors and they asked us to, so I think they have pictures of what is happening, “Mark Drucker, a lawyer who owns a firm in the same building, told FNTV. Drucker added that he was in the building at the time, but he didn’t hear any noise or disturbances.

Zolot’s friend and tailor, Horacio Navas, 70, said: “The maintenance man told me that he arrived this morning and saw a pool of blood and followed him and it was then that he found his body beaten up to the death. I don’t know why anyone would. I want to do this to him, ”Navas told the New York Post. “The neighborhood is changing. This would never happen here (before). ”

Zolot was not married and had no children. Another person who works in the building described him as a “bachelor almost retired.” “He was referring her to business; most attorneys are really expensive and Charles was probably the most reasonable fee of any attorney in Jackson Heights, ”said another attorney who worked in the building. “Lots of immigrants and crazy case types, usually a lower middle class clientele.”

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