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Who is Charles McMillian? Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Charles McMillian

Charles McMillian Wiki

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The first man to confront police about George Floyd’s treatment on the day of his fatal arrest broke down in tears at Derek Chauvin’s murder trial today as prosecutors showed body camera footage of police officers fighting him. black man handcuffed in a police car.

Charles McMillian, 61, took the witness stand after lunch on Wednesday. He said he was driving past the Cup Foods convenience store in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020, when he noticed officers fighting Floyd.

In body camera footage, which was first released by the court but which DailyMail.com had already obtained last year, McMillian was heard yelling as police officers fought Floyd on his patrol.

McMillian said he “tried to make things easier” by telling Floyd, “You can’t win.”

Floyd could be heard in the footage telling McMillian, ‘I’m not trying to win. Don’t make me like that, I’m claustrophobic.

As he described how Floyd began crying for his mother minutes later as officers pinned him to the ground, McMillian wept as he revealed that he understood how Floyd felt after losing his own mother.

I couldn’t help feeling helpless. I don’t have a mom either, but I understand. My mom died on June 25, ‘the witness said through tears.

How old is Charles McMillian?

Charles McMillian, who is 61, said that he told George Floyd to “comply” with police officers while officers were trying to put the 46-year-old in a police car.

Why McMillian told attorney Erin Eldridge that he had pulled over outside?

McMillian told attorney Erin Eldridge that he had pulled over in front of Cup Foods when he saw two officers next to Floyd’s blue Mercedes simply because he was “being nosy.”

He revealed that he had experienced the experience of being handcuffed himself, and as Floyd became more agitated, seemingly calm as he walked to the patrol car of Officers Thomas Lane and J Alexander Keung, McMillian said he tried to help.

Images of the events as described by McMillian were played on the court. A clip of McMillian on the sidewalk was spliced ​​with images from Floyd’s body camera in the patrol car.

“I’m looking, you know, Mr. Floyd,” McMillian said. He collapsed in the back seat and I am trying to make him understand when he makes a mistake, once he is handcuffed, he must wait there.

“Once they put you in handcuffs, you can’t win.”

McMillian then described how he continued trying to help Floyd after officers Lane, Keung and Chauvin pinned him to the ground.

“[Floyd] kept saying, ‘I can’t breathe. Mom, they’re killing me, they’re killing me. “He started to say,” My body is shutting down.

McMillian recalled hearing an officer talk about fetching a ‘pig tie’, but he did not recall seeing them wear such a restraint.

As more of the video played, McMillian’s voice could be heard urging Floyd: ‘Get up and get in the car. Get up and get in the car, man.

Floyd replied, ‘I can’t.’

Later, McMillian could be heard telling Chauvin, “Your knee on his neck, he’s not the man.”

On his own involvement in the scene, McMillian said: ‘I was trying to help him. He seemed to be in and out [of consciousness], foaming around his mouth. He said, “Man, he said he can’t breathe,” and they said, “Well, if he keeps talking, he can breathe.”

When the state’s interrogation came to an end, jurors heard Chauvin speak for the first time.

The officer’s voice was picked up by Officer Tou Thao’s body camera as he justified his actions in a brief exchange with McMillian.

When McMillian told Chauvin, ‘I don’t respect what you did,’ the officer replied, ‘Well, that’s one person’s opinion. We have to control this guy because he’s a sizeable guy and it looks like he’s probably onto something. ‘

In a strange twist, McMillian had also told the court how he had met and interacted with Chauvin only five days earlier. He said that he had stopped by his patrol and said: ‘At the end of the day, you go home with your family safe and the next person who returns home with the family safe.’

Nelson did not question the witness.

who was working on May 25, 2020, took the stand on Wednesday to testify about how staff called the cops on Floyd

Surveillance video from a camera mounted behind the counter showed Martin talking to Floyd as he used the fake bill to buy cigarettes.

Then Floyd went out into the street while Martin held up the bill and examined it. Martin told the court that he became suspicious of the bill because it had an unusual “blue pigment, so I assumed it was false.”

“The policy was that if he took out a counterfeit bill, he had to pay for it with his paycheck,” Martin explained. “ I took it anyway and was planning to put it on my account, until I guessed it and finally told my manager. ”

The manager then ordered Martin to go out and bring Floyd back, he said. When Floyd refused, a co-worker called the police. One of the officers who responded was Chauvin.

Cup Foods employee Christopher Martin (pictured), who was working on May 25, 2020, took the stand Wednesday to testify about how staff called police in Floyd because they believed he used a $ 20 bill. counterfeit.

Questioned by Minnesota Assistant Attorney General Matthew Frank, Martin said the two things he noticed about Floyd were his “size” and he appeared to be “tall.”

However, he said that he did not find Floyd’s behavior threatening, saying: ‘He seemed very friendly, approachable, talkative, he seemed to be having an average Memorial Day living his life. But he looked drugged.

An autopsy found that Floyd had fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system at the time of his death. Chauvin’s attorneys have argued that the true cause of his death was a drug overdose, even though the county medical examiner ruled that it was a homicide resulting from police restraint.

Throughout the roughly ten minutes of footage, Floyd can be seen wandering around the little store where he had left his cell phone to get fixed.

He could be seen rummaging in his pants pockets, counting and counting bills, pulling them out and replacing them.

At times in the video, which he had no audio, Floyd appeared to be talking to himself or randomly with other customers.

After briefly exiting the store, tossing a fruit on the ground as he left, he came back and again seemed agitated, tall, and distracted.

At one point, he jumped into place, crawled back before putting his arms over his head and jigging once more where he was standing.

Nervous and unable to sit still, he headed to the front of the store once more to buy cigarettes with the $ 20 bill that store clerk Martin immediately deemed to be a fake.


When questioned by Chauvin’s attorney, Eric Nelson, Martin said he recognized Floyd’s male partner as a man who had come earlier and tried to pass a fake $ 20 that he immediately saw was similar to the one Floyd later offered him.

When asked why he called the previous customer while taking Floyd’s bill, Martin said: ‘The other person who had walked in looked like he was trying to plan … with George it seemed like he didn’t know [it was fake].

He was trying to do her a favor.

Nelson questioned Martin about Floyd’s behavior and why he believed he was drugged.

According to the teenager, Floyd seemed to have difficulty forming words, did stretches and lateral lunges, and was slow to respond to casual questions from him.

Witness Christopher Belfrey (pictured) testified about the video he recorded of two police officers detaining Floyd before Chauvin and another police officer arrived.

Defying the re-live characterization, Frank tried to establish that Floyd was not tall enough to have any difficulty making a purchase from him, to which Martin replied, ‘Correct.’

A video-dominated morning ended with the jury showing footage recorded by a Cup Foods customer parked in front of Floyd’s truck shortly before lunch.

Seen for the first time, the video put a new perspective on events, showing the arrival of officers Thomas Lane and J Alexander Keung, the first on the scene that day.

Witness Christopher Belfrey, 45, said he began filming when he was parked directly behind the truck when he was ‘shocked’ to see Lane draw the gun from him.

Belfrey explained that he stopped across the street, not wanting to ‘get in the way’ of what was happening and continued recording.

The court saw the footage showing Floyd, apparently handcuffed and complacent, sitting against a wall after being removed from his vehicle.

According to Belfrey, Lane and Keung accompanied Floyd to his patrol and put him in it.

He said that he had just gone home at the time because ‘I thought he was detained. I thought he was done. ‘

Charles McMillian Quicks and Facts

  • The third day of Derek Chauvin’s murder trial kicked off on Wednesday in Minneapolis 
  • Charles McMillian, 61, testified about what he saw of George Floyd’s arrest on May 25, 2020
  • McMillian broke down in tears as he watched bodycam footage of cops wrestling with Floyd in a squad car
  • McMillian said he ‘tried to make the situation easy,’ by telling Floyd: ‘You can’t win’ 
  • He then described how Floyd began to cry out for his mother while pinned to the ground by the officers
  • McMillian wept as he revealed that he understood how Floyd felt after losing his own mother
  • ‘I couldn’t help but feel helpless. I don’t have a mama either, but I understand him,’ McMillian said  
  • It came after the jury was shown new video of Floyd inside the Cup Foods store before his death 
  • Cup Foods employee Christopher Martin took the stand to testify about how staff called the cops on Floyd because they believed he used a counterfeit $20 bill
  • Martin said that the two things he noticed about Floyd were his ‘size’ and he appeared to be ‘high’

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