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Who is Charles Jessop? (ex-boyfriend murders his partner in front of his son, 3) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Charles Jessop

Charles Jessop Wiki

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A jealous ex-boyfriend allegedly strangled his ex-partner and stabbed him in front of his three-year-old son.

Charles Jessop, 29, murdered Clare Nash, 33, angry at her doorstep after seeing another man in court.

He was arrested at her home a few minutes after the attack as she was dying and repeatedly told police, “I won.”

Jessop, who denies the murder, reportedly yelled in a pub two days earlier: “I’m going to cut my throat because if I can’t have it, no one will. I’ll go to jail and take my time.” . ”. ”

The Ipswich Crown Court was told that it bombarded Ms Nash with “relentless” calls and messages prior to her death.

She sent him 95 text messages on Christmas Day 2019 and 174 more over the next four days, threatening to kill herself if she didn’t see her.

She called the police three times in the six weeks prior to her death to report that he was threatening her, but she refused to make a statement against her.

A police officer briefed him on safety on the morning of January 16, 2020, and discovered that he was at “moderate risk” for domestic violence, attorney Mark Cotter said.

Jessop reportedly brought a kitchen knife to his home in Newmarket, Suffolk, and waited for him the night of January 16.

The court heard him attack the mother of two upon her return “in the presence” of her three-year-old son.

Cotter said his roommate Peter Claringbold was alerted by yelling at the front door and heard Jessop yell, “I said I would do this to you.”

Mr. Claringbold was trying to take his son away and called 999 when Charles Jessop and Mrs. Nash met in a bathroom.

He heard Charles Jessop yell “You’re going to die” behind the closed door and picked up the phone so the police could hear the attack.

Police and paramedics rushed to fight for the life of Ms. Nash, who suffered several stab wounds, but sadly died.

An autopsy by Home Office pathologist Dr. Nat Carey revealed that she too was strangled, possibly after Jessop’s knife broke in the attack, Cotter said.

The pathologist could not say if she died from blood loss or strangulation, but concluded that she was still alive after a sting.

Cotter said Nash screamed that she was pregnant during the attack “in a desperate attempt to stop her.”

But he added: “He mocked her for it and imitated hers calling her to mercy from her when he was arrested.”

The autopsy showed that she was not pregnant.

When Jessop was questioned by the police the next day, he said that he was scared and believed that he was schizophrenic.

Describing how angry he was, he said, “Sometimes the only way to deal with this is to let my anger out.”

But Jessop from Newmarket was later seen by a psychiatrist who said there was no evidence that he had schizophrenia.

Instead, it was concluded that she suffered from a form of personality disorder that the murder did not “explain”.

In a later interview, he claimed that Ms. Nash had “played a lot of mind games.”

And when asked by the police to explain her actions, she replied, “Okay, done, no comment.”

Cotter said it was “indisputable” that Jessop killed Ms. Nash “by stabbing her with a knife and strangling her.”

He added: “During the attack, she also inflicted severe blows to the face and head, which resulted in bruises.”

Cotter suggested that Charles Jessop wanted to pretend that he was losing control of her because he feared Nash would have access to a gun or because “his responsibilities for her were reduced due to her sanity, meaning he was not prosecuted for her. The murder is to blame. ”.

He added that the jury was also able to hear his claim that she had had a reaction to antidepressants.

But he told the jury that he couldn’t blame the drugs and that Jessop had “a lifelong tendency to violence” and that Nash had been violent before.

He added: “Prosecutors say Charles Jessop was simply angered by Clare Nash’s outright rejection of her unwanted advances and continues to end their new relationship.

“This anger, fueled by jealousy, led him to kill Clare Nash in a fierce, cautious and cowardly attack on his house.”

The court heard that Jessop and Ms Nash began seeing each other in the second half of 2019, but the relationship began to break down in December and she began a new relationship with bar manager George Petrie in the New Year.

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