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Who is Cassie Goldstein?(‘He shot her in the chest and she fell down’: Daughter, 22, of Highland Park victim describes how she had to ‘keep running’ as her mother died next to her because the shooter) Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested,Charged,Shooting, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Cassie Goldstein

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Who was Cassie Goldstein ?

The daughter of a Highland Park shooting victim described the horrific moment her mother was shot in the chest and then fell dead beside her, but was forced to keep running because the gunman kept firing in her direction.

Cassie Goldstein, 22, was watching the 4th of July parade in suburban Chicago with her mother, Katherine Goldstein, 64, when police said gunman Robert Crimo, 21, shot the crew.

“I was standing there with my mom and I heard what I thought were firecrackers going off into the street in front of me,” Cassie told NBC Nightly News. “And then I looked up and saw the shooter shooting at the kids.”

Cassie broke down as she described how her mother was hit by a bullet as they both tried to run for cover.


She shot him in the chest and she fell down. And I knew she was dead,” she told Cassie. “So I told her I loved her, but I couldn’t stop because he was still shooting everyone next to me.”

Katherine was among the eight people killed in the massacre. Among them were the parents of a two-year-old boy who is now an orphan.

Crimo appeared in court on Wednesday, where he was denied bail as he faces life in prison for the deadly shooting.

Cassie said the shooting was traumatizing as she was unable to do anything to help her mother when Crimo fired more than 70 rounds from the top of a local store at parade goers.

“I kept running and hid behind a trash can,” Cassie told NBC.

When the shooting finally stopped, when the police allege that Crimo dropped his gun and blended into the terrified crowd, Cassie went back to her mother and cried.

“She was just a good mom and I was with her for 22 years,” Cassie said. ‘I got to be 22 years old with the best mom in the world… I did everything with her. She was my best friend.’

Katherine’s husband told NBC, “She was really selfless and seemingly always upbeat.” She touched so many people in a positive way.’


Along with Katherine, the victims include Stephen Straus, 88; Jackie Sundheim, 63; Nicholas Toledo Saragossa, 78; Eduardo Uvaldo, 69, and the husband and wife Irina and Kevin McCarthy, 35 and 37. One of the victims has not yet been identified.

The McCarthys leave behind a two-year-old son, Aiden, who was found under his father’s body and wandering alone after the shooting.

Sundheim, a longtime teacher at North Shore Congregation Israel synagogue, was shot and while she attended the parade with her family, the synagogue announced in an email to congregants Monday night.

Toledo Zaragoza was a beloved grandfather from Mexico. His family said he was shot in the head while he was sitting in his wheelchair, and his blood splattered on them.

An additional 46 people are estimated to have been injured in the mass shooting.

Arrested and Charged Crimo

Crimo has been charged by the Illinois State Attorney’s office with seven counts of first degree murder.

The charges were announced at a news conference by Lake County State’s Attorney Eric Rinehart the day after the July 4 parade shooting.

Each charge carries a maximum sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

In his remarks, Rinehart said Crimo could face nearly a dozen additional charges, including assault and attempted murder.

He said: ‘These are the first of many charges.’

During the conference, Rinehart did not speculate on the motive for the shooting.

The attorney praised red flag laws and called for a nationwide ban on assault rifles.

He added that when Crimo first appears in court via Zoom on July 6, prosecutors will ask that the suspect be held without bail.

The suspect was being represented by high-profile defense attorney Thomas Durkin, who backed out due to an unknown last-minute conflict of interest. Now, Crimo will be represented by a public defender.

Judge Theodore S. Potkonjak denied Crimo bail, and he will remain in custody until his next court date on July 25.

It has also been revealed that Crimo drove to Madison, Wisconsin in his mother’s car after the shooting, where he came across another 4th of July celebration.

He contemplated a second shootout there because he had 60 rounds left, but decided against it and returned to Illinois, where he was later arrested.

At first, police said they did not know Crimo, but on Tuesday they revealed that authorities interviewed him twice in 2019.

The first was in April 2019, a week after he threatened to kill himself. The second was in September 2019, after he threatened to ‘kill everyone’ in his family.

Police recovered 16 knives, a dagger and a sword from his house, but he was not arrested.

Instead, he was able to turn 21 and buy two assault rifles in Illinois, along with three other types of weapons. It is not clear why the two previous incidents were not flagged when he legally purchased the weapons.

Chris Covelli of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office disclosed the above incidents at a news conference Tuesday afternoon.

In the April 2019 incident, ‘a person contacted the Highland Park department a week after learning that he had attempted suicide. It was a late report.

‘They responded to the residence, they spoke with him, his parents and the matter was being handled with the mental health profession. No law enforcement action was taken.

‘In September 2019, a family memoir reported that he said he was going to ‘kill everyone’ and that he had a collection of knives. They responded and took 16 knives and a dagger from his house.

‘There was no probable cause for the arrest and no complaint assigned by the victims. They notified the Illinois State Police.

Cassie Goldstein Quick and Facts

  • Cassie Goldstein, 22, wept as she recalled the moment her mother, Katherine, 64, was killed dead by accused Highland Park shooter Robert Crimo, 21
  • Cassie said she thought the gunshots were fireworks at first before seeing the gunman aim his weapon at children as he fired 70 rounds into the July 4 crowd
  • She said she watched her mother die and could do nothing but runaway
  • Including Katherine, eight were killed in the mass shooting and dozens injured as police arrested Crimo, who faces life in prison
  • Police found the 21-year-old was able to purchase two assault rifles and multiple guns despite being called by cops twice in 2019 for alarming behavior

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