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Breaking: Casey Goodson Jr Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Casey Goodson Jr Wiki

                            Casey Goodson Jr Biography

Casey Goodson Jr, a sheriff’s deputy working for a fugitive task force shot and killed a black man attempting to enter his own home in Columbus, Ohio, last week in a case that is now under investigation by authorities. federal.

Meade was working for the U.S. Sheriff’s Fugitive Task Force on Violent Criminals at the time, but Goodson was not the person the task force was looking for, Columbus police said.
Goodson had put the keys in the door before he was shot and fell into the kitchen, where his 5-year-old brother and 72-year-old grandmother saw him lying on the floor with a Subway sandwich, family attorney Sean Walton said. CNN.
Goodson, an Ohio concealed carry permit holder, was legally armed at the time of the shooting, according to the Columbus Police Division. It is alleged that Goodson did not commit a crime, has no criminal record and was not the subject of any investigation, Walton told CNN.

Columbus Police Chief Tom Quinlan said in a press release: “The Columbus Police Division is committed to conducting thorough investigations and exhausting all resources and methods to establish the facts. The Division will provide all evidence to the prosecutor and will maintain transparency with the community regarding this investigation, as appropriate. We ask the community to trust the facts and avoid sharing the kinds of misinformation that can run rampant on social media. While it is difficult, please be patient for those facts to be established. ”

Goodson’s sister wrote on Twitter: “He didn’t deserve this. Another innocent black man shot to death by police. He was so young and had a lot of life left. I can’t take it. My brother didn’t really do anything wrong. My heart, literally. , sweetheart right now. I love you Casey Goodson! #justiceforcasey #sayhisname. ”

Casey Goodson Jr Age

Casey Goodson Jr died at the age of 23.

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Shot and killed

Casey Goodson, 23, was shot and killed Friday by a 17-year veteran of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, identified as Deputy Jason Meade.

Jason Meade is the deputy sheriff who shot and killed Casey Goodson Jr. in Ohio, according to a statement from the Sheriff’s Department through the Columbus Police Division.

“The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office identifies the officer involved as Deputy Jason Meade, a 17-year veteran of the agency,” a news release from the Columbus Police Division reads.

During the United States Marshal’s task force operation in Columbus, Meade reported seeing a man with a gun and was investigating the situation when there was reportedly a verbal exchange prior to the shooting, the Police Division said. Columbus.
According to police, no other officers witnessed the shooting, no civilian eyewitnesses have been identified, and there are no body camera images of the actual shooting because Franklin County Sheriff’s task force officers do not have body cameras.
CNN has reached out to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office for comment, but has not yet received a response.
Walton asked authorities to provide answers to the family and said the officer involved should be held accountable.
“At this point, the witness testimony and the physical evidence raise serious concerns about why Casey was confronted, let alone why he was shot and killed while entering his own home,” Walton told CNN.
In a statement, Walton said that Goodson was “an incredible young man whose life was tragically taken away.”
“Even hours after his death, the keys he used to enter the house when he was shot and killed hung on the door, a reminder to his family of how close he was to security,” the lawyer said.

The shooting has left the black community in Columbus reeling, and rallies calling for justice in the Goodson case are scheduled for Friday and Saturday in Columbus.
Local civil rights activists say police brutality against blacks in this central Ohio city is nothing new.
Law enforcement agencies in Columbus have long had a strained relationship with the black community due to their past shootings of young black men and aggressive policing of neighborhoods has also point boiling point.

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