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Breaking: Caroline Ley Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Caroline Ley

Caroline Ley Wiki

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They may speak the language of love, but a couple of sex therapists are at war over allegations of fraud and threats of violence.

Siobhain Crosbie alleges that her ex-friend Caroline Ley has stolen clients from her and cost her nearly £ 2 million.

Ms. Ley, a “ perversion conscious ” therapist who specializes in sex and pornography addictions, has made her own claims that Ms. Crosbie threatened to “ break her legs ” and talked about cutting her off throat or hire a hit man to deal with it.

The dispute is now apparently beyond the powers of any counselor, so the women turn to the High Court to resolve it.

They met in 2005 and for a time worked together at the Miss Crosbie: APS Counseling and Psychotherapy practice in South Woodford, East London.

Siobhain Crosbie alleges her former friend Caroline Ley has stolen her clients and cost her almost £2million

Miss Crosbie, who offers help for transgender issues and sexual dysfunction at £ 100 per session, claims that after her friend left the APS facility, she noticed a sudden drop in the number of calls from potential clients.

She says she later found out that APS listings on a psychotherapy expert website and a Google directory had Ms. Ley’s phone number instead of hers. In legal documents, Ms. Crosbie claims that Ms. Ley, 49, was “passing off” her rival practice as APS to “redirect prospective clients.”

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So many clients were stolen, he claims, that he is now demanding £ 1.42 million to make up for the business taken from him, plus £ 456,000 in interest so far, with an additional £ 311 per day until the case is resolved.

Ms Ley, now director of the Cherry Tree Therapy Center in Buckhurst Hill, Essex, denies creating misleading directory entries and blames Google for a “flawed automated process.”

Mrs Ley  a ‘kink-aware’ therapist who specialises in sex and porn addictions, has made her own claims that Miss Crosbie threatened to ‘break her legs’

In documents filed in Superior Court, she has filed libel counters, complaining that Ms. Crosbie falsely accused her of confessing to the police.

She also claims that Ms. Crosbie wrote on Facebook that “clients are not safe with any therapist committing the level of fraud that she did.” She needs to stop. ‘ And Ms. Ley says that her old friend “was afraid of violence.”

She quotes Miss Crosbie as saying in a series of emails: ‘The underlying message is that I will slit you the next time you try to cut my therapists’ wallets hahaha. But I am more professional than threatening death …

‘Otherwise they are other avenues like a hit man hahaha. And yes, it has taken its toll, my patience ran out tonight … I break his legs hahaha ‘.

Ms. Ley claims that the threats lost their income due to their “reduced ability to see clients.”

Miss Crosbie denies any suggestion that she defamed or threatened her former friend. The case is due to go to trial this year.


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