Home » Who is Caroline Kaufman?(Jeffrey Epstein’s accuser is suing his estate for $ 500 million after developing a painful bone disease ‘brought on by a pedophile who struck her in the face while raping her ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts
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Who is Caroline Kaufman?(Jeffrey Epstein’s accuser is suing his estate for $ 500 million after developing a painful bone disease ‘brought on by a pedophile who struck her in the face while raping her ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Caroline Kaufman

Caroline Kaufman Wiki

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Who is Caroline Kaufman?

Caroline Kaufman, 27, is seeking the eight-figure sum through her attorney, Spencer Kuvin, after rejecting a lesser offer from a compensation fund set up for Epstein victims.

Kaufman says that she was raped by Epstein in 2011 after she went to her house for a ‘model casting’. During the test, Kaufman claims that Epstein pinned his arm behind her back and “ cut his jaw ” with her hand.

That action allegedly led Kaufman to develop osteomyelitis, a serious bone disease that causes severe swelling and pain.

Kaufman says the condition has recently worsened, prompting her to seek the large sum of money from the estate of her alleged rapist.

“It has been difficult the last few months. I was going to go with the victim fund, but the offer was too low, not enough to cover the surgery, ” Kaufman told The Sun.

“It is extremely painful, I have gone to the ER for it, my face is swollen and I am taking medication.”

She added: ‘I have missed days of work, I ride horses, I feel physically exhausted from it and I have had a hard time eating.’

Kaufman says she wants to secure the money for her surgery, but she also has plans to start a charity to help other victims of sexual assault.

How old is Caroline Kaufman?

She is 27 year old.

Kaufman was allegedly lured to Epstein’s palatial townhouse on the Upper East Side

Kaufman was just 17 years old when she alleges she was approached by a woman at a horse show in upstate New York about a ‘modeling opportunity’.

The woman is said to have later called Kaufman and invited her to Epstein’s palatial Upper East Side townhouse for a dubious ‘casting session’.

There, Kaufman claims, she was raped by Epstein, an event that caused her life to subsequently spiral out of control.Osteomyelitis is defined as an inflammatory condition of the bone.

Osteomyelitis of the jaw is a rare condition with symptoms including severe shooting pain that radiates along the nerve pathways.

People with the condition may also have difficulty chewing or swallowing. Some suffer later become anorexic.

Osteomyelitis is also likely to cause chronic fatigue.

To stop the condition, surgery is required to remove all or part of the jaw.

“I went through a long period of depression and stopped riding. I didn’t think I was good for much and that they would use me for sex, ” she told The Sun.

“ I went the wrong way, I started getting naked at 18 and I also got into pornography, that whole lifestyle has drugs involved and it has been a difficult road to recovery. ”

Kaufman says that she also met Prince Andrew during a trip to Epstein’s home. The royal career has been ruined by her friendship with Epstein, but she has denied allegations of wrongdoing.

Kaufman says that she told someone about her osteomyelitis until recently, because she didn’t “want to explain” that Epstein had raped her.

Her attorney, Spencer Kuvin, told the publication: ‘Caroline has a very serious medical condition that she has had to take care of and as a result she has a very uncertain future.

“As far as her medical condition is concerned, she would leave the issues of medical causation up to the doctor.”

In June of last year, the Epstein Victims Compensation Fund began accepting claims from victims of the late pedophile.

The businessman, whose inheritance was reported to be worth $ 630 million, died behind bars in 2019 before having a chance to stand trial.

By February 2021, the program received 150 claim applications and paid nearly $ 50 million, administrators said.

However, the fund abruptly stopped distributing payments to recipients due to liquidity problems.

Court filings in the US Virgin Islands showed that the value of Epstein’s estate had dropped dramatically.

At the end of 2020, it was worth around $ 240.8 million, including $ 49 million in cash.

That was less than $ 446 million at the end of September last year and even lower than the $ 630 million the estate was initially valued at when Epstein hanged himself in his cell in August 2019 while awaiting trial on charges. of s*x trafficking.

Recent filings also point to dramatic changes in the value of some Epstein entities.

His Virgin Islands company, Southern Trust Co. Inc., lost more than half of its value between September and December of last year, going from $ 128 million to $ 61 million.

However, in a statement, the EVCF said the estate was supposed to pay “all eligible claims as determined by the trustee” and promised it would have sufficient funds to pay them.wikipedia

Caroline Kaufman Quicks and Facts

  • Caroline Kaufman claims she was raped by Jeffrey Epstein at his NYC townhouse in 2011, when she was just 17 years old
  • During the ordeal she was allegedly hit in the jaw by the disgraced pedophile; she says she has now developed osteomyelitis as a result 
  • Osteomyelitis is a serious bone disease that leads to severe swelling and pain; Kaufman now claims to have trouble eating and needs money for surgery
  • Kaufman was offered a small amount of money from an $87 million compensation fund set up for Epstein’s victims, but she has declined 
  • She is now suing for $500 million  
  • Epstein had a reported net worth of $630 million at the time of his death in 2019; the worth of his estate is said to have dropped substantially since then 

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