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Breaking: Carl Girouard( who has been identified as the suspect in random sword attacks in Quebec City) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

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Carl Girouard is the 24-year-old Montreal man who has been identified as the suspect in random sword attacks in Quebec City, Canada, which left two dead and at least five injured on Halloween night, reports Le Journal de Quebec. .

Police said at a press conference that the suspect was wearing medieval clothing and was armed with a Japanese-style katana sword. Some witnesses described the suspect as a samurai, according to CBC. According to the police, the attack was premeditated, but the victims were chosen at random.


Girouard Was Motivated by ‘Personal Reasons,’ Police Say & Does Not Have Any Known Links to Terror Groups

According to the police, Girouard is believed to have been motivated by “personal reasons” and there are no known connections to terrorist or hate groups. Police said the investigation is ongoing, but Girouard is not believed to have been motivated by any religious or political ideology. Police said they do not believe the attack was related to recent terrorism in France.

Quebec City Police Chief Robert Pigeon told reporters at a news conference that the suspect arrived in Quebec City “with the intention of doing as much damage as possible” during the stabbing and cutting attack. Pigeon said of the surviving victims, “some have very serious lacerations, but we are not afraid for their lives.”

Police spokesman Etienne Doyon said investigators were working to determine if Girouard was acting alone. “Nothing is impossible,” he told Global News. “But for now, we are happy to have arrested a suspect and the investigation is ongoing.”

Girouard Was Known to Have Mental Health Issues Prior to the Attacks & Previously Threatened to Kill People

Girouard was known to have mental health problems before the attacks, officials said at a news conference Sunday. Authorities emphasized mental health several times during the press conference, and the mayor of Quebec City said the government must address mental health problems in the community.

According to the police, the suspect made threats of violence, including the threat to kill people, in 2014, “in a medical context”.

Michelle Chagnon, a neighbor of the Girouard apartment complex in the Montreal area told Le Journal de Quebec: “It’s deplorable. The man who broke a bus driver’s jaw is also from here. I think there is a lack of mental health resources in the area. It’s starting to not be reassuring. ”Chagnon was referring to an attack in late September 2020 on a bus driver in Montreal by a man who police say was angered when told to wear a mask, according to CTV News.

Chagnon added, “” We don’t know our neighbors and it is the case to say so.

The Attacks Occurred in 4 Different Areas & Went on for More Than 2 Hours in What Police Called a ‘Night of Horror’

The attacks began around 10:30 p.m. Saturday night, on Halloween, according to CBC. The attacks occurred near the Chateau Frontenac hotel, on the rue du Trssor and the rue des Remparts, the news organization reports.

“Last night we were pushed into a night of horror when a 24-year-old man who does not live in Quebec City came here with the clear intention of taking as many victims as possible,” Police Chief Pigeon said at a conference on press.

The body of the first victim was found on the Rue du Tresor, near the Chateau Frontenac hotel, according to CBC. According to Le Soleil, the first victim was “euthanized” and had a “perforated” wound on his upper body, and there was a lot of blood. The second was located on rue des Remparts. Police were searching for the suspect for more than two hours.

Authorities said at a press conference that Girouard was arrested near the Old Port of Quebec around 1 a.m. November 1. He was seen by a security officer at the port, according to police. Girouard was barefoot and sprawled on the ground before being detained, reports Le Soleil. He did not show any resistance to the police and raised his arms, the newspaper reports. He had the sword with him, according to Le Soleil

The suspect was taken to a local hospital for evaluation after showing signs of hypothermia, authorities said at a news conference. He has since been taken to a police station for questioning.

Carlos Godoy, a Quebec City resident, told The Associated Press that police searched his neighborhood while searching for the suspect. “It is a full moon, it is October 31st. It’s Halloween and it’s a closed weekend. No one should be on the streets, “Godoy told the AP. “And I’m in an extremely quiet neighborhood because nowadays there are no tourists.” According to The Associated Press, the area where the stabbings occurred would normally be packed with crowds.

Girouard, Who Lives in Sainte-Therese, Does Not Have a Criminal Record

Girouard, who is from Montreal’s north shore, has no criminal record, the Quebec City police chief said at Sunday’s press conference. He said details about previous threats were made in a mental health context, not a criminal context.

According to Le Journal de Quebec, the police were searching Girouard’s house at Place Brosseau in Sainte-Therese and were also searching his vehicle. He was scheduled to appear in court by video Sunday for the first time. It was not immediately clear what charges he faces.

Heavy has been unable to locate any confirmed social media profiles or other information about Girouard’s online history, including whether he made any statements or posts about the attack, either before or during the attack. Officials said at Sunday’s press conference that videos posted on social media claiming to show the suspect have not been confirmed as authentic or related to the incident.

Officials Condemned the ‘Barbarous Act’ & Said It Brought Back Memories of the 2017 Mosque Attack in Quebec City That Left 6 Dead & 19 Injured

Quebec City Mayor Regis Labeaume told a news conference Sunday that the killings brought back memories of the 2017 attack on a mosque in Quebec City that left six people dead and 19 injured. “I have the clear impression of reproducing in an old movie, a movie whose action took place on January 29, 2017 in the Quebec mosque,” Labeaume said. “It is a terrifying and hallucinatory event, an event that is obviously beyond comprehension.”

Labeaume said the incident appeared to be isolated. “I feel the need to remember that this drama does not question the fact that this city is one of the safest in the world, but it is difficult and almost impossible to foresee the consequences of the insanity visibly resulting from mental health problems,” said the Mayor .

The mayor added: “There needs to be solidarity. This tragedy adds to our collective mental burden of the pandemic, we will do whatever it takes to deal with the psychological consequences of the tragedy. ”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted: “My heart breaks for the loved ones of the two people who died in the horrible attack last night in Quebec City. I also wish the injured a full recovery. We keep you in our thoughts and we will be there to help you. To all the first responders, thank you for your critical work. ”

Prime Minister Francois Legault said on Twitter: “Quebec wakes up after a night of horror. I do not have the words to describe such a tragedy ”…

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