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Who is Calvin Clack? (Drug using career criminal is named as the driver who killed a two-year-old girl after driving the wrong way down a motorway )Wiki, Bio, Age,Accident,Family,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Calvin Clack

Calvin Clack Wiki

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Who is Calvin Clack ?

The driver behind the wheel of a car that claimed the lives of two adults and a two-year-old girl has been identified as a professional drug offender.

Calvin Clack was hurtling down the wrong side of the Ipswich Expressway when he collided head-on with an ATV late Wednesday night.

The electrician and his father were killed instantly after the impact of the crash threw him from his black Ford Focus onto the road in Redbank Plains.

The three occupants of the other vehicle involved, a 37-year-old woman, a 39-year-old man and a two-year-old girl, also died at the scene.

How old is Calvin Clack ?

He is 34 year old.

Emergency services were called to the Ipswich Motorway at RedBank Plains around 11:15pm on Wednesday night after reports

Traumatized paramedics who attended the road scene said there was nothing they could do to save the occupants inside the ATV.

Both cars were on fire when the Queensland Ambulance Service arrived, with all three passengers inside the van trapped inside as it burned.

Gruesome footage from the crash site has revealed how hellfire reduced vehicles to blackened chunks of metal.

A man who said he had known Clack for several years told the Courier Mail that the 34-year-old had been in and out of jail and was known to use drugs.

“Big ice user and trade and that kind of (stuff),” he told the publication.

‘It’s sad. He was a nice guy, but he had a terrible addiction.

Queensland police are investigating whether Mr. Clack was high on drugs when he was behind the wheel on Wednesday.

Police say the black sedan was traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes of the Ipswich Expressway when the vehicle collided with a four-wheel drive vehicle near Exit 31.

Acting Deputy Commissioner of the Queensland Ambulance Service, David Hartley, said his thoughts were with the families of the four people who lost their lives.

He confirmed that assistant paramedics had been faced with limited options to save accident victims after arriving at the harrowing scene.

Calvin Clack was careening down the wrong side of the Ipswich Motorway when he collided head

“Unfortunately, due to the scene and the nature of the injuries, there was very little that the paramedics could do when faced with that terrible scene,” he said.

“Our paramedics are very resilient people, but they have faced a very traumatic set of circumstances and we have very good mechanisms to support our staff.”

Acting Queensland Police Inspector Darren Green echoed the sentiments of his counterparts when he described the crash site as “extremely graphic”.

Inspector Green said that Mr. Clack had been catapulted “some distance” from his vehicle and said that the occupants of the four-wheel drive vehicle had not been able to get out of the car.

He said that identifying the three people inside the truck had been a difficult process.

Strange moment police claim that the old woman crashed into the …

Tense moment the police arrested a man accused of assaulting the police.

“Unfortunately, due to the nature of the accident, it was a great challenge,” said the interim inspector.

‘First responders and relief teams did very well in identifying family members. I understand that everyone has been contacted and notified of the situation. ‘

Since the accident, police have received multiple eyewitness accounts of motorists who saw Clack dangerously driving on the wrong side of the road.

Horrifying images from the crash site has revealed how the fiery inferno reduced the two vehicles

One woman said she was forced to swerve to avoid a car she believes was involved in the collision that was traveling at speeds of 150 to 180 kilometers per hour.

She said that she set out to condemn the dangerous antics of her partner and claimed that they said that ‘we hope a family is not caught in her selfish act’.

Acting Chief Superintendent Ray Rohweder said the loss of a young life in the horrific collision had been especially traumatic for first responders.

“It is horrible that people can do their business quite innocently and that others who disobey the law take their lives in an instant,” he said.

Police have asked the public for any DashCam video that may have captured the movements of the black sedan prior to the crash.

Calvin Clack Quick and Facts

  • Driver who claimed life of little girl in horror crash believed to be career criminal
  • Calvin Clack believed to have been driving on wrong side of road prior to crash 
  • He collided head-on with a four-wheel-drive that had three passengers inside 
  • All four people involved in collision found deceased on the scene by paramedics

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