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Breaking: Caitlin Nichols Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Caitlin Nichols

Caitlin Nichols Wiki

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Caitlin Nichols, 25, said she heard her triplets Presley, Millie and Hays yelling and arguing with each other at their Georgia home on January 26.

When she looked at the baby monitor, the girls appeared to be talking to an invisible figure by the wall.

Nichols said her daughters have not interacted with what they see on the wall in the same way since then, but that they have woken up in the middle of the night claiming to have seen a monster in the exact same spot.

The girls hide behind their closet screaming but their mother insists they were playing

Later, the three girls hide behind their closet before one of them comes out again to point to the wall.

The girls come back out from behind the closet only to run back and scream again.

Do you like our beds? one of the girls screams and the other screams: ‘You have a problem’.

Nichols has said that despite her screaming and hiding, she believes her daughters were playing in the five minute clip.”We’ve had a couple of other creepy encounters before, like girls’ toys being shot while they’re asleep, so this isn’t the first,” she admitted.

In an Instagram post of the clip, Nichols said the girls had just woken up from a nap and were playing when she heard them start screaming.

She said that she heard them yelling ‘I’m mad at you’ over and over as they looked at the wall.

“Good,” Nichols captioned in the post.

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