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Who is Byron Pollock? Wiki, Bio, Age,accused, arrested, cause of death, incident detail, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Byron Pollock

Byron Pollock Wiki

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Who is Byron Pollock?

Byron Pollock, an “EXTREMELY dangerous” teenager who fatally stabbed his father with a “combat dagger” after a fight was caged for life. Byron Pollock stabbed 31-year-old Christopher Hewett while walking to his sister’s home in Herts, where he collapsed in a pool of blood.

St Albans Crown Court heard on Friday that Hewett’s grandmother died 10 minutes after learning of the death of her grandson.

Her sister, Robyn Hewett, had opened the door to her home in Stevenage, Herts, to find her brother injured and held by her cousin.

She helped the father of two boys into the house, but collapsed and died in his arms on February 12.

In July, Pollock, then 17, and a 15-year-old boy were charged with the murder of Mr. Hewett on the Bedwell estate.

The oldest boy was found guilty of murder.

The other boy, who was armed with a baseball bat, was acquitted of the charges by the jury but found guilty of murder. At the time of the murder and subsequent trial, the press could not identify the two teenagers due to their ages.

How old is Byron Pollock?

Byron Pollock is 18 years old.


But earlier this month, while in custody awaiting today’s sentencing, Pollock turned 18.

Following a request, Judge Michael Kay QC lifted the restriction that had granted the boy’s anonymity.

He told the killer: “This is another shocking and tragic example of what can happen when young people carry knives.”

The court heard that Mr. Hewett and his cousin Terry Wales were heading to his sister’s house when they passed a group of young men near some shops shortly after 9 pm.

Prosecutor Paul Cavin QC said words were exchanged, with one accusing the victim of sending her mother “questionable messages.”

Calvin said Chris Hewett replied that he didn’t know what they were talking about and kept walking with his cousin.

But when they approached his sister’s house, “the group was behind them,” the lawyer said.

Blood everywhere
He said the 15-year-old was holding a baseball bat and broke Wales’s elbow.

Mr. Hewett was also hit by a bat and was dealing with the younger boy, when Pollock approached and stabbed him.

Mr. Wales told the jury: “I had Chris in my arms.

“I told Robyn to call an ambulance. There was blood everywhere.

“I put as much pressure as I could on his ribs. Blood was coming from my fingers. He died in my arms. ”

Pollock had told the jury that he had “run over and hit Chris.

Terry hit me a couple of times. He was trying to get Chris out, that’s when I think I stabbed Chris.

“I think I stabbed him two or three times. It was just to get him (the youngest kid) out of the key. I didn’t mean to hurt him. ”

His attorney Lewis Power QC asked him, “Did you want to kill him?” He replied, “I panicked. Very sorry.”

The court heard that Pollock had a prior conviction for intentionally serious bodily injury when he stabbed a man in the back outside a pub in Stevenage in December 2018.

For that crime he received four years in an institute for juvenile delinquents.

Extremely dangerous

The judge told him: “The only opinion I can have if it is you is that you are an extremely dangerous young man.”

He described the knife that Pollock carried that night as a “combat dagger.”

The judge said that Mr. Hewett and his cousin had suffered “the terrible misfortune” of walking near the defendants in stores.

He said that the boys had been drinking and smoking cannabis and, following the line, they wrongly perceived that the older men had disrespected them and that they had “lost their face in front of their friends.”

He said the two teenagers had approached the men from different directions to attack them.

The judge added: “There is only one sentence in the law for the murder charge of a 17-year-old and it is detention at the discretion of His Majesty, which is the equivalent of life imprisonment and that is the sentence that I give. ”

He told Pollock that the minimum time he would have to meet before the parole board could consider releasing him is 19 years, less time in pretrial detention.

The court heard that Mr. Hewett and his partner had planned to get married.

In a statement on the victim’s impact read in court, her fiancee Clair Wellington said that she had lost hers “her soul mate the.

She added: “He will never be able to see me in my wedding dress.”

3rd defendant incarcerated

The 15-year-old boy who participated in the attack on Mr. Hewett and his cousin should have been sentenced today, but his lawyer did not appear at the hearing.

He will be sentenced next month.

A third defendant, Ryan Lee, now 20 years old from Stevenage, was found guilty by the jury of aiding the criminals after he arranged for the other two teens to travel to Wakefield in

in West Yorkshire after the murder.

He was sentenced to two years and eight months in jail.

This was dictated after the judge heard that despite granting him bail so he could see the birth of his baby, he was arrested just two weeks ago for carrying a knife.

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