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Who is Byron Eugene Pollock?(Teenager found guilty of murder of father-of-two, 31, who was beaten with baseball bat and stabbed to death ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Byron Eugene Pollock

Byron Eugene Pollock Wiki

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Who is Byron Eugene Pollock ?

Byron Eugene Pollock, now 18, along with another 15-year-old teenager, attacked Christopher Hewett, 31, on Meadow Way, Stevenage, following an ‘exchange of words’ on the night of February 12 this year.

Unfortunately, Mr. Hewett suffered stab wounds to the chest and died the same night of the attack.

Pollock, of Stevenage, who was 17 at the time of the attack, was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison in St Alban’s Crown Court today.

How old is Byron Eugene Pollock ?

He is 18 year old.

Who was found guilty of murdering Hertfordshire father-of-two Christopher Hewett ?

On the night of the murder, Mr. Hewett and his cousin were walking from a Stevenage mall to their sister’s home when they passed a group of four young men.

Words were exchanged between Mr. Hewett and the group before continuing their journey.

A short time later, Hewett and his cousin were accosted and attacked on Meadow Way by the 15-year-old, who was holding a baseball bat.

As Mr. Hewett and the teenager were fighting, the 17-year-old approached with a knife from behind and stabbed him several times. The knife was discarded in a nearby bush.

Mr. Hewett managed to stumble upon his sister’s home in Stevenage, where he collapsed in the front room at 9.15pm. They took him to the hospital, but he died shortly after his arrival.wikipedia

A teenage boy who was found guilty of murdering a young Hertfordshire father-of-two in a ‘brutal’ stabbing has been named.

Christopher Hewett was attacked by teenagers on the evening of February 12 this year in Meadow Way

The 17-year-old Byron Eugene Pollock of Stevenage has turned 18 and can be named after his sentencing.

Pollock and the 15-year-old defendant, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were charged with murder, which they both denied.

The 15-year-old boy was acquitted of murder, but was instead found guilty of manslaughter.

During sentencing, the court heard that Pollock stabbed Mr. Hewett, claiming that he had only done it to help the 15-year-old escape, and now regretted his actions.

After a three-week trial, a jury verdict on July 22 of this year in Luton Crown Court found Pollock guilty of murder and the second teenager guilty of involuntary manslaughter in connection with Mr. Hewett’s death. .

A third person, Ryan Lee, 20, of Wildwood Lane, Stevenage, had been convicted of aiding offenders.

Double murder suspect Lee Peacock found seriously injured …

My God, what happened? The fire marshal who heard …

Pollock and Lee today (Aug 27) have now been sentenced in St Alban’s Crown Court.

Mr. Hewett leaves behind a baby, who was five months old at the time of his death, and a five-year-old daughter. During sentencing, a victim impact statement was read to the court on behalf of Mr. Hewett’s family.

He declared: ‘We were left with total devastation. All we have left of Christopher are photos, videos, mementos, and a tombstone.

‘I feel numb and brain dead. I hope that one day I will be able to cry and find some kind of happiness.

‘I feel like the shock of Christopher’s death will never go away. Christopher was very funny, adorable and very loving. ‘


Mr. Hewett and his cousin had had “the terrible misfortune” of meeting the defendants that night in the stores, said Judge Michael Kay QC.

The boys had been drinking and smoking cannabis and, after the exchange of words, they mistakenly perceived that the older men had shown them a ‘lack of respect’, prompting the attack.

The court heard that there was a “significant degree of planning or premeditation” prior to the attack and that the stabbing was “repeated and fierce.”

Judge Kay told Pollock that the attack on Mr. Hewett was a “brutal and savage attack” and concluded that he had “inflicted a wound with the intent to kill.”

“The only opinion I have of you is that he is an extremely dangerous young man,” added Judge Kay.

The court heard that Pollock had a prior “serious” conviction when he was 14 years old, involving a similar crime.

His previous conviction of wounding with intent to cause GBH involved a stabbing in the back. He received a four-year prison sentence and was released a year before the crime of murder. He was on leave at the time of the murder in February 2021.

Judge Kay told Pollock: “At the time he murdered Christopher Hewett he was 17 years old. He has now turned 18.”

Ryan Lee aged 20 of Wildwood Lane, Stevenage, was found guilty of assisting the offenders

He added that he would therefore convict him as someone who was 17 years old, which was when he carried out the murder.

“There is only one sentence in the law for the murder charge of a 17-year-old and it is detention at the discretion of His Majesty, which is the equivalent of a life sentence and that is the sentence that I pass on him,” said the Judge Kay.

Subsequently, Pollock received the equivalent of a life sentence with a minimum period of 19 years before parole was considered. If he is released, he will be subject to a lifetime license.

Meanwhile, Lee was found guilty of helping a criminal, after taking the teenagers to Cambridgeshire after the murder.

The two teens were arrested in the car on February 14 after they drove to Wakefield. They claimed they were “on the way to surrender.”

The court heard that Lee ‘knew very well’ that the teens were involved in a ‘serious incident of violence’ and had taken it upon himself ‘to organize transportation out of the area, thus helping the children avoid capture’.

The court also heard that Lee had two other prior convictions for supplying class A drugs, as well as possession of a knife. He had been found in possession of the knife while he was out on bail for his sentence for this trial.

Lee received a consecutive sentence for aiding an offender and possession of a knife for a total of 2 years and 8 months in a juvenile facility.

Half of the sentence will be spent in custody, while the other half will be released under license.

The 15-year-old must be sentenced on September 6.

Byron Eugene Pollock Quicks and Facts

  • Teenage boy found guilty of murdering Christopher Hewett, 31, has been named
  • Byron Eugene Pollock, now 18, stabbed father-of-two from behind several times
  • ‘Brutal’ attack took place in Meadow Way, Stevenage, on February 12 this year
  • Pollock was given a life sentence today after being found guilty of his murder 

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