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Who is Burke Shelley? Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Burke Shelley

Burke Shelley Wiki

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Who is Burke Shelley?

Burke Shelley, the singer and bassist for the ’70s rockers who released 11 albums, died in hospital.

The group influenced hard rock and metal acts such as Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Megadeth, all of whom have covered Budgie songs.

His daughter Ela confirmed his death in Cardiff although the cause is not yet known.Burke Shelley, pictured, co-founder of 1970s Welsh rockers Budgie, has died at age 71, his family has confirmed.Shelley, photographed in 1986 during a Budgie concert in Brighton, released 11 studio albums with the band.Shelley, pictured, declined surgery after suffering a brain aneurysm because he didn’t want to risk being paralyzed from the operation.

Mikael Åkerfeldt, frontman of the Swedish progressive metal band Opeth, has paid tribute to Shelley on social media.

“I almost choked on my coffee this morning when I read that one of my idols, the great Budgie Burke Shelley, had passed away. What a terrible loss! he wrote it, adding that the group were ‘underdogs’ within the metal scene.

“I think Burke was one of those guys who was quite uncomfortable with the heavy metal label, but it is undeniable that they were instrumental in bringing it to the masses,” Åkerfeldt continued. You can read the full message above.

Shelley and Budgie were very influential within the Heavy Metal scene, influencing bands like Iron Maiden and Megadeath.

Surgery in 2010 ‘ruined his diaphragm’ on him, meaning he could no longer sing properly.

Shelley had battled Stickler syndrome, a genetic disorder, in recent years, in addition to suffering from two aortic aneurysms.

In February 2020, Shelley told Wales Online that he had refused surgery to treat the condition due to the risk that it could lead to irreparable spinal damage.

“I want to live the rest of my life and not be crippled,” he said. ‘I have faith in God and I don’t care where I am going. So I will leave when He decides to take me and in the meantime I will continue to do what I want to do. Simple as that. ‘

Shelley explained to the outlet that the surgery he underwent in 2010 had “ruined [his his] his diaphragm” from him, meaning he couldn’t sing properly.

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