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Breaking: Broselianda Hernández( Cuban actress Broselianda Hernandez found dead on Florida beach)Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Broselianda Hernández Biograpy

              Broselianda Hernández  Wiki

Broselianda Hernández Boudet (Havana, August 3, 1964-North Miami Beach, November 18, 2020) was a Cuban theater, television and film actress.1

The Cuban actress was found dead along the Miami Beach shoreline with no apparent signs of foul play.

Broselianda Hernández was 56 years old and had been living in Miami for a few years after appearing in soap operas, films and plays in Cuba since the 1990s.

The medical examiner’s office has yet to determine the cause of death. Hernández rose to fame with Cuban soap operas in the 1990s such as “When the water returns to earth” and “Women of honor.”

In 2010, she played José Martí’s mother in a biographical film of the hero of Cuban independence.

Officers and firefighters later identified her as Hernandez

Officers and firefighters later identified her as Hernández. Her family said she had gone out to buy cigarettes Tuesday night, but never returned home or returned calls, local media reported.

Hernández rose to fame with Cuban soap operas in the 1990s such as “When the water returns to earth” and “Women of honor.”

In 2010, she played José Martí’s mother in a biographical film of the hero of Cuban independence, “Martí, the eye of the Canary Islands.”

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel sent her condolences to Hernández’s loved ones on Twitter on Thursday, saying “goodbye to an exceptional actress named Broselianda.

Cuban Singer Liuba Maria Hevia Said She ‘Will Never Know How to Say Goodbye’ to Hernandez

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez tweeted his condolences to Hernández’s family saying: “Goodbye to an exceptional actress named Broselianda. We are sorry for your early loss. Our condolences to her family and friends “. Cuban singer Liuba Maria Hevia wrote in an Instagram post that “she will never know how to say goodbye” to Hernández.

Madeline Sautie in the Cuban state newspaper Granma paid tribute to Hernández saying: “I don’t know if someone else in the world is called Broselianda. What I do know is that she was a unique actress. Not in the style of that uniqueness that we all have to be unrepeatable, but to embody roles that I cannot conceive in anyone else.

Hernandez Described Herself as ‘Very Bipolar’

In a 2010 interview with Cuba Debate, Hernández said that he sometimes felt like he was 80 years old due to his depression and bipolarity. Hernández said: “I say that I am very bipolar.” During the same interview, Hernández said that she raised her then teenage daughter Sofía alone.

Hernández said: “It’s my life, it’s my everything. I have dedicated all kinds of things to him, from performances, interviews, I have dedicated my whole life to him ”. The Miami Herald reported at the time of Hernández’s death that, in addition to her daughter, she was also survived by her partner Jorge Fernández Falcón, as well as parents Rosa Boudet and Rolen Hernández.

Hernandez’s Grandmother Did Not Want Her to Become an Actor as it Was Not a Career for ‘Intelligent’ People

Hernández said in his Cuba Debate interview that his mother is an actress who lives in Santa Monica, California. Hernández said her grandmother, who was a doctor, tried to dissuade Hernández from becoming an actress because it was not a profession for “smart” women.

Hernández said: “That has hammered me all my life, that sentence, because coming from her, such an intelligent, intellectual woman too… and over time I have had to prove that no, on the contrary, there is nothing that can be done without intelligence “.

Hernandez Once Said: ‘True Theater Is Done in Freedom’

In a 2012 interview with The Miami Herald, Hernández was asked about his base in Havana and the censorship obstacles he encountered. Hernández said that he faces the same problems as 99 percent of all Cubans regarding “transportation difficulties, material deficiencies that we already know about. But we continue doing theater ”.

When asked about censorship, Hernández said that “The true and the good theater is always done in freedom.” Hernández said that there are official theaters in Cuba but also “hidden, invisible or threatened theaters” ‘. The actress referenced a text message she received on the subject from a friend that said: “You have to destroy the theater or live in the theater.




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