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Who is Brianna Fruean?(My day at COP26: ‘I told world leaders: We’re not drowning, we’re fighting’ ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook,Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Brianna Fruean

Brianna Fruean Wiki

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Who is Brianna Fruean ?

Samoa climate activist Brianna Fruean, 23, addressed world leaders at the opening of COP26. In the first of a series of first-person accounts of the Glasgow summit, she describes what it felt like to speak for Pacific Islanders, whose homes and ways of life are threatened by rising sea levels.

I woke up early, around 06:00. And I thought, “Today is finally the day.”

I spent a couple of days working on my speech, writing it, clipping. I felt immense pressure to represent the Pacific well.



Student at University of Auckland and environmental activist

How old is Brianna Fruean ?

May 18, 1998 (age 23)
Auckland, New Zealand

Due to the uncertainty surrounding Covid

Due to the uncertainty surrounding Covid, few delegates from the Pacific have been able to reach the UK. And with all the quarantine rules (you have to go through New Zealand to get to Samoa), I left without knowing when I could return.

I remember in elementary school my teacher told my class that climate change could mean that small islands like Samoa, Tutuila, and Tonga could drown. I just thought, “I’m not going to let my islands drown.”

So I started an environmental group at school. I started a chapter in the global climate movement: 350.org. I was the youngest coordinator at the time, at 11 years old.

Today it was a bit chaotic reaching the top. But I hope the reason it was so chaotic was because there are a lot of people here who care.

I wear a flower in my ear, and as I made my way inside, it attracted many people to ask where I am from. For people to notice the flowers and know that the Pacific Islanders are here is a good thing.

I was a bit nervous at first while waiting to speak. He was thinking to myself, “Just breathe. Take it. Everyone in the crowd is human. They are exactly like me.”

When I came out to deliver my speech, I knew where the Samoan delegation was sitting, so I tried to confront them. But because they were under “S” they were a little behind.

Then I looked ahead. I was able to see Sir David Attenborough and then I was able to see the President of the United States, Joe Biden, those were the only two faces that I could make out.

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UNEP Children’s

He has attended UNEP Children’s Conferences in Korea and Japan 2009-2010. She attended the Rio + 20 Summit as a Pacific Youth Ambassador and part of the PACMAS Pacific Media team as a Youth Reporter. Her daily news and blogs were posted on the Samoa Observer. This was a great honor for Brianna, as she was one of the youngest people to attend the Rio + 20 Summit.

Fruean has delivered a series of talks on climate change throughout her 5 years as a climate change advocate, where she visited schools and taught children and youth (from preschool to year 13) about climate change from a student from her same age and empowering them to be agents. exchange.

In 2011 she, she at the United Nations conference on Small Island Developing States in Apia, Samoa, as a youth representative of the ILO and as a member of the Young Christian Women’s Association. During the conference she was recognized as a Bright Spot by the Global Island Partnership.

Brianna is always working on different campaigns to compact climate change and attract children her age through peer education. When she attends environmental summits, she talks about the youth perspective and expresses her concerns about the impacts of climate change; the need for low carbon development while balancing what Samoa needs to grow as a country and how this impacts the Pacific region and the lives of children.

Brianna was named the Pacific Region Commonwealth Youth Award winner

Brianna was named the Pacific Region Commonwealth Youth Award winner at the 2015 Commonwealth Youth Awards. At age 16, Fruean is the youngest Commonwealth Youth Award recipient.

Brianna was chosen by SPREP as its first Youth Ambassador in recognition of her accomplishments in conserving the Pacific environment. She is the first recipient of the SPREP Youth Ambassadors program that will develop and strengthen the voice of young people in the Pacific on key environmental and climate change issues. she In her first official activity, she attended the Regional Workshop on Resilience to Climate Change and its Consequences from April 23 to 27 in New Caledonia.

Brianna was a keynote speaker at the 2021 Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue on March 16, 2021 along with other notable world leaders.

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