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Who is Brian Jeffrey Raymond?(U.S. Embassy Staffer Who Drugged, Molested Women on Video Was in CIA, Feds Say ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested,Family,Facebook,Investigation, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Brian Jeffrey Raymond

Brian Jeffrey Raymond Wiki

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Who is Brian Jeffrey Raymond ?

A U.S. Embassy staff member accused of drugging and s*xually assaulting at least 24 women over a 14-year period was in fact a longtime CIA employee, the FBI announced Monday, as the office urged potential victims to come forward in the case.

Serial abuser Brian Jeffrey Raymond, 45, was arrested on October 9, 2020 in La Mesa, California, where he had been staying with his parents after abruptly leaving his job at the United States Embassy in the City. from Mexico. He pleaded guilty last July to two counts of s*xual abuse and one count of transportation of obscene material, and will be required to register as a s*x offender for the rest of his life after his eventual release from prison.wikipedia

CIA during his assignment at the embassy in Mexico

FBI spokeswoman Samantha Shero confirmed to The Daily Beast that Raymond was working for the CIA during his assignment at the embassy in Mexico. She declined to provide further details on his exact position at the spy agency. A CIA spokesperson told The Daily Beast in an emailed statement: “The CIA condemns in the strongest terms the crimes committed by former Agency officer Brian Jeffrey Raymond.” A source familiar with the case said that the CIA took administrative action after Raymond’s arrest and that he resigned from his post shortly thereafter.


As The Daily Beast previously reported, the investigation into the veteran CIA man began after a passerby saw a “naked hysterical woman screaming desperately for help” on the terrace of a Mexico City apartment rented by the Embassy. from the United States. Later, investigators discovered about 500 photos and videos of numerous women who had passed out in Raymond’s bed. In some, a man can be seen holding the victims’ eyelids open, flapping his flabby arms and legs or shoving his fingers in his mouth to show they are unconscious, according to court documents.

A naked and obviously aroused Raymond, who passed more than 10 polygraph exams during his government career, appears in several of the images.

Raymond, who speaks Spanish and Mandarin Chinese and worked in at least six different countries during some 20 years of federal service that Raymond’s defense team described as “exemplary,” met his unsuspecting victims on Bumble, Hinge, and other dating apps. . After meeting Raymond for a date, his victims reported that they “drank alcohol supplied and / or prepared by Raymond and experienced memory loss during their time with Raymond,” states Raymond’s plea deal. At least nine of Raymond’s attacks occurred at his official government residence.

Raymond’s online fingerprint was almost non-existent, and his vague job description led to speculation that he was an undercover operative rather than a State Department worker.


She continued to carry out her disgusting rape spree even after learning that she was under investigation, then unsuccessfully attempted to erase the incriminating evidence from her phone, documents show. None of the women could give their consent when they were attacked, none agreed to be recorded while they were in that state and few had any recollection of the events in question, according to the authorities. Investigators uncovered “numerous” conversations between Raymond and the women he assaulted in which they apologize for losing consciousness, ask Raymond if they had s*x and seem to have no memory of what happened the night before.

When investigators examined Raymond’s online search history, they found that he had searched for phrases including “black girl passed out,” “deep sleep,” “Ambien and alcohol and fainting,” “dissolving,” and “fainting and carrying away.” A series of photos showed Raymond abusing an unconscious woman, exposing her chest and pulling down her shorts. The next morning, Raymond texted the woman, according to investigators.

“Fortunately, you don’t have much of a hangover today,” she said.

“Hey!” the woman replied, obviously unaware of what had happened. “Yesterday was tough. He had a huge hangover … hahaha. I had fun too! We have to do it again. ”

On her second date, the woman and Raymond went to a wine bar and then returned to her house, where she opened a bottle of red wine to share. At one point, she left the bottle unattended as the two of them went out onto the balcony. When Raymond came in to use the bathroom, he came back out with the bottle of wine and refilled both glasses. But the woman soon felt dizzy and she felt like she was going to faint. The last thing she remembered was telling Jeffrey that she needed to lie down. Later, the woman woke up to Jeffrey fully clothed on the bed next to her.

Although she still had trouble standing up, the woman, who had no idea that she had been s*xually assaulted until she was finally interviewed by investigators, realized that Raymond did not seem affected at all.


Raymond was arrested last October in front of a gym in California. Just days before he was caught, he spent the night with a woman he met online who told police that she “believes he had s*x with [Raymond] at least three times, but only has small memory fragments of the encounters “, court documents. set.

Raymond is scheduled to be sentenced in federal court in Washington, D.C. February 7. His lawyers did not respond to a request for comment.

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